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  1. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    I'll thank UPN, GotG and Acadia for all the money looted. Most of you were kind enough to not ship out your money and resources despite being active, not blockaded, and often not even in other wars to justify being beiged. I'm also thankful they never sent out any counters despite having nation's in range, with more military, and no active wars to otherwise occupy them.
  2. War Stats 2.0

    I'm not saying these stats are more wrong per se, all stats have their own issues and I trust you when you say these have been kept from the beginning. Even still, one version of statistics had been openly published by your side up to this point which reflected less than ideal (though I believe improving) totals for your coalition. Later, you change the publicly available stats to a different method of calculation that greatly shifts things in your favor. As 3rd parties, all we see is that suddenly new methods are being used (even if they had been in use internally), and it is not unreasonable to see an attempt to shift the optics of the war through new, or at least different, calculations. Certainly it is not unreasonable to question the validity of these when compared to discrepancies with pre-existing stats from an unbiased party (or at least, a party not biased against IQ). These stats may be better, I don't know, though there are intense disagreements over this. But it boggles the mind that there are posters suggesting that non-IQ (is there a better coalition name here?) is waging a propaganda war or underhandedly trying to undermine these statistics merely by comparing to other stats collected by your side. That there are differences itself doesn't alone negate the validity of these stats, but its not like Buorhan whipped some random non-IQ spreadsheet out his ass in response to this thread either.
  3. War Stats 2.0

    Surely you guys can at least recognize the irony in all the accusations flying around that the non-IQ side is trying to spin facts in their favor and use their own biased metrics....by comparing BKs stats to NPOs. It isn't like Keegoz made his own stat sheet and we are comparing information from one side against the other, in which case both have potential incentive to massage the stats. Instead we have one side deliberately change its calculations to dramatically shift the damages (past and present) in their favor, from how they previously tallied it. Maybe Leos method is just more accurate than Frawleys, though much of this thread indicates very strongly otherwise. But even the most die-hard BK-stat supporter has to realize how this looks....
  4. Growing Strong DoE and DoW

    As the official Lord of House Tyrell, my agent will be contacting you about licensing fees.
  5. War Stats

    Also, the fact that IQ isn't using as much steel isn't some weird stat tracker exploit. It just means their strategy leads to reduced damages from lost tanks/ships, and that being reflected in the stats is entirely legit. You can quibble about what the steel PPU should be, but complaining about them not running tanks is idiotic. Either their strategy of avoiding steel loss and score increase is just better than yours, or it is costing them in other areas that will ultimately lead to worse performance and stats overall.
  6. Ultra Instinct NPO

    People having fun? In my PW? Never!
  7. The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    Well you know she's honest.
  8. War Stats

    As a proud member of Polaris, how does that make you feel?
  9. Something big is happening...

    You forgot historic rivals
  10. Something big is happening...

    UPN-Acadia is probably the oldest extant alliance in the game.
  11. Now we just need Guardian to join for old times sake.
  12. SK at war with UPN? I feel like I've been here before....
  13. Something big is happening...

    How much did Shawn Mendes pay to sponsor this DoW?
  14. GPC's DoE - The rise of the Roman Empire

    Why though
  15. War Stats

    I agree that smaller and more active is the way to go, even if it sacrifices score. But it also makes IQs true potential somewhat hard to gauge, because it's hard to tell just how many people would pick up their activity and how many would need to be kicked. The fact that no real efforts have been made there suggest to me that either they really don't care, or it would require kicking a huge portion of their members. All of which is to say, IQs theoretical potential with their mass of members is high, their current strength is a paper tiger, and where they would actually land when they get rid of inactives is something of an enigma. You could get an estimate from the actual ingame activity, though it doesn't help to have active members who aren't blitz active or don't pick up as necessary in war. Either way it would be better than it is now in terms of effectiveness though.