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  1. I'm honestly surprised there wasnt 8 pages of crying and complaining about how nukes are dumb and so are you if you use them or think about them. Great idea
  2. You make this list writting thing easy. Well done
  3. This has been settled. Thank you for the practise.
  4. The reps are paid in ass usually. Nobody takes the cheap route. Open to all. The ass will be collected somewhere
  5. 345,061,715.67 is the total for the first round of nukes. Shouldve just paid the money. Let this be a lesson to you all Round two the price is still 300 million I have a free defensive slot if orbis wants to try and help Fark
  6. I shall make them love me
  7. I'm a few rounds away from that.
  8. Fark hereby declares war against Apeman. After just a few turns of being without an alliance, fark raiders have seen a juicy target in Resistance. They jump at the chance to raid a 35 city broke ass nation with alot of nukes. Apeman quickly responded with some aggressive movements in an effort to give Fark a fighting chance. Apeman will only accept peace if Fark ponies up 100 million per war declared on the great ape. I was initially outraged by the declaration because I thought fark were my homies. Turns out all my cool peeps moved on. Looking forward to getting to know the Fark that is now. For fraggle
  9. I dropped the first. Bye frags for the 3rd time.
  10. What else is there to say? My boy James nailed it!
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