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  1. LordStrum

    Make Alliances Harder to Create

    "hey so the game has some issues" "do you mean the suspect war system? econ system? treaties and inferiority complexes causing politics to be boring as shit?" "no you dumb frick, I'm talking about micros, they don't play like we do so obviously they're stupid as frick and shouldn't exist" ironic, coming from the leader of an alliance that was part of the "micro problem" once upon a time (I should know, I was there)
  2. LordStrum

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    I give zero !@#$ about whatever you're going on about, I'm just here to rage about pings.
  3. LordStrum


    frick off
  4. LordStrum

    Merry Christmas from The Island

    yay tali and max
  5. LordStrum

    Announcement From the League

    ew weebs
  6. LordStrum

    Public Denunciation of The Crimson Entente

    if there was ever a time for a cultural victory
  7. LordStrum

    Bombardier Declaration of Secession

    sounds like some democracy shit to me
  8. LordStrum

    Ayy LM4O

    yeah, I see that now carry on, citizens
  9. LordStrum

    Ayy LM4O

    man, back in my day, we'd have this shit up already
  10. LordStrum

    Ayy LM4O

    you're a day late, way to go SCX
  11. LordStrum

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    go get em tali
  12. LordStrum

    The classy lads of TKR and TCW

    Sirius: <hits a participant in a global war> Sirius: <gets countered for getting involved> Sirius:
  13. LordStrum

    God of Alliance Creation

    insert buying gf meme here because I'm too lazy to edit one right now
  14. LordStrum

    The Book of Revelayyytions

    my apologies for taking this long, gotta sleep sometime

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