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  1. Post on how sad Pantheon is turns into a dank bud appreciation thread. Not surprised. Not disappointed. Puff puff pass now guys. I'm joining in.
  2. Svals need for an.exciting lunch is very serious.
  3. This is the best line of the entirety of this thread. Also; possibly the most relevant.
  4. Were you the one trying to negotiate with me and souparmon? Because I believe she did. I was there, I read the messages. Okay though.
  5. She'll roll herself and then claim that she won. Dont worry.
  6. Signed Fark? When did we sign anything? She legit forged our signature. That's a new one.
  7. She tried to squeeze a surrender out of UA and ended up surrendering TWICE, losing her alliance and any small ounce of respect she may have had. All within 48 hours. Now that's impressive.
  8. Leave it to Sphinx to take the words out of my mouth. Hahaha
  9. Noctis is really high or something. The cartel didn't disband.... they had another alliance merge into them.... what the actual....
  10. Guys, what the heck are you on, and can I try it? Seems you're both out of your mind.
  11. The Fark/MC breakup was caused by a planned out shitstorm by the members of MC to get rid of Fark and get me out.
  12. Oh boy oh boy this thread is hilarious.
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