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    Hello folks, I am Lord Vader. As many of you probably are aware - I am a software engineer. As many of you are probably also aware, New Pacific Order has recently shut down the PnW war statistics page permanently. I feel it my obligation as a software engineer in the great community to revive these services by building them from the ground up. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Visit the new stats page here Quote from the page: Thank you all, suggestions are welcomed so please DM me on Discord!
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    I've reset the board boys. How long before their impulses take over again?
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    Hi everyone, Not so bad news given the title. For the sake of full transparency and communication, I am publicly announcing that I caught and fixed a resource spawning exploit today. All illicitly generated resources were removed, the perpetrators have been banned, and the bug has been fixed. How the Exploit Worked: By setting your tax bracket rate for resources over 100%, it was possible to create extra resources through regular taxation. There was a check in the code for this, both on the user-end and server-end, but there was a bug in the server-end (a typo in variable name) that caused the server-end restrictions to fail. I'm sure the user-end restrictions prevented anyone from actually going through the extra effort to try this until just a couple of days ago. Who Used the Exploit "Nation" of "Nationia" (ID 189749) used the exploit to generate 5,022,002 Uranium, 10,152,000 Gasoline, 8,100,000 Munitions, 9,124,000 Steel, and 8,884,200 Aluminum. These resources were transferred to a variety of "offshore" alliance banks, and another nation (ID 95654) helped manage/transfer funds. It's unclear if these two nations were controlled by the same user. ID 189749 clearly existed for the sole purpose of using this exploit, and went into Vacation Mode after spawning the resources. Screenshots of their nation pages These two nations have now been permanently banned from Politics & War. Discovering the Exploit This exploit was reported to me by @Dryad on Discord. He reported a suspicious deposit to their alliance bank, and I took a look. After investigation, I saw that the resources were generated from strange taxation records (4800000% resource tax rate) and identified the rest from there. They also asked me to thank @Vein and @neantasia as well (I think they discussed the issue among themselves before Dryad ultimately contacted me.) They're receiving a special achievement in-game for their help, as well as the player Borg who also helped debug this issue and some other site vulnerabilities recently. Fixing the Exploit Checking into the source code, I saw that this was just a typo in a variable name, and never should have existed in the first place. I quickly corrected that and tested to ensure things are now working properly. I also instituted a fail-safe check on the actual revenue generation script that runs every turn to restrict all tax rates to be between 0-100%. These two changes will ensure that this never happens again. --- I know that it is concerning to learn about such vulnerabilities in the game, but I believe that you all (the players) are better served when I am open and transparent about such occurrences, rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. I am certainly not perfect and mistakes happen, but fortunately in this instance this was identified and fixed almost immediately, and no damage or unfair advantage was gained thanks to the quick and honest action of the players noted above. Together, we can continue to develop and improve Politics & War to create a better game and community for everyone. EDIT: To be clear, I am confident that this is the extent of the abuse of this bug. All resource generating transactions are clearly marked in the taxation records, so it was easy to pull a list of every instance this happened.
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    The Wizard walked along the dirt road, heading towards exile. His home taken from him, left with no home, His life is empty now. As he walked he glanced up and the sun beat heavily onto his path. The gleam in the distance revealing a long dilapidated Citadel. “A perfect home for me. A ruined citadel to sit in and never be disturbed again. A place for me to be alone.” The Wizard gave a grave smile. “You’re not alone” A voice called from behind him. A friend from before, leading a raggedy band of fellows, all of whom followed after the Wizard. The Wizard laughed heartily and smiled. “This will be our new home Wizard. From here we will build a glorious Empire with you to lead us.” The Man spoke with confidence. “I am no leader, I never have been. I’ve always been just the Wizard. If you want to found the Empire, you deserve to lead as they follow you. I will stand by your side and watch over you as I always have.” The Wizard smiled, no longer alone. “You will stand by us as my second and as a family member then.” The Leader nodded. The Wizard offered his hand and smiled. “Then study well these words. Arcana Artis Honoris. They shall be this family’s motto and may we always be true to it” The Leader shook the Wizards hand, “What does it mean?” “The Mysterious Art of Honor.” The Wizard spoke, grinning ear to ear as the Citadel grew alight with magic becoming their new home. Goomyman and Ridcully are proud to announce to Orbis the existence of the Wizard's Citadel alliance. We look forward to dealing with you all in the future. Long may we all prosper together. Leader(Archmage): Goomyman 2IC(Archwizard): Ridcully
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    He banned like 10 people. You all destroyed yourselves because without cheating you can't win shit. IQ will go down having never won a war in their long incompetent reign, only to be undone by their own cheating.
