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  1. Retirement

    Congrats on freedom brother. Come back someday when life allows. You will also be missed
  2. Ape and NK

    Good stuff here guys. I appreciate you joining us in the celebration. All are welcome. I'm not vanishing, just don't wanna lead.
  3. Ape and NK

    For almost two years I have listened to my voices and trusted whom I thought worthy. I have shown love and trust especially to those I hold dear. While listening to the voices, I was left to run NK as I seen fit. I pound my chest and speak for those who follow blindly. A week before this last "sneak attack" happened on nuke bloc, I forgave everyone's debt and gave all my brothers a chance to leave. I am honored by all those that stayed and fought with me against those that wished me harm. No matter my downfalls, some of the things I always did well was tell the truth, be respectful to people who deserved it, and throw some nukes. I would like to congratulate emc on doing a staggering 159 million more in damages to NK then we did in return. I would also like to offer congrats to micchan who blocked both nukes I fired at "it"(don' want to be sexist and it doesn't act like a lady so it it is) I would also like to congratulate emc on eatting 3.5 billion in damages from the Ape. Thank you for helping me secure the number one spot on nukes thrown. Even when asked directly, even leaning on the huge number advantage, emc would not give me (a previous ally for 800 days or so) a straight answer on if we were gonna be hit. I guess they would never imagine fighting us face to face. Don't really blame them. 20ish days of war to do 159 million net damage to an alliance of 18vs300. I understand the deception was needed to secure some kind of "victory"! I'm not here to throw shade so I'll bite my tongue. Knowing the trolls will prob have a gay ole time with this thread I'll cut it short. Ape retiring as leader of NK. I leave her to the only voices that haven't turned traitor. Join me in congratulating Krudd and Connor Yeets in their recent promotion. Alpha and Plac you will be missed. You have been my loyal brother and will always have a spot at my table with a soft spot to lay your head. Last post by Apeman, leader of NK
  4. And So the Dust Settles

    Blah we knew cowards would use the opportunity of our allies being involved to try and smack us. Turns out we were right glad we didn't waste nukes on iq. You fuks ate them all.
  5. Econ Questions

    You know cities don't require resources to build right? So why tax the resources so heavy? Are you selling them to help fund the cities? No you just getting ripped off
  6. War Stats 2.0

    Git gud!
  7. What happens if you run out of money?

    You can' buy anything unless you have money. Also you can't do any attacks until you have paid at least one turn. You can still declare war just not do any attacks. Besides this nothing happens. It doesn't stack up
  8. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Got a new flag. Let the salt flow
  9. Congratulations to Roquentin

  10. Make nukes kill military as well

    I think it is totally normal that nukes don't effect military units or even disrupt the power grid. Why would they? People will work and continue to live without food. Nothing surprises me at this point
  11. The End (of Orbis?!).

    From me? I don' think I even nuked you and I know I never had 100 million worth anything in my nation. Let's see some stats from a area the numbers can be checked. Mine is the stat tracker provided by alex
  12. The End (of Orbis?!).

    We all need something to shoot for. I'l try for that
  13. The End (of Orbis?!).

    Shout out to emc for eatting 3,426,142,548.35 in nuke damage from the Ape
  14. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    So 10 percent of zero is? Why not fix a real problem like no food only causing 1/3 less income. There is harsher penalties for no power then no food. That is dumb
  15. Say something good

    Sounds like something a Nazi would say