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  1. Kitschie

    Big Change In Fraggle Rock

    I wonder if anyone even cares enough to participate in this. I’ll check back later.
  2. Kitschie

    Along the Lines of a Generic Announcement

    God again with the cuniform, sumarian like handwriting... jeez guys, your signatures probably are like three scribbles and a smiley face 😂
  3. Kitschie

    The glorious adventures of Evil Bo

    This is what happens when we stop teaching cursive in schools.
  4. Kitschie

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Blessed are you to bask in the light of Atom!!! 🖤
  5. Kitschie

    The Fraggle Stands Alone

    -if- she attacks people. There’s pixel huggers, and then there are nuke huggers. Without nukes, how will the fraggles get their radishes?!
  6. Kitschie

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Wake me up when this thread becomes relevant again and TKR + compny start showing up to the peace discussions they scheduled... *yawn*
  7. Kitschie

    1st Special Motivation of the Week

    >Makes a relatively nice natured post, probably for upvotes and forum rep >Gets downvoted 11+ times oof.
  8. Kitschie

    SNN S2E1: The Return of the King

    Shifty is posting past news and not leaks now? I’m calling “effective reputation farming”. C’mon Shifty, we count on you for NEWS AND LEAKS. Something announced with everyone pings doesn’t count. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
  9. Kitschie

    The more the better

    This is a fun thread. Ill be checking back for noodle updates.
  10. Kitschie

    Ethnic Cleansing On Orbis

    Queen M and company now has the power to manipulate mods into changing people’s nation names by labelling them as racists or nazis. Damn.
  11. Kitschie


    @Dark Lord Git Gud. Mods: Thanks for straightening this hater out. It’s getting annoying.
  12. Kitschie

    Afrikan Safari

    Pretty sure TGH formed and immediately had at least IoM at the time as allies. The rest of it is irrelevant because the OPENING sentence is false. Edit: Yeah, I think this is stupid as hell too.
  13. Kitschie

    Shifto Nooz Notworb LLLXDDDDDD: Gobbunity Ouggreech

    Ill also proofread things - for like free. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ I like editing, what can I say?
  14. Kitschie

    Lil Cynic - Issstealit (and BK Puts it back)

    Amazing. This is true art. 😀 Release on spotify when?
  15. Kitschie

    Lesson of the Day

    At least Alexio finally answered. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am personally satisfied. Hahah.

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