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  1. Apeman

    Let's Clown Arown' :)

    Congrats. Some nice allies made today
  2. Apeman

    Let's Dance!

    Felkey we both know your math skills arent that great. I demand a recount.
  3. Apeman

    Let's Dance!

    Why so salty
  4. Apeman

    A New Date to the Dance

    Please consider NK for all your resource needs. I mean at least BK is now know as an alliance whom defends it's allies right?
  5. Apeman

    A New Date to the Dance

    I didn't sign this or was even asked
  6. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-Tune in, Dial Out

    Thank you for actually addressing the points I raised without just throwing salt at me. I appreciate it kalev
  7. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-Tune in, Dial Out

    Fair point. Still doesn't change the validity of what was stated. Do you expect resistance to be silent?
  8. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-Tune in, Dial Out

    Thank you Atom for giving me the patience to explain, and for the strength to remain respectful Nothing felkey, it has nothing to do with it. The way I see the world is really only 4 spheres. 1. Easy mode 2. IQ 3. Rose and company (which easy mode is already kinda fighting most of them) 4. Neutrals(the only ones who will honor their treaties as described. No treaty no funny honey) So with that part laid out, who is next? Either from rose and co. Or easy mode. IQ will fight you again but don't really want to(although now would be the time for revenge with rose With the company part of rose and company fighting tkr). In my opinion the only real group left to give any kind of fight without rose and company taking on the easy mode beast would be for either half of those two to take a crack at t$ and neutrals or fight each other. You can't have two strong bully groups. Pantheon would be no fight but a good way to get t$ in (if that's still a thing) I just don't see many options. The only logical reason why rose wouldn't back its very recent company friends is fear. We all know rose and company or easy mode wouldnt make a step if it wasn't overwhelmingly one sided. When was the last time we seen even numbers square off? What's the fun in that? Please try to answer even just one of the questions I raise and keep the salt down. Just try I apologize now for any alliances that do not really fit into any of those groups. I know even nuke bloc would quickly align somewhere so I assume others would as well.
  9. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-Tune in, Dial Out

    I was with you on the first three but the news one is bullshit. Stating the obvious doesn't make you special or make it news. Rose and company vs tkr and company. I got 100 million to the guy who picks that one.
  10. Apeman

    Let's Dance!

    Well let's see anyone from any side of this war do 3.5 billion in damages. Still salty eh? Just to set the record straight it was 300 on 60 not the 300 vs 200ish being faced now. If these true stats aren't good enough for your programmed brain please feel free to lick me where I poop
  11. Apeman

    Let's Dance!

    To the guy's in easy mode....how many times orbis gonna let you push your weight around? To the guy's not in easy mode.....throwing 100 nukes takes the sting away from getting trampled. To all parties......git gud
  12. Apeman

    Please to help me understand....

    Sorry you are on your own
  13. You are so fricking sexy
  14. Seperate taxes to be set on specific resources would be better. Individual percents please

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