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  1. Welcome to Orbis. Looking forward to the actual Chaos that you can bring here
  2. I'm quite certain that's a logical leap that's not really based on ground realities. What's holding up peace is not the NAP insofar as Coalition A keeps changing goal posts with the hold up. It seems they don't want to surrender, sign a NAP or any terms whatsoever. We aren't interested in peace otherwise.
  3. That makes 0 sense. Ding ding ding! You finally figured it out!
  4. Because the only side refusing to end this, is the one refusing to surrender. There are always things to fight for though, it just may not fit under your subjective lens as valid.
  5. Happened before. The game turned out just fine.
  6. It's been done before and worked just fine. I mean if Hodor's worried about bullying as their rep, signing peace and not bullying alliances for a few months would work wonders. But if they want to continue bullying/intimidate folks, then a NAP obviously would not work in their favour, so I mean seems quite counterproductive.
  7. Yes admitting defeat is such a barrier. Lol. But if you want to keep going on with the war, fine with us. I’m not really complaining. I can finally stat pad my loot data.
  8. What truth? That TKR was a threat and we dealt with it? I mean that's been our line since the beginning. But our DoW thread has some wonderful pieces of gold from your sphere with some wonderful proclamations.
  9. Lol this is hilarious. You actually don't have to quote Frawley, feel free to quote me here. I see no reason to fight BK, especially right after the IQ-split, and it definitely wasn't in our interests to do that. We stated the same to Keegoz, when he hit us up to see if we were interested in a BK hit, and also to Rose at the time. So no, we haven't lied or tried to hide that this was not something that wasn't in our interests, and have been up front both privately and publicly about it. But that does not mean that there was some secret agreement between us and BK. It's just the NPO saw no reason to go after BK or BKsphere (blob/w.e) and was far more interested in waiting to see how the sphere as a whole would play out. If our CB is TKR is a threat, and a variety of their actions proved that, then your CB is faulty, since you hit BK since they were threat as well, were they not? So I mean your own CB is faulty by that logic honestly. In fact every CB treating that is essentially dealing with a threat is now faulty by your logic. We did separate. I have no idea what you mean by Kayser shenanigans, but our agreement with tS has been cleared up here time and time again. It was an agreement between them and us, which solely dealt with combining of spheres. Earlier on I explained why/how I saw the potential for the BKsphere blob to be peeled away, which could have engendered the war you so wanted. Instead, by confirming our worst fears of a combined/consolidated sphere hit, you brought us in. While the goalposts/gov may have changed in tS and they saw the situation differently, to us it was always necessary to ensure for the project to work, that other sphere's don't combine for hits, since that ends the security of the project. So here we are. Do not worry friend. We will defend your honour! The NPO is after all nothing more than your devoted servant.
  10. Sucks to be them then. Haha, but I liked Felkey. He was the only one who was willing to take risks/do different things, even though his hands were quite tied
  11. But Clarke did nothing wrong! inb4 TKR claims we're trying to make them support cheaters/banned members.
  12. Aww seems like I struck a nerve. Still missing a couple though to be EMC in its entirety.
  13. Touche. Given how Adrienne was busy trying to have them be paperless, this is true. I think we'e had the whole crew back together now? Thrax, Partisan, even Lordship woke up, Buorhann, Abbas. It really feels like 2017 all over again ❤️ All we need to do is find Felkey and return him from the beach, I hope he's carried enough sun screen though.
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