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  1. cumfire isn't here, you don't need to throat him anymore
  2. wait do i get a forum to shit on SCX again? let's fricking goooooooooooooooooo there's old BK (Yoso/myself v1), SCX (leo being roq's bottom boy), new BK (yoso/myself v2) this isn't rocket science
  3. LordStrum


    bk man good
  4. I see it's time for Inquisition 2: Electric Boogaloo second verse, same as the first
  5. and there are people who wish cumfire was still here imagine that this is such an improvement
  6. thanks yoso very cool sexy flag
  7. girls care about art? til
  8. thanks yoso very cool
  9. why did you make it worse
  10. I heard we got a wedding, it will be pretty great, Getting the band back together, time to celebrate! I'm obviously so happy, and hope it won't expire, And in the depths of hell a pain just came across cumfire!
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