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  1. In the current scenario though, its more like Leo gave his house keys to x number of his friends and someone who regularly goes to his house, with his full trust, went there without Leo's knowledge and took some items from his fridge.
  2. Maybe Alex should remove all military and war systems from 20th December to 27th December. Game can also be renamed to Politics And Temporarily No War.
  3. Sure man, you clearly are the only one with knowledge of history. Seeing all your highly intellectual and fact based posts here on these forums makes me oh so jealous.
  4. Man how insecure do you have be in your victory to demand this? It's like saying, "I'm not wrong, you're wrong! Now put it in writing".
  5. I think both sides have generated enough content for many Weeks of Leaks (I'm copyrighting this).
  6. Can't wait for the next leak!
  7. Umm cmon, you know what is wrong with Partisan's post. it's logical, reasonable and not at all vague. How can anyone not dislike that. Pfft.
  8. 10. Do you think I should ask leading questions which reveal my intentions beforehand? - Yes - Yes - Yes 11. Do you think that thinking is an important aspect of daily life? - No - No 12. Do you think I'm pretty? - What - The - Heck?
  9. It's his winning personality of repetition which brings us closer to peace everyday.
  10. I vote for all 3 changes. War can go on for a long time, no reason to delay qol changes which affect more people than just those at war.
  11. No need, I am spying them now.
  12. Its obviously your fault. I mean, if Epi rambles about something then it has to be true right?
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