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  1. LordStrum

    House Arryn first decleration

    no idea what you're even saying but frick superchola-X is always a message I can get behind
  2. LordStrum

    Declaration of War

  3. LordStrum

    Declaration of War

  4. LordStrum

    Declaration of War

    man, if I were like three years younger, I'd be going absolutely apeshit at the shitposting opportunities I'm glad everyone else has picked up the slack
  5. LordStrum


    don't worry, they'll give me a reason to shit on them soon enough the world will return to normal in due time
  6. LordStrum


    you're making me defend superchola-x, what the frick have you done. I feel disgusting. as far as I remember, yoso and I went with the vassal title as a joke because someone asked to be ours once, and it became an inside-turned-outside joke. re: forcing them to fight, if they do force them to fight, then frick them. with that being said, there was never any forcing when I was there, so this would have to be relatively new. I feel so fricking dirty after that
  7. LordStrum

    Happy Birthday to Grumpy!

    trying too hard, nice attempt though maybe one day senpai will notice you
  8. LordStrum

    Happy Birthday to Grumpy!

    sounds familiar congrats on 1000
  9. LordStrum

    BK-Terminal Jest treaty

    but do they know more about fa than you
  10. strum's tips: 1. go to google 2. search literally anything that doesn't involve the words "politics" or "war" 3. go down that rabbit hole 4. ??? 5. profit am I doing this right?
  11. LordStrum

    Its time for a BK ayynnouncement

    where do I pick up my Senate Speaker™ hat? should still be in storage
  12. LordStrum

    Delete the game

    I can get behind this
  13. LordStrum

    The Boris Wars Volume 3 ft. Knights Templar

    thought that said borat and was at least somewhat interested that died quick
  14. LordStrum

    Announcing: Moonlight Bank

    Looking forward to the ride, glad to be the conductor. Choo choo!
  15. LordStrum

    P&W: Imperator

    supercheese is my boy yay alexio probably forgetting something

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