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  1. LordStrum


    ew furries
  2. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Bad Omen

    BK has been dead for a while now, I doubt there's any necrophilia going on
  3. LordStrum

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

  4. LordStrum

    It's Not You, Apparently It's Me.

    Good shit BC.
  5. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    You still have my tiara? Lost it in the packing.
  6. LordStrum

    The Phoenix is Dead

  7. LordStrum

    Omega's New Deputy Prime Minister

    ew democracy
  8. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    marky please don't
  9. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Voters Guide to the 2018 Rose Presidential Elections

    BK doesn't exist anymore #ripBK
  10. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    While we're doing this, I exercise my right to the "Black Knights" name as the only active co-founder and hereby request the infringers remove any and all references to my intellectual property. </s maybe>
  11. LordStrum

    Should we all surrender to IMU?

    welp, can't argue with that I surrender
  12. LordStrum

    Brotherhood of the Clouds Do'R'E

    He's over at Superchola-X (or the ghost of BK, take your pick)
  13. LordStrum

    Let's talk about PnW Radio shows.

    obvious solution is to have more trains
  14. LordStrum

    Upper Tier Alliances

    i respect that
  15. LordStrum

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    we must have different definitions of played, considering I spent most of that time focusing on BK and showing up once a month or so unless people went AWOL still don't understand how this is remotely relevant to...well anything in all honesty.

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