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  1. Nah, you folks had a choice and rolled the dice. We answered it to ensure balance remains in the game.
  2. Don't remind them of that! It's all NPO bad man and these folks have been nothing but altruistic great players, while openly lying about things.
  3. Feel free to call it a conspiracy theory, I just call it the way I see it I look forward to more of the same.
  4. Says the dude who's alliance has "ties" to Rose for years while it was never much in shape of a treaty. I look forward to your magical tie up with tS and TKR down the road and hiding under the umbrella of "fun" wars.
  5. You accepted to surrender and we presented to you the entire surrender term as Term 1. Term 2 went into different things, Term 3 etc etc. The fact that we only achieved a discussion on Term 1 is on you not us really, given how we were willing to continue going forward through the terms one by one, as clearly outlined before we opened the first round of negotiations. That's not really disingenuous. That's the process. You started it and then chose to walk away. That's all documented fact.
  6. If you weren't to be entirely factual, you did receive terms. You accepted term 1 and received term 2. So plural works here.
  7. How is that making up shit? KERTCHOGG received the first team, we negotiated came to an agreement and the negotiations stopped there. That's fact. Where really is the lie here?
  8. Missed the first part of my post didn't you? Or does your plotting in Feb/March not count now? And yes indeed, to carry out rolling BKSphere with KETOGG would involve some level of planning/plotting no? Still wonder how that's not public record. And also truthful
  9. Amusing but wrong. KERTCHOGG raises a narrative that makes it clear that this is now a zero-sum game. Here we are playing your game. So you didn't plan a war on BK/IQ? You didn't start a war with BK? Those are both facts that has happened within this calendar year. One has logs on the forums, the other is the war we're still fighting. With regards to KETOGG/Rose, yeah they were busy trying to roll BK for a while as well, so I mean it makes sense. But you did attempt to plan a BK hit and then did hit BK actually. But nice to see how all of this publicly available knowledge is suddenly a lie.
  10. Yet those sentiments put out early on doesn't really go away. You can state you don't buy their vision, fair enough, but you can't deny the role your alliance has within the coalition that fanned those flames that set up the war as it is. At the end of the day, you folks when in the drivers seat came out and made it seem it was going to be a painful damned peace and your coalition's government didn't slow down that take, but took it and raised it into a real threat. That would be false given most of KERTCHOGG turning up in NPO DoW's making it clear this is a grudge match. Again it's absolutely outstanding that you try to deflect the role your alliance and coalition as a whole has had in creating a situation that ensured this is a grudge match, where if any quarter is given, it would bite us in the ass. We're just ensuring that we're playing the same game you've set up. Also let us not forget your wonderful coalition members used to brag on their AA page the number of people they kicked out of the game/ alliances disbanded. So its not some unknown MO that you can conveniently forget. So when those threats are out, a vast number of members raising that threat and narrative, its not hard to believe the rubicon has been crossed. If anyone has got it so far, its Avakael. Your side has as much responsibility for crossing the Rubicon that you'd love to lay our feet, but those logs you tout, those are but conversations that have arisen due to the actions of your coalition. "Lets roll IQ and BK!" Okay drat, "lets roll BKSphere!" I mean you literally planned out two wars vs BK and pulled the plug on one of those. KETOGG was busy going around spheres trying to hit BK for an easy roll and N$O/NPO told them nah, try again and this was just before Surf's Up. So I mean its hilarious but quite true!
  11. No but are leaders in your coalition who's sentiments set up the tone of the war. Your attempts of backtracking still don't involve themselves walking those sentiments back. Honestly, it's extremely disingenuous of your entire coalition leadership to claim you didn't have a role in the stakes your side set up. Own it, you pushed the war into what it is today, and we're fine answering it. Because it has become a zero sum game with threats to our survival put forth by you all early on. Kinda pathetic that you're so fixated on BK, who you attacked and planned to like a month or two before that as well! Quite pathetic really! Stating that, I shall continue enjoying rolling CTO/OWR TKR logic: We're all honourable to be fixated on rolling BK over and over again, but if anyone else wants to damage alliances for reasons, it is pathetic!
  12. BK literally got caught planning a grudge war, that everyone else was also literally got caught planning. To state KETOGG or Chaos wasn't would be disingenuous at best. NPO entered because it did have to do with our survival, yes. Sitting out was not an option otherwise we would have. Not feigning being appalled. Just pointing out that you raised the stakes with those call outs, so we are here answering it. Its nice of you try and claim Keegoz/Sketchy were just "memes" but it was not. You can't take back narratives that were pushed and set the tone of the war. Folks may attempt to walk back those sentiments but those two personally never did, and no one really cannot claim that sentiment just magically went away. So yeah, you raised the stakes, we're answering it. Welcome to the zero-sum stakes your side set up. CTO/OWR is an exception to that. They most definitely deserve to be rolled for a time longer than one month. So yah no, try again.
  13. KERTCHOGG has. I do like your repetition like a broken recorder at this point in time, but I was answering a question that was asked regarding if we informed folks why it will be done this way. I think I've explained it to you as well And no you really don't have all the context unless you have gone through each and every single line of log and every preceding discussion/side discussion and other discussions through DMs and other places regarding it.
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