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  1. LordStrum

    P&W: Imperator

    supercheese is my boy yay alexio probably forgetting something
  2. LordStrum

    Fresh Prince of Ayy Lmao!

  3. LordStrum

    Reichspakt is Nazi!

    I've no more !@#$ to give, my !@#$ have runneth dry, I've tried to go frick shopping, but there's no !@#$ left to buy.
  4. LordStrum

    @everyone - It's true.

    disappointed in the ping worse than the whole "black nights" thing
  5. LordStrum

    SNN-Armored Saint

    are these your type of recruits?
  6. LordStrum

    Nobody expects the Smothquisition

    my main man was a sloth this whole time? you'd think this is the kind of thing I'd notice, huh
  7. LordStrum


    don't give a shit
  8. LordStrum


    needs more zoot
  9. LordStrum

    Liberation Time!

    I have no idea what the frick is going on but "milcom this cuck faces" is gonna go down like "one small step for man"
  10. LordStrum

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    glad to see this place is turning into Bob
  11. LordStrum

    Knights of Malta DoE

    creativity is hard, huh
  12. LordStrum

    Make Alliances Harder to Create

    "hey so the game has some issues" "do you mean the suspect war system? econ system? treaties and inferiority complexes causing politics to be boring as shit?" "no you dumb frick, I'm talking about micros, they don't play like we do so obviously they're stupid as frick and shouldn't exist" ironic, coming from the leader of an alliance that was part of the "micro problem" once upon a time (I should know, I was there)
  13. LordStrum

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    I give zero !@#$ about whatever you're going on about, I'm just here to rage about pings.

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