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  1. What else is there to say? My boy James nailed it!
  2. Drop me a line. Thank you for considering Apeman for all your resource needs
  3. I'll be honest.....I'm kinda aroused!!!
  4. Ass, gas, or grass man. 1 percent per week unless you or your alliance start an offensive war in which case it doubles up to 10 percent per week. If a defensive war happens.....no interest or payments will occur
  5. Chump change. You guys need a loan?
  6. Send the trades. Ape has you covered. Lame ass fraggle shaped puppet.
  7. Still trying to get the funds? Lame
  8. Remove the credit sell cap. Keep the credit use per month cap. Worst thing that will happen is alex makes more money and the price of a credit goes down. Thoughts?
  9. The nation of resistance pledges the resources for 10 if someone would pledge the cash to match. Let me know and send the trades fraggle
  10. I personally see no problem with alex the owner of the game doing this as he owns every pixel created here. I will say that as long as we let our real life governments do this exact same thing than we really have no rights to !@#$ about a game. Rise up and join the resistance
  11. No matter what you little girls think of, atom comes for everyone!! Let's maybe address the lack of harsh results from no food
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