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  1. Congrats on whatever caught your attention. Take care
  2. Atom smiles. Soon my pet. Soon the chains come off, 9 have signed up for the blessing of rebirth. Nukes for the nuke God
  3. I have always been an independant. One and only ape.
  4. Fill a slot and all will be revealed with the clouds of Atom
  5. You know what really grinds my gears? When people dont fill my defensive slots. Someone is leading in nukes thrown. Dont know, dont care who. Just know this is for you and my title. Do you even nuke bro?
  6. Ronny I agree completely. I would like to add that it is dangerous out there. Even if every 1 out 10000 traffic stops resorted in a hostile and dangerous environment, it would lead with me being interested in preserving my life. I got three kids and a wife. I have a mortgage and an addiction to precious metals. I want to go home at night. It only takes one bullet as you approach the window to change it all. As a citizen I remain respectful and calm while being stopped. I am friendly. I follow instructions and ask questions respectfully. I told the truth. Even while being under arrest i wa
  7. I feel summoned. Is that true? Were you using my ape brethren without consent?
  8. As a nation with -5100 approval rating it would be impossible to get me back to zero let alone the plus side
  9. It's super easy. Click the button and start doing what you want. Declare war on anyone that touches you. I dont mean one war. I mean take the hurt to the whole alliance. Let them make threads on their forums about leaving you alone. Demand reparations and repeat.
  10. I'm honestly surprised there wasnt 8 pages of crying and complaining about how nukes are dumb and so are you if you use them or think about them. Great idea
  11. You make this list writting thing easy. Well done
  12. This has been settled. Thank you for the practise.
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