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  1. ForgotPants

    Advancing Towards Chaos

    Please choose a response: 1. I am just visiting. 2. I have come to work. 3. I am just passing through. 4. What is passport?
  2. ForgotPants

    Important ODN Announcement

    Oh man! What a burn! frick I need to visit the burn ward now! At least hit me where it hurts like my bad win to loss ratio or the amount of money I've given to you guys or how you built another city or something! I don't feel like you're trying hard enough. Give that cultural victory pic another try maybe?
  3. ForgotPants

    Important ODN Announcement

    TGH doesn't care if ODN wants a war! They will get rolled ahahaha! A bazillion posts by TGH on the futility of ODN fighting them More bickering and shitposts (cultural victory? really?) from TGH Optional random shit from Kastor Seems like a normal Thursday here!
  4. ForgotPants

    War Stats 2.0

    I mean if we agreed with each others views in general, there would be no argument right? Let's agree to disagree as it is unlikely to ever happen.
  5. ForgotPants

    The Knights Radiant

    Gavilar was a better man.
  6. ForgotPants

    War Stats 2.0

    A lot of what Phoenix posted has very little to do with stats. With people claiming planes do not matter to rejoicing at victory on their 1 ship attacks.
  7. ForgotPants

    War Stats 2.0

    Please don't use logic here. The people who think the pinnacle of their propaganda is posting "Cultural Victory" everywhere are feeling uncomfortable.
  8. ForgotPants

    War Stats 2.0

    I don't think you know what a bug means really if you think bugs are only caused by non-human actions.
  9. ForgotPants

    War Stats 2.0

    Uh right, exploit a bug to zero your air. No thanks, like I said in my PM to you. I'll leave the exploiting to you and will wait for Alex to sort it out.
  10. ForgotPants

    War Stats 2.0

    Guess that explains why you have two wars with me and you're attacking me on both. I mistakenly attacked you on the duplicate one without realizing it but you managed to finish all 12 maps. It okay to see a bug and report it, but to actively exploit having double the MAPS with the duplicate war already starting with 12 MAPS is ridiculous.
  11. ForgotPants

    Roz Wei Forces Defeat Cornerstone

    Wow you really have a lot of hate there for CS. I don't know what they did to you in the past but CS is gone now, let it go and live your life to the fullest.
  12. ForgotPants

    Congratulations to Roquentin

    I even invited you. You have no one to blame but yourself.
  13. ForgotPants

    Roz Wei Forces Defeat Cornerstone

    I tried to hide Gorge behind me but he bought this new knife and wanted to use it against the evil forces and exposed himself
  14. ForgotPants

    Congratulations to Roquentin

    We would have actually merged with NPO but we disagreed on the average steel price. I mean, that was the real deal breaker. I swear I am not Roq.
  15. I would recommend deleting your remaining farms. As a new player, it is far more profitable to mine for raws (bauxite, uranium etc) and sell them for money to buy food with.

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