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  1. OR you could have used the Queen’s English and typed You’re, short for You are, to be grammatically correct here on these hallowed Orbis forums. Where’s @Adrienne dictionary to back me up? Can’t make this stuff up. Haha.
  2. Rule #1. When losing the argument and the war, insult your opponent’s intelligence for up clicks from your own alliance. Well, back during Knightfall and Papers Please we didn’t play this way I’ll have you know! 😂
  3. I just want to make sure I’m reading this right. The alliance who left Quack, formed Hollywood, and launched another trillion + dollar global, all straddling the same day change turn, actually has the balls to call somebody else shady? Let’s ignore the fact that they were unmilitarized too! Wow. Just...plain...wow! Thinking I need some of that meta weed you’re smokin’! **The views expressed in this program do not represent the opinions of our staff or management here at WABC radio or any of our affiliates.**
  4. Yea, I’ve been wondering the same. After 2 1/2 years of analysis, I believe this means that certain forum spinners can DO anything and justify it with the same tired copy paste crap they spam here war after war. I believe the DON’Ts refer to all of the things the rest of Orbis is prohibited from doing to respond. But what do I know? I’m just a game noob these days. Perhaps there’s an answer in the meta?
  5. Why bag on TLE or TFed for getting out? They’ve been through more than enough war of late. This isn’t a war of their making anyway. Congrats and enjoy your peace.
  6. This might well be the best written war dec I’ve ever read here in the Orb. Brings a tear to me weary eyes.
  7. Fair enough. So much nonsense flies around the OWF that it’s sometimes hard to differentiate.
  8. Haha. Velyni can answer for himself, but as one of the facilitators of TFP I can confirm that he wasn’t a member of NPO in this game. Has no allegiance whatsoever to the NPO we knew here. And he had no part in anything that happened here in P&W. They were all long gone for over a year when his nation was founded. We vetted him thoroughly I assure you He was in NPO in some other game and wasn’t aware of their history here when he joined us all in the Orb. You’re barking up the wrong tree on this one.
  9. Well, ya know. It’s TKR’s way. Anyone who isn’t part of their false narrative machine knows they have a long, long history of dog piles, paranoia, hegemonic ties, and igniting trillion dollar globals. They’ve started the last 3 major conflicts in the game. Started Dial Up too. I’d rather risk going down swinging vs waiting for Hollywood Money to come after us once everyone else is already wiped out. Rose as an entity had nothing to do with our decision. These people are all smart enough to know that unless they live in a hole.
  10. Haha. The sekret treaty narrative again. Y’all need new material. Hedge is clearly on the march. Paired with TKR and co? No thanks. We will fight on our terms, not after the rest of the game is already throttled. Hedge took out Delta. TKR just took out Swamp. Rose didn’t need to ask us in this situation. This is no brainer territory.
  11. Best of luck to Cam. Been a pleasure working with you all, short as it may have been.
  12. A raiding micro has a high chance of success. An unchained econ micro? Not so much. This is a game governed by 3 simple rules. Peace through strength. Peace through numbers. Peace through coordination that brings game cred. Other than that, a nation or micro alliance is raider bait. Like it or not, Raiders perform a valuable service. They free up otherwise dormant resources and help keep prices down for everyone else.
  13. Well, at least the rest of the game can now see the internal volatility and recklessness we grew tired of reigning back before we finally left that bloc.
  14. Congratulations and best of luck!
  15. We’re def looking forward to our new relationship together as well!
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