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  1. I can only repeat this, lol:
  2. Lmfao at this point I have no idea which one of my clones is the real me. No, seriously, it's a legit problem. Everyone on discord has my pfp and even changed their username to Valkorion Baratheon.....
  3. Only three articles? Micro-sized treaty for micro-sized alliances? ? Just kidding, good luck, have fun, raise hell
  4. This alliance theme makes me think that Politics & Snore is going to last another 5 minutes per turn.....
  5. It's been an honor having Ming Empire for our side longer than even I've been in Rose. Fantastic allies, and now fantastic alliance-mates. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us as a unified Rose. May the Mandate of Heaven live on through the Eternal Empire. Now I just gotta get Camelot to merge too
  6. @Alex, the issue you are trying to solve is to prevent down-declares from being as devastating as they are, right? Alright, sounds good. However, the second part of your proposed update, whether it be 1/3 or 1/4, actually makes down-declares even stronger. How? Well, while every unit can be recruited faster now, the critical unit here is still the aircraft. Until they are nerfed, planes will continue to rule in every single alliance war. This means that when a larger nation (let's call him Fred) down-declares on a smaller one (let's call him Bob), which will still happen with the score change, maybe a bit tighter (more on that later), that Fred can double buy all of his units at day change. With Propaganda Bureau, that 67% of max units becomes closer to 73%. This means that not only will Fred be able to recruit more planes in the span of 4 minutes than Bob's maximum, he can now even recruit more of the other units as well, completely neutering any chance Bob could have had at turning things around. Depending on the exact numbers, Bob could even have his triplets, Bobby and Bobbie, fight with him and they could still all end up losing to Fred. Let's address the tighter score ranges now. I was on the side of the global war that had whales. At one point of the war, when we were losing, we had our whales that were already 0'd and downed just go in to to suicide their planes at day change. Basically, they would attack someone who was fighting an ally that was close to turning the war around in planes. The whale would double buy and airstrike the enemy's planes. The intent was not for the whale to win, but rather, do enough damage so our other ally could break free. Now, however, even though the city scores may be greater, a whale that is 0'd actually has the chance to completely destroy a smaller nation that has maximum planes and maybe even some other units. The whale just has to go in with 0 military, and this time, instead of suiciding, his 73% units will actually outright win against the smaller nation. Down-declares are going to be ridiculously fun and overpowered now. Now, some people will say that whales have 3 defensive slots and you can still counter. Yes, you can indeed counter them still. However, Fred, the whale, can probably inflict a lot of damage before he finally gets countered, and all he has to do is survive until the next day change. If he plays his cards right, he could still come out on top, even when outnumbered. Speaking of countering, up-declares are now weaker, because again, planes are the focus of war still. Three 20 city nations with 1800 planes each could take out a 30 city nation with 2700 planes currently. However, now, all the damage the 20s inflict can be erased with a double buy. Even a single buy, which is now worth twice the old single buy, can prevent the three 20 city nations from claiming a victory they could have had/make it much harder to win. Maybe a 20 v 30 up-declare is not as realistic as say, 25. But, the point is that the main issue here is and always has been planes. Planes are already the focus of warfare. The meta is basically planes and