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  1. LordStrum

    The classy lads of TKR and TCW

    Sirius: <hits a participant in a global war> Sirius: <gets countered for getting involved> Sirius:
  2. LordStrum

    God of Alliance Creation

    insert buying gf meme here because I'm too lazy to edit one right now
  3. LordStrum

    The Book of Revelayyytions

    my apologies for taking this long, gotta sleep sometime
  4. LordStrum

    The Third Infinity Alliance - and an Old Friend

    an actual story? well shit, I wasn't trying to read a script
  5. LordStrum

    Destiny Arrives

    I'm only here to say reeeeeeeeeee group images are for treaties, we had this shit down to a science
  6. LordStrum

    Animal Farm and Apeman

    >animal farm >no ape feel like that kinda &#33;@#&#036; the whole thing
  7. tl;dr of this thread for people who don't want to read
  8. LordStrum

    Cmelot wek

  9. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network LLC-State of the Union

    Best thing Flubb ever did
  10. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    I'm disgusted to see all the pineapple heathens here. Shifty what have you done.
  11. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Bad Omen

    BK has been dead for a while now, I doubt there's any necrophilia going on
  12. LordStrum

    It's Not You, Apparently It's Me.

    Good shit BC.
  13. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    You still have my tiara? Lost it in the packing.
  14. LordStrum

    The Phoenix is Dead


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