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  1. Mikey

    SNN: Tangerine

    Damnit TKR, must you take everything that made us special? First you cramped our style as another fantasy series themed orange alliance, and now you even leak? That was the one thing we were good at...
  2. Mikey

    Ridiculousness at its finest

    Gotta watch out for those loters man, I hear they're bad news.
  3. Mikey

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    I actually with Alex on this one. VM is meant for people to temporarily pause playing while they have other distractions IRL. It's not meant to avoid wars. Nor to paralyze alliances by taking control and them VMing, so that regardless of further politics / negotiating between players, it is now impossible to actually do anything for 2 weeks. It's pretty clear VM abuse, and I think we should be more strict on that, not less (especially with wartime shenanigans). If he had stayed in power and tried to hold the alliance hostage, raise the taxes, etc, that would be another thing and he absolutely should not be removed in such cases. Maybe he should have just been forced out of VM, but he definitely should not be allowed to VM while the sole leader of the alliance.
  4. I technically never posted an abdication, therefore I have been King for the last for years and everyone after me was was just LARPing. Besides, I'd never let one of those damned Valyrians on the Iron Throne.
  5. Mikey

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Where's the 1 year NAP? I thought we were trying to break records
  6. Mikey

    Good Game Grumpy

    I have no problem with them being in the stats (because the wars are obviously related), but I thought the going line was that they are two separate wars, hence why their peace was negotiated entirely separately.
  7. Mikey

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    People protect typhon? Don't they just openly raid everybody too?
  8. Mikey

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    You need to get your priorities strait. I dropped out in order to advance my political career. Sure, I get the odd glare from my mother when I have to leave the basement for food, but the karma makes it all worth it. Chicks dig it too. Pitty they're too intimidated by my nationsim prowess to approach me. Such is the price of Fame.
  9. Mikey

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    I think it was more they got bored with what they were, and decided to call it a day and do other things. Now they've got the band back together. I wouldn't characterize it as them falling apart or disbanding over Papers Please.
  10. I guess technically this is war propaganda, but damned if I'm not hogging a thread for myself.
  11. The Seven Kingdoms Carolers are back for our third annual Christmas Album. This year we are performing 'Christmas (Felkey Please Come Home)' in honor of our good friends in TCW, all of whom haven't quite made it home for the holidays. Felkey has bravely fought his way back from Vacation Mode, but he still hasn't quite made it back to activity. Send your thoughts and prayers everyone, and maybe he'll make it back to TCW for Christmas! Lyrics
  12. Mikey

    Shifty News Network LLC-In My Time of Dying

    35/20 taxes!? Just go full NPO at that point.
  13. BC are not in vanguard and had already cancelled those ties when IQ hit them.
  14. Mikey

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Ripper has gone over the distinctions between regular paperless cooperation (but not alliance), so I will offer my understanding on the paperless treaty vs secret treaty thing. The distinction I have seen made is about how open / acknowledged the relationship is. TEst/Arrgh/RW used to cooperate quite closely with each other and that cooperation was never denied or obfuscated. Guardian and SK probably come the closest to open paperless treaty. In the early days of the game we were both paperless but just as much 'allies' as most treatied alliances.We just didn't see the need to cement some formally binding contract to enforce that cooperation, or prevent us from going separate ways if we felt like it. We were also quite open about that relationship and everybody knew where we stood with each other. On the other hand, GoB held a similar relationship with Guardian without ever acknowledging it, and indeed denying it. Or so the complaint goes.
  15. Mikey

    Name this war - Community Poll pt 2

    Sorry, but can I just say it's complete bullshit that the Great VE War name is now settled business? I miss the poll for what, 4 years? And suddenly its a done deal and my vote doesn't count? Some of us don't have the luxury of opening a browser window every few months.

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