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    so let me get this strait....some guy sees a "suspicious bank deposit" what in the hell does that look like? what defines suspicious in this game? we have alliances moving billions in goods constantly playing the great shell game. so in the middle of all that someone sees something odd and forms a group and reports it. now....taking that you find a exploit, that either didnt exist before today or has been there unseen by you, that explains how someone made all this in 3 turns? a 33 day old nation in a Goons protectorate finds a possible Day0 vulnerability after 5 years and then happens to send it to all to Pacificas bankers? really? THIS IS A JOKE!!! this is the most bold faced abuse of power i have ever seen in a game. after all the fake reports and the attrition against our allies you people still cant stomp out Pacifica and so you form this obvious hatchet job as a pretense to delete our bank. and you wonder why people continue to write bad reviews about your work. perhaps it is because you are acting like this is a high school popularity contest mr "God of Upvotes" instead of a business. well enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your friends. you certainly have earned it
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    GG&FU hereby recolonizes Wizard's Citadel as the only and true Pantheon. Does it matter? NO! But im posting it anyways. King: Uriah The Fox Archduke: CitrusK Crown Prince: Viselli Duke of Relations (FA): George Duke of Fisticuffs (MA): Moetaz & Lorhill Duke of Gentlemen (IA/Econ): Fiji God Credit to Keegoz, he did it first (i think)
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    Cheating was and always will be a thing here. Problem is that how these people react to it. Poor Alex for dealing with all of these cheaters and their protectors. Some of them are doing nasty things. As I am bored with game itself I would like to say I like that you don't go easy with cheaters and I support you with it. Keep your good work despite difficulties with raging people. But don't forget about improving the game Cheaters are destroying experience for everyone. That's why I will never feel bad for these people even if they victimised themselves by destroying alliances(bk&others)-not exactly cheaters but you know what I mean.
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    KT recognises the existence of the legitimate Pantheon.
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    NPO had no obligation to keep the website up, but I do think that they did it in bad taste and should have just completely taken the site down instead of leaving a false propaganda message. Glad to see someone willing to make another statistics site though. I'm getting upset that I'm killing all these NPO planes now and don't have a way to keep track of them.
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    Just delete your nation then. Your emotional investment right now is so high that you're flaming mad over nations being banned for spawning in millions of resources through an exploit. This action in particular is so black-and-white that it's obvious you're just being super irrational. It's also not good for your personal mental and emotional health to keep putting yourself through this abuse and you need to talk a break.
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    I think I’m going to buy more credits. This is worth supporting. This is the type of proactive moderation of the game we’ve all been asking for.
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    Over half this list is now banned.
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    We've brought down the Guinea Pig menace from the #1 spot but at what cost? Selling ourselves out to Coca Cola? The shame. This is a public service announce sponsored by Michelle Obama: SODA IS UNHEALTHY AND HORRIBLE FOR YOU. WE NEED TO FIGHT OBESITY AT ITS ROOTS - THE DIET OF THE AMERICAN CITIZEN!
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    @Alex I cannot get past guilt anymore... I will have to surrender myself... I was the one that gave the hint for the exploit, back in 2017... I am sorry... I didn't expect them to use it... Shameless advertisting intensifies... You can read the whole comics episode here.
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    George why are you an attention whore?
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    "Systematically destroy one side and force hundreds of players out" Are you quoting Roq with respect to what your coalition has been attempting to do for the past eight months?
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    I thought it was funny... XD
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    He literally has proof that the system was broken and these nations were abusing it. You're both ridiculous and moronic.
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    Roses are Red Wait no Maroon Wait no Blue Wait no Brown Wait no Pink
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    i love the way the you guys insulate your opinion. we must be cheaters because there is proof. if anything at all comes up that discredits that then it must be fake. anyone that says something that counters it must be lying. this mentality is a cancer on our civilization. we used to call that fascist back in the day. the inability to accept any view point other than your own even in the face of absolute proof to the contrary
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    Good question! Sorry I failed to answer that in the OP. This just happened today (February 12, turns 02:00, 06:00, and 08:00). There were only 3 turns where they used this bug to generate resources, and it was easy enough to sum it all up and remove it from the game. From the time when it first occurred, to my announcement here, was about 17 hours.
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    He merely righted a wrong. Your gov cheated on a massive scale to fund an unending war in an attempt to push out entire communities. Alex' punishment does not even come close to leveling the damage done or the benefits you've received. Uhm... no. Having been the one who made the call to hit TKR and TCW in KF, I can with certainty say that that was a political decision, and had nothing to do with any farms. The CB was something else. Hi. You'd be making a more steady point if you weren't quite literally calling those you disagree with fascists and cancer without presenting any factual foundation as to why your arguments are correct. Matter of fact, you haven't even provided any arguments? So...? The "evidence" posted was little more than a collection of straw-man arguments and red herrings. Your alliance and its allies then proceeded to post goatse (GOONS) and defame Alex IRL, going s far as to target even his family. You definitely did not convince anyone with that, chief. Charles does not need to be given he right to judge you. Your actions give us all the right to judge you.
