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  1. Thanks for looking out for the player base and community.
  2. Camelot, while yes, TCW is moving in (lol) you’re welcome to stay in the house. Fark is an adult and can do things (also lol), but we love you. P.S. you could get an apartment and make a cool clubhouse for Mystery Inc. though!!
  3. At least be honest. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
  4. Awww you’re a big kid now!! Congrats guys!!
  5. I was never a fan of the swamp theme, so. Onwards and upwards!! 😘
  6. Following the events that have been exposed recently and the developing issues brought on due to such, a decision was brought to our attention. Fark government came together and through a somber discussion, we reminded eachother what matters most to us and what our most important values are. A major core value of Fark is loyalty, and recognizing when that loyalty has been broken or disrespected. Due to the events in the past 48 hours; we feel that we must take a stand and as such we feel that our membership within the Swamp bloc is no longer a suitable nor appropriate fit for the alliance and as such, we must immediately give notice of cancelation to the bloc entirely. We look forward towards new opportunities and friendships, maintaining no ill will or bad blood towards any previous partners or allies. Signed: The Fark Trium Kitschie - FA Bozzie - MA ThisFcknGuy - IA
  7. I am in love with every “yeah sure bud” post in this thread.
  8. Whew; a bunch of salt here, I don’t even know what I just read. Good luck arguing about nothing guys. If you wanna take a break and grab a drink, Fark is here for you. We have kegs on kegs on kegs. Just an offer ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
  9. This is the first time I've seen someone not in an alliance declare war for said alliance. Recognition of hostility, sure, but... wat? Ape man, you iight, we cool, I thought. Lulzy though.
  10. In response to an incident regarding a Fark member, "The Arctic Explorer" who has been implicated in planning a coup of the government of T$ over events that occurred over a year ago with a bank formerly known as Gringotts has come to the attention of the Fark government. In addition, information was supplied that this member also planned on abandoning and lying to Fark by forming a "wealth / whale only" alliance called "Death Eaters" during wartime, and supplying aid in forms of "loans" to keep us as an alliance close by. Quoting the Farkistan Charter, "Article 6, //// Espionage, either against Fark or another alliance, is asshattery of the first degree. Bannination will ensue" The following announcement has since been made to the member, the membership of Fark, and the leadership of the aligned Swamp Bloc Alliances: We (Bozzie, TFG, and I) have been sent screenshots, FULL screenshots regarding this current issue implicating a member, (F)Arctic Explorer, with addition of ones about his "cult" which was meant to be an alliance for wealthy business owners, where he were going to lie to Fark during wartime by sending aid as a "loan." This could have been Fark-wide war over 100mil, and that's simply unacceptable. We wish him the best, but to quote him in one of the received screenshots, Fark is "just here to defend itself". Due to these reasons, Farkistan government is hereby effectively terminating him as a member, and he will be removed from the Farkistan Alliance immediately. Signed: Kitschie Bozzie, War Cyborg This Fckn Guy - IA The Farkistan Government would also like to thank the community members who cooperated in our investigation into this matter by supplying relevant information and screenshots, helping us to this swift and final decision.
  11. And they said the community would be less toxic after NPO was gone. Haha.
  12. Charlie left?! No, I do not accept this. I'm gonna just pretend hes still here until he's dragged back against his will.
  13. Cheers to both alliances. GG indeed.
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