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  1. What an unusual amount to send. 15B was too much? ?
  2. You sound extremely brand new and unaware, but mkay. In any case, I’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative as it’s not productive or relevant to the topic. To all concerned, please return to the topic at hand and do so expeditiously.
  3. I'm not in your server, @Alex, because you don't do anything to reprimand players who find me there to harass me and give me a hard time. You make excuses for them so they can do it once, twice...It's the only way I can protect myself since you seem unable to do so. You can message me on the forums private messaging, if you'd like to respond after a week and half after my question. Thanks.
  4. I don't want to get into whatever this is, but I do want to clear up this lie....again. TGH hit us because there was an open window to do so and they wanted to "teach us a lesson" to lighten up. That's what I was told and I was fine with it. To my recollection, it was a two round war, I talked to who I had to talk to (Buorhann, to be specific, as KT is....KT) and cleared the air there. Any beef and ill will still coming from that is 1000% on your side until your allies continuously OOC attack me with repeated slaps on the wrist as repercussions, if even that. TRF did not start that war. TCW and TKR were already going to declare on you because they'd been threatened. TRF didn't know about it until we were invited, which was 3 days before. They held off to wait for us to mil up. We were never in the position to "start a war." We were a fricking micro, ffs. We were in a position to add bodies and we did. Also, TRF and TKR were never ever ever allies. TRF and TCW had a one and done MDP because of the threats to both them and TRF. That is that on that.
  5. @kosmokenny This is a fricking joke, correct?
  6. Justin076 eats children baked in cages for breakfast. Tell all your friends.

  7. Blame Kenny 

    1. Queen M II
    2. souparmon


      It's always Kenny's fault

    3. KillzBob


      what did my boy kenny do ?

  8. Tryna reach my Mad Max potential. Still have a long ways to go. You set the pedestal so so high for us all!
  9. most interesting person in PW right now: Everyone, except Mad Max someone you'd like to know more about: Anyone, just not Mad Max do you have a crush on anyone here?: Everyone except Mad Max most notable leaders within PW: Definitely not Mad Max
  10. If anyone is in need of dog walking services, I have Wag! promo codes for you to get $25 off. Hit me up. 

    1. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      I need my dog walked, he's a bit jumpy though despite how old he is.


      He's like a fish out of water...

    2. Queen M II

      Queen M II

      Offer is for anyone not named Shifty. Forgot to mention that ?

  11. This may have been said or implied elsewhere, but there are a lot of missed opportunities—specifically, regarding allyship and grudges—due to a basic lack of communication, which then gives way to a lack of trust. There have been several instances where allied govs go into peace talks with the opposition and find out their opposition are more reasonable or more appealing to work with in the future than their current allies (or their ally’s ally). Lots of pillow talk and plans for a future can be made after a bed is made and the dust is settled. Wars can turn allies into enemies and vice versa, but not being honest and trustworthy will forever be a primary hurdle. Too much backstabbing and lying makes everything infinitely more difficult than it should be.
  12. Let’s bet and see how they sweet talk themselves outta this one, Kenny!
  13. Good on you for taking a stand for your principles. The acceptance is really insidious around here, unfortunately. I’m certain you’ll be able to find an alliance that shares your values.
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