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  1. Apeman

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    Take it easy on ronnie. I think veronica is a beautiful name. Quit trying to call them names and hurt feelings. Everyone can play how they want. It's the one power we do have here. Always respect your mothers and sisters even if they great at giving gob
  2. Careful guys this is all eazy mode needs for a cb.
  3. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    Oh no the whale tier
  4. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    Screw beige who needs it. Let's look at removing the cap on offensive war declarations or fix the no food problem or even just leave it alone.
  5. Apeman

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    Nukes suck.
  6. Apeman

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    I dont know if they called them in so to speak. Realistically you guys are being too hard on Ronnie. We didn't even fight over 300 people. Only like 236 members fought us. There just wasn't enough targets. Just under 60 people can only do so much. Leave ronnie alone you bullies
  7. Apeman

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    I dont think it will take that long
  8. Apeman

    Alliance relevance rank!

    Or 30 rounds! All hail our top ten overlords.
  9. Apeman

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    Been gone two weeks and all hell breaks loose. Geez
  10. Apeman

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    Well when stacked against the ingame infra calculator based on beginning infra vs what was lost the number is very identical. Agreed I wasn't using it for things like aluminum used because it may be flawed, the damage done and recieved seemed constant. Test the calculator out to the parameters described and see for yourself. Track a raid. Figure out the infra lost per strike and you will see your arguement and the laughter of your voiceless hyena will be silenced. What next let me guess the infra calculator is broken also? Maybe it's just your arguement that needs to be fixed. Facts are facts and lies look more like a you problem than my facts. Add salt here come on I know you wanna.
  11. Apeman


    So if a nation doesn't have the needed money than nothing runs but if you run out of food you only lose a percentage of gross income? Seems a little lopsided. Maybe we should look at changing this alex
  12. Apeman


    Welcome to the game. Hit me up if you have any questions
  13. Apeman

    Hello, I exist.

    Welcome to politics and war. Enjoy your time here. It's a good game
  14. Apeman

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    I will give you plenty of warning when I come ronnie. Since this game isn't designed to have fair wars.....why do we need a cap on offensive wars? Remove the cap. Speaking of losers.....I have a few badges that tell me I'm first at quite a few things. What badges do you have? Just the ones you bought? I guess I win and you are the guy playing like a loser. Go try knitting Last war I was involved in I did 3.5 billion in damages personally. What did you do? We can check. Keep my name out of your mouth if you cant keep up

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