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  1. Would have gotten creamed either way bud 😁
  2. To destruction! Cheers boys & girls!
  3. This is an insult to club penguin, I am pretty sure TGH can use this as a CB!
  4. Only 2? I am dissapointed, when I was your age.... *rambles about 50 years ago for the next 40 minutes*
  5. Your math is just as bad as when we were in BoC
  6. You almost hit right on the mark but you are wrong, they have been working for us all along!
  7. God DAMN IT! Now another little alliance is gonna be added to our coalition damage. Ashland I hope you step on a lego and your oreos come without the cream in the middle!
  8. @Frawley baby we have a problem! Well I am beating up a dude in Pantheon but the damage he is taking is counting for TCW since he started the war in TCW, now I think its comedy gold that I get to beat on TCW without having to hit them directly but this should be fixed bud. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=59041 https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/nation/59041
  9. We should all ask Alexio ^ that is my input for this
  10. Oooooh this looks like some good stuff right there!!! Although I think you shouldn't have said anything and just come up a couple days later like:
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