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  1. Mikey

    Slot Filling

    I'm sure their arthritis was just getting in the way of clicking the attack buttons 🙄
  2. I don't believe I have ever made an OOC comment about anybody in this game. Not everyone blurs the lines between what happens on the screen and outside of it. I believe I know which post you are referring to, and although a lot of that was just rhetorical flourish because the conversation was going nowhere, I did indeed call you lairs. Given repeated claims of 'proof' of Chaos plotting against you from deleted logs of unknown sources that are directly contradicted by my own personal experience as someone with access to to our planning, I stand by that. OOC I don't have any judgements and have no reason to distrust any statements not related to PW. But while I don't think in-game action is a good judge of character, I do believe it a good judge of the characters we choose to play. My trust towards said characters has admittedly lessened since your entry into the war. Do we? I never heard the radio show you mentioned, but aside from that one post-war rant, I can't really think of any other interactions. Obviously one of our recent interactions have been cordial, but that is all in the context of your entry into this war. We attacked your sphere in AC, true. I guess if attacking one of two existing spheres in the game one time is the pattern of hostility to go off, we're pretty boned FA wise because I can't think of anybody who doesn't have a CB against us now. Maybe Squeegee really didn't trust you, I don't know. It never came up because you weren't on the radar - ironically from our perspective,you were a non-hostile alliance with no real negative history to be concerned with. I probably would have pushed for a round 2 against KETOG later to see if we could actually put up a good fight. But we were far to busy dealing with shambolic internals to be plotting anything, let alone people we did not, at the time, consider a problem.
  3. You're right I was misremembering it as a white peace.
  4. There is indeed a paralel in the other direction, where the side that felt it was winning wanted to hold out for a surrender. T'would suggest that wanting it isn't enough to get it. I don't think many on our side think you can't try for a surrender, we just don't think the war situation warrants it. I can say personally, if I felt we had decisively lost, I would be willing to surrender. Rightly or wrongly, that is not how we see things. In any case, I found it funny that people now suggesting white peace is innapropriate for aggressors had themselves demanded that for their own aggression. You can tack on the other way as well, though I think less strongly. History repeats itself I guess.
  5. Frankly we will just have to agree to disagree about whether you are doing as well as you claim. But I find it highly ironic that many of same people who now suggest white peacing a defensive war is unacceptable, pointedly refused anything other than white peace when they more decisively lost their own aggressive war. Don't worry though, whatever happens we won't be begging for a participation trophy
  6. To all the alliances that keep protecting these serial micro makers - why? Just, why?
  7. Yeah it's a bizarre situation, but I respect them for choosing to fight when they had no skin in the game and could have easilly stayed out. I'm not sure how much truth there is to the claims they were looking for a protector, bit I imagine it shouldn't be too hard to find one after demonstrating activity and willingness to fight.
  8. As far as I can tell, all the KERCHTOGG responses seem to be either positive or just expressing bewilderment. Considering none of us knew who they were or that they were even in the war fighting with us, I'd say both are appropriate responses. They did well, its just funny finding out for the first time someone is fighting with you right at the end lol.
  9. I mean, to my knowledge they are not allied to any of us nor were they coordinating with us, so it's not that surprising. They seem to have done quite well though, so props for that!
  10. I did, and much like Scarf, came to the conclusion he would be better off there. There are no meaningful social or government policies in this game, its not what PW is about. If he wants to have an IRL debate he is free to post it up in the off topic section. As it is, there is no reason for this post, if it can be charitably called such, to be in Game Suggestions.
  11. Give the man a break, he graduated from the Nova Riata school of foreign affairs!
  12. We are taking this to punitive levels never before seen: Leo and Roq are going to have to be my friends IRL. Honestly though I'm not sure punitive terms are the norm. IQ side lost in ToT and none of us received any punitive terms. Some of the knightfall terms might be described as such, but I don't consider those particularly punitive either, on the whole. Even if one wanted punitive terms, there remains the calculus of if it is worth paying the price to get them, and if you can even afford to pay that price yourself in member apathy if the enemy chooses to just drag things on forever. There have been reps and harsher terms in the past (I think BKs reps against Rose might be the largest?), but even before that there were some examples of people avoiding them, albeit at the cost of prolonged damage/income loss in the interim.
  13. I built my own stat tracker as a side project to work on to keep from getting rusty. It's only for SK and less featurful than NPOs, and it's already a mammoth and pain in the ass to keep chugging. I can only imagine how much more complex theirs is. So I'd give them the benefit of the doubt on any of those discrepancies. It would be fairly obvious to many of us if they were trying to fudge the numbers, and it's super easy to make a little mistake that cascades into weird issues.
  14. Not that I begrudge IQ their tactics, but they should really see an ENT about that.
  15. Obviously its the amount of credits you buy.
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