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  1. Kitschie

    Lesson of the Day

    At least Alexio finally answered. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am personally satisfied. Hahah.
  2. Kitschie

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    Ask Alexio about leaking 69 socks during knightfall.
  3. Kitschie


    Preposterous boast, but alas? My friend and person I live with plays this game. I got them into it. We both are verified and will re-verify whenever you like. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ lol
  4. Kitschie

    Shifty News Network LLC-The Song Remains the Same

    Preposteous boast, but alas.
  5. Kitschie

    Beat you to it. HA

    @Alexio15 This one? I'm here, asking you, lol.
  6. Kitschie

    Sorry Shifty, we beat you to it.....

    Lame. Shifty would have leaked why at least. I’ll stay tuned.
  7. Kitschie

    Creed's Chance (UH Peace and Withdrawal)

    I mean, the alternative was what? 😬
  8. Kitschie

    The Period Wars

    Congratulations on ending the terroristic “revolution” guys!
  9. Kitschie

    Shifty News Network LLC-You've Got Another Thing Coming

    *slow clap* when will you learn?
  10. Kitschie

    Shifty News Network-Angel of Death

    Not so easy when people are SO petty they even rage-block you.
  11. Kitschie

    Shifty News Network-Angel of Death

    Hahaha, man I was gonna post the “when they show you who they are believe it blah blah” thing, but alas, I was beat to the punch. Also: CoA’s “boys” have already nutted, and can always nut. 😂 believe me, it’s everywhere. It’s becoming a v. sticky issue.
  12. Kitschie

    A Friend in Need

    My heart goes out to you @Therana Athulis always keep your chin up and remember the sun will come out tomorrow.
  13. Kitschie

    Animal Farm and Apeman

    Things have really gone downhill around here...
  14. Kitschie

    Uncle Traveling Matt Hits The Road

    What does this even mean?
  15. Kitschie

    A Message From Space

    Bunch of exclusive dicks against another bunch of exclusive dicks? Anyone making popcorn yet?

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