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  1. Apeman

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Someone say nuke bloc? Why am I never invited?
  2. Apeman

    Looking for credits

    Thank you for your patronage. Still looking for 100 more credits. Bump
  3. Apeman

    Looking for credits

    I am willing to trade refined resources for credits straight cash value trade at agreed upon market time. Will pitch in a bonus if you have more than 5 to trade. Message me in game
  4. Apeman

    The lord beckons me

    Our dear lord and savior Atom, has instructed us to fortify his church and shore up his disciples . He has demanded the animal branch of the church opened. Never being the type to question my God, we follow without question. We joining the Church of Atom. As a added bonus I will be giving away everything 10 people will need to buy 1 nuke each. Just send me proof of purchase and I'll send it right over. Offer open to everyone. Now for James and the rest of the Saints....... any member will qualify for any amount of the free 100 nukes animal farm is offering as tribute to our generous god. Again just send proof of purchase and I'll refund. We look forward to ascending to our rightful place in the Church and our prayers will ring in your ears as his glorious light blinds you. When in doubt, nuke a sucka, hear em cry, milk tears, and have some faith. Please keep crying to a minimum as we dont prepare for global floods. See you soon Glory be to Atom. Dont like it? Ask me how to git gud Apeman and Animal Farm gov
  5. Apeman

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Omg why do I love this so much? Can I use that?
  6. Apeman

    Fraggle Rock is Seeking an Alliance

    And never throw one
  7. Apeman

    Fraggle Rock is Seeking an Alliance

    Stay away from me.
  8. Apeman

    A farewell from the grave!

    Could you do a raid for me? Pay the fee to whomever you pick. Bye buddy
  9. Apeman

    Combine Nukes and Missiles

    Praise Atom
  10. Apeman

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    Looks pretty.....not a pig wearing lipstick pretty but actually pretty like megan fox fixing my car pretty.
  11. Apeman

    Expenses and Consequences of Not Paying

    A national debt is reasonable but I wonder how it would go over for the members who pay no expenses
  12. Apeman

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Dont jump and please dont let this get to 40 pages.
  13. Apeman

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Someone say nuke bloc?
  14. Apeman

    To whoever put a 50M nuclear bounty on me...

    Triple that and I'll come say hi
  15. Apeman

    North Alaska 300

    I care. So suck monkey extremities. Congrats brother

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