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  1. https://ibb.co/hgLFZb5 for anyone wanting to see how Gator plays both sides of everything.
  2. Oh, cry some more. All screenshots taken way out of context. As usual. Anyone is welcome to come talk to me about what kind of people these guys are.
  3. Never, that's when. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
  4. First off: *while resisting quoting Tupac* Saxon can defend himself if he is inclined to. And im gonna take an opportunity for a quick "I told you so". I wish none of this happened, and I hope everyone involved can heal and be friends again soon. Everyone is dealing with shit. Everyone likes to shitpost and take advantage of that. It's the toxic nature of this community. It's sad when the most famous of the shitposters shitpost eachother and actually feel betrayed by their own shitposting buddies. Viva the SNN team. I hope we'll come together again in the future. ❤️ Love you guys. Get well soon. You know where to find me! Slide in the DMs, I got you through anything.
  5. @Kevanovia but then you proceeded to talk trash for over an hour. That makes sense. Shame on me for telling the truth. I was warned that you guys were disloyal and prone to exactly what you showed me, favouritism and inequality unless you're in the "cool kids" group. I gave you the benefit of the doubt after the leaking in Vanguard. Shame on me again for not listening to my friends in Polaris. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
  6. Hahaha. This is indeed soup. Cry about shit talking, then spend an entire hour or so talking shit about someone.
  7. Why would you decom them?! Unlessh the beast Impreza!!!
  8. The fact that they’re rubbing it in other people’s faces like that just shows the lack of remorse and dare I say pride in what they managed to pull off and avoid punishment. Come on Alex.
  9. If you want to be in a dead and inactive alliance, sure. kek.
  10. Fake News. Did BK not read Shifty’s logs? 😂 SNN 4 life; the only true source of Orbis prime news and current events. The rest are imposters. (MadMax is excused; he does a good job too.)
  11. Yeah for real though... @souparmon... The soup is hot... just saying. ♥️
  12. WTF/Fark put up a good fight and managed to pull off the most good-spirited, fun war I have ever participated in in the 2 years I’ve been around. Cheers to all involved and congratulations on showing Orbis how dynamic ™ this game should be! *hat tip*
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