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  1. Is this the first time you've opened the trade page and checked prices?
  2. You all should have a "Raiders Code of Honor" as a paperless treaty.
  3. Wao Emp still exists and people want to make bonds with them. Just disband you guyssssss! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  4. i don't think we need Orbis Accords of how to play the game but we do need Orbis Accords of Civility. This war brought out the worst in both sides and the forums were a pool of hatred, mockery and petty behaviour. This is what we need to avoid.
  5. When choosing a display timezone, why aren't all of them listed? I mean the 30 min ones because I am from one of them.
  6. You could run it as a credit service like the banner ads.
  7. I think he meant that the first 10 cities still retain the extra improvements even after you reach city 11.
  8. Yup makes sense and doesn't use improvement slots.
  9. Ships, Tanks and Soldiers should be able to kill planes in defense, plain and simple. Or we could have a new Fort improvement which adds various types of defense for land/air/sea so that when someone with 0 units is attacked but has forts, the enemy still suffers unit loss of some amount.
  10. Why not restrict new nations from mass messaging instead? Any nation younger than 'x' days should not have the ability to mass message. One on one direct messages will still work.
  11. I don't think the NPO defense is based on logic so explaining this to them is pointless. Their defense is based on pettiness and teenage hormones.
  12. No wonder PnW is dying. Also, congrats on number 1
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