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  1. The slumber is over. And pantheon has pissed me off. Be ready pantheon, i'm coming for the head
  2. As expected @Mad Max you might want to look for better allies at this point
  3. this shit is still going on? @Uncle Tom helping The Isle when?
  4. @Mad Max pls dont insult trash by comparing them with camelot I beg of you You are giving me a CB to hit you by insulting MAH TRASH
  5. This is Shadow here Today I bring to you something new. I recently had a chat with a guy from BK. Nothing opsec. I was basically trolling around(like usual) and he fell prey to my trolls. However what happened after that is interesting so I'll post our chat here. I aint doing screenshots since that will be too tiresome. Enjoy!! ShepardN7METoday at 9:48 PM Did you used to be in BK or in the IQ ? I'm kinda new so. TheShadowToday at 9:48 PM i used to ™ then i found that i was wasting my potential in BK ShepardN7METoday at 9:50 PM I have been in Bk for 30 days already in two departments (confirmed) and 1 I'm waiting to get a role in. TheShadowToday at 9:50 PM i mean good i dont really understand how being in 2 departments even helps but if you enjoy it, good i dont really understand how people can live satisfied while being bound down with rules and stuff i dont get why people cant understand PnW is a game and infrastructure and military is just useless trash I dont all these papered alliances have filled this game with crap and i am the only bastard who is actually free i love my freedom i dont want to join alliances that curb this freedom of mine away and lock it ShepardN7METoday at 9:54 PM Departments increase potential for promotions. Yeah while currently I am at 90% tax untill 23rd then i goes to 60 TheShadowToday at 9:54 PM like i care ShepardN7METoday at 9:54 PM AN Opps TheShadowToday at 9:54 PM you are satisfied with a promotion but what is the meaning of a promotion tell me one thing you actually did that made you actually think out of the box made you worry have you ever experienced the thrill of winning a close war or having lost one and patting your oppoenet on the back and saying well played? the answer is a no you havent experienced the thrills of a war as the underdog neither have you raided a top 10, got countered and still won all the wars have you? ShepardN7METoday at 9:57 PM I see your point. TheShadowToday at 9:58 PM and yet you are satisfied as long as you are promoted and get lower taxes you arent playing the game you are just logging into it and i rest my case i dont even know why i am telling you this lmao ShepardN7METoday at 9:59 PM Can I have your nation link I'm instersted. TheShadowToday at 9:59 PM https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=65927 So, what is the point of this? Nothing IDK why I am making this post. maybe cause I'm sad. maybe I'm retarded. But who cares.....
  6. True Killz may seem like a bad guy sometimes but he is in reality a great guy He is willing to listen and even test out theories that may have never been tested before I am enjoying the stay with him He may have done somethings earlier but bringing up his past wont repair it
  7. with the new war mechanics, you lose 4% infra when you are beiged. And 4% infra off a 1K city is 40 infra a city Compared to the earlier 10%, the beige damage is reduced by 60% What does that mean? Earlier, a triple beige meant you lose 27.1% infra off each city Now, you lose 11.53% infra per city Moreover, the loots have been nerfed as well You loot 27.1% of cash and rss in a triple beige Compare this with 57.82% of cash and 27.1% rss of earlier Thus, blitz for loot isnt really worth it Plus, with addition of war modifiers, you cannot loot with attrition wars And you cant damage with raid wars You can choose only one option-Destroy or Loot now.
  8. Shadow Micros best Micros Join today to stir shit!!!
  9. Dude....you dont beige people in an alliance war. Especially if you are a noob.
  10. Smh. The title says "For Noobs" That shit you are speaking is Advance Level
  11. Sometimes, your grandma is right. The dark powers locked away in the abyss of flames must never be unleashed. But she never told you they couldn’t….. Tonight, we rise from those very flames the Creator banished us into. Tonight, we spread our charred wings and cover the moon behind them. Tonight, we plunge the world into eternal chaos and darkness and declare war against Him. Grigori hereby declares its existence. We are protected by Polaris https://discord.gg/TaVeTBc Miss you Roz. Also, subscribe to PewDiePie
  12. it is easier to escape wars in vacamode i learnt this strat from tCW and TFP
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