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    Sooo...bank heist soon?
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    Heartbreak It’s that time of year again! Flowers, chocolates, couples, and dates; love is in the air! Or is it? Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can be a day of sorrow and remorse as we spend all of our time on a browser game and then wonder why we can’t get a date. Most tragic is the case of @Dynamic. Oh, poor Dynamic, my most beloved brother. You see, Dynamic has been working hard on P&W technology. He simply can’t help it! How could he? This game is his true love, and like a dutiful spouse, he cares for her, day after day, willing to give an arm and leg to make sure she has what she desires. Dynamic told me that he has been waiting for the P&W API to be improved for two long years. (We still love you, though, @Alex). He has realized that this relationship with P&W has been one-sided. Let’s prove him wrong. Let’s show Dynamic that P&W loves him as well! And so I introduce to you, Rose Valentine’s Day Festivities! Sadboi Hours Voice Chat, hosted by Dynamic and Valkorion Baratheon Let’s cheer up our resident sadboi, Dynamic, by sharing stories of our own romantic failures. That’s right, if you are a sadboi too, now is your time to shine! Tell us about that nasty ex who insert something funny here, and here, and here. Through mutual sadboi hours, may we forge a bond. Bros before hoes, sisters before misters! Join the Rose Discord Server’s Voice Chat on Friday, February 14th, 6PM EST, one hour before day change. Love Letters/Poems to Dynamic (Cash Prize)! I know you are reading this because of the promise of a cash prize…. you greedy bastard, lol. I will forgive you if it makes Dynamic feel better. Write a letter or poem to Dynamic. You may profess your love for Dynamic, describe his grace and beauty, show how you are torn apart by not being with him, etc. You may be as serious or as ironic as you want. We’ll never know. One important rule: Don’t be a creep. Deadline for Submission: Friday, February 14th, 4 PM EST, three hours before day change. Submit your letter or poem here. Happy Valentine’s Day from Rose! Rose Valentine.mp4
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    Y'all got it backwards. NPO is merely trying to help Sheepy find all the possible bugs and cheats in the game, therefore making it into a stable, safe, and thriving game environment. Not to mention all the ads revenue Sheepy gets from their vast amount of thrifty clicks across the game. Thank you NPO!
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    Solid bit of evidence to change people's minds right here.
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    Friend... Has it occurred to you that perhaps some of the people you hold in high regard are cheating sacks?
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    I'm going to invest in tin foil hats. Seems like a sound investment these days.
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    I'm honestly shocked we've gone this long without a temper tantrum over an NPO gov member getting banned for cheating.
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    I think End Game Works because: A. No one could forget the past, so we revisited it a lot. And repeated circlejerk arguments until everyone was blue in the face, or fingers (Time Jump Scenes in End Game) B. Everyone basically joined one side in a massive charge. (Ending fight scene) C. It was the heart wrenching end of a franchise as we witnessed many communities turn to dust at the snap of the finger, including... wait for it.... "The Mad Titan" Leo himself. Regrettable as that was (The Common folk and good leaders leaving.) D. Guardians of The Galaxy leave for space at the end of the movie for more adventures.
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    I am honestly shocked, though, at how fast NPO has been willing to burn every last shred of credibility and respect as an organization as a whole. This is something that reaches well beyond just this one game. This is something that is going to haunt their organization for the rest of time, because their reaction to these events was so poor.
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    If you are a gen x, then you are too old to be arguing on the side of cheaters, if you were 14 I could understand it. Be better.
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    Anyone else tired of "offshore" alliance bank? How about requiring at least 5 nations in an alliance, or else alliance bank functionality is disabled. 5 nations that are not on Gray, nor in Vacation Mode. Thoughts?
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    Literally only one person in our coalition leadership stated "getting rid of BK/NPO" and that was Sketchy after NPO lied to us and joined the war, without any treaty to tie them into such. Basically showing that their word is worthless (How amusing that they kept that up, all the way up to their talk with the Admin of the game). And even after Sketchy stated such, numerous of our leads stated that isn't the goal of our coalition. Including myself. If we wanted to remove an alliance from the game, we would've done so a long time ago. There were multiple times where any of our alliances could've sat on another alliance for an extended period of time till they disbanded or left. NONE of us have ever done that or made it our goal. So please, Epi, kindly stfu. On the other hand, multiple times throughout the years - people have often spoke ill of Leo or wished BK would turn around and be the fun alliance they once were under Strum/Yoso's reign. This isn't new.
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    This was made in October 2019, when NPO was mocking everyone in "peace negotiations". However it was never made public to my alliance nor wider audience. Was hoping to save it for one day when we were in a new war with NPO, but with NPO not being able to win by cheating they seem to be rage quitting. So my last chance to publish it is now.
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