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  1. So, this is literally to nobody's surprise, since I've basically been gone for months now, but I'm officially done. Tried to leave this game before, came back with the promise of doing interesting stuff, literally everything went wrong from day 1, and the game is somehow worse than it was when I left all those years ago. Pour one out for the Black Knights, one of the most fun things I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. How dare Superchola-X stand where you stood. I'd sit here and give a giant list of people I liked, but honestly, unless you're cumfire or the lapdog, I'm either indifferent or think you're cool. I might be an old man who yells at a cloud, but unlike those two, I always did it to people's faces, and I didn't change what I said based on where in Orbis politics we fell. Maybe they can learn some lessons from that. I'll still hang in the Silenzio server, if Psweet or Joel give enough of a frick to keep it going. Don't see why they would, in all honesty. All you're gonna see there is Shifty posting bad food. Would not recommend. I don't really have much else to add, so peace out I guess. It was fun while it lasted.
  2. Oh no, say it ain't so... Superchola-X had their bank stolen by some guy in gov. Who came from a merger. Man, if only somebody had warned them that mergers were a bad idea and giving people gov positions because they merged was also a bad idea... Man, I hate saying I told you so, but it feels so sweet when I can.
  3. congrats to the commonwealth, condolences to superchola-x or the other way around I don't give a frick
  4. congrats to OWR, condolences to SCX
  5. no idea what you're even saying but frick superchola-X is always a message I can get behind
  6. man, if I were like three years younger, I'd be going absolutely apeshit at the shitposting opportunities I'm glad everyone else has picked up the slack
  7. don't worry, they'll give me a reason to shit on them soon enough the world will return to normal in due time
  8. you're making me defend superchola-x, what the frick have you done. I feel disgusting. as far as I remember, yoso and I went with the vassal title as a joke because someone asked to be ours once, and it became an inside-turned-outside joke. re: forcing them to fight, if they do force them to fight, then frick them. with that being said, there was never any forcing when I was there, so this would have to be relatively new. I feel so fricking dirty after that
  9. trying too hard, nice attempt though maybe one day senpai will notice you
  10. but do they know more about fa than you
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