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  1. Also, if this is really about trading real life or digital material for in game benefits, then all the news organizations that started and charge people in game money in order to access and read off-site "digital" material (news articles in that case) should also be banned as well. Let's go ahead and ban all the alliances who restrict access to their forums to only members. That's trading digital material for in game status too.
  2. Way to be a puppet on a string Alex. Your double standards and biased stance has been noted and you'll be going down in the history books as the worst game admin who conforms to certain puppet masters. You should get a spine because this just shows and proves that you're a spineless coward that can't act and make decisions on your own. You can go ahead and ban me, because I don't care about your worthless trashy browser game.
  3. For one that's so against people for "lying" you sure do sit there defending a liar yourself. Gorge started out in this mess saying he didn't touch anything with BK when he was initially accused. As more and more proof came out, his story changed several times. Want to talk about lying... And now after that lack of credibility he has shown, you really believe he didn't kick anyone? You believe what you want.
  4. Actually, one could argue that one gives the virus permission, although indirectly, by downloading and running it.
  5. Because just as if you worked as an opening manager for your local dollar store and was given a set of keys to be able to open up shop every morning, yes you were approved and authorized at that time while you were agreeing to work for them. Additionally, having those keys doesn't authorize you to go in any time you wish and take any and/or all items you wish. And had you resigned from that job and still had the keys because there wasn't a chance to return them yet, using those keys to get in is now quite obviously unauthorized, as the day you resigned you relinquish your employment and rights to access it. Even without the keys, if you discovered the door unlocked in the middle of the night, you'd still be charged with breaking & entering, because surprise surprise...the door being unlocked is not necessarily granting permission or authorization for you to go in.
  6. I'd like to chime in with evidence. So is it just coincidence that the hacking and kicking of half of bk members took place at the same time the money was supposedly "withdrawn"?
  7. Allow me to go off topic here and just say I really love your flag. It's incredible.
  8. Whatever floats your boat good sir.
  9. By the way, well done @George Got his password from when you were running bknet I take it? lol
  10. Alliance of the Year: NPO Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: NPO Best Fighters: BK Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: TCW Most Active Alliance: GOONS Best Government Line-Up: BK Best Rookie Alliance: GOONS Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: GOONS Scariest Alliance: GPWC or GOONS
  11. Yes, as a former BK member of several years I will admit that just like anyone/everyone else BK does have it's good and bad moments. Overall though, BK has truly good people that I was able to bond and create solid friendships with, and all have personally cared about my well being IRL as well.
  12. You are aware that BK Sphere & N$O are comprised of alliances that fought each other last global too right? Hardly 'still IQ'. In fact if I do recall, some of us fought on your side against them. But please, continue with your 'IQ still exists' gymnastics.
  13. Yeah, about as real as yours too
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