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  1. The bots shall form a council and rule in our place
  2. Pretty sure it's already reserved, and then another one 6 months after that and on and on it goes....
  3. Like I told zues, we gotta schedule these things in advance, I have another vacation planned for 6 months from now as well.
  4. I didn't realize you cared so much, I ❤️ you too
  5. You misunderstood me, I said I'm leaving in a couple days ?
  6. I'm gonna be drinking my ass off on a beach in a couple days, care for a drink? Name your poison.
  7. Should be honored I consider you a pet you ungrateful cat thing ?
  8. I think we might need it against this daunting foe
  9. Hi, reminder to put it in picture format because @Sargun can't read
  10. Just because you chose to ignore the points they made doesn't mean they didn't make them. Maybe you should try bringing up Pantheon again.
  11. Tbf, shifty's credibility is somewhere below that of a tabloid/conspiracy theorist. Pumping out irrelevant info or pure bs is kinda his thing
  12. Pineapple and ham or pineapple and bbq chicken on pizza is great.
  13. But GoB is 3 fewer letters and typing those extra letters would be :effort:
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