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  1. Pheonix

    I had a chat with a guy....

    You don't seem to understand how our economy works
  2. Pheonix

    If you could...

    It's more about the community than the alliance. A good community will keep players, a bad one will loose players. There can be micros with good communities and active ones, however they aren't nearly as common as micros that cause people to get bored and quit easily. There are large alliances that have boring communities, but generally large alliances have good, active communities that keep lots of players in the game. Plus lots of large alliances offer academies and other helpful tools like economic aid etc that get players more interested in orbis and pnw in general.
  3. Pheonix


    You basically just called everyone garbage the whole time... I like it 😛
  4. Pheonix

    Impreza's Journal: Entry #2 - Bank Drama

    Our plan would have benefited both the bank and ourselves, the bank could have made an easy 800m+ profit off of our share. We were willing to compromise and make a deal, instead dusty went straight to the shareholders, criminalized us and striped us of everything.
  5. Pheonix

    Daily reminder to...

    Orbis, Goldward and Leviathan merged into Manticore. Dusty Dart is the CEO
  6. Pheonix

    Daily reminder to...

    The three main banks are Horizon, Orion and Manticore. B&E makes 4.
  7. Pheonix

    Daily reminder to...

  8. Pheonix

    Look what y'all did.

    Fraggle op pls nerf
  9. Pheonix

    The Battle for the Fifth

    Horizon Bank*
  10. Pheonix

    The Cumming of Ayylah

    Shhh, that's step 3, we can't rush things
  11. Pheonix

    BK - Ads

    Ayy lmao
  12. Pheonix

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Roqbot OP
  13. Pheonix

    Shifty News Network LLC-Princes of the Universe

    Whalecum back to da club shifty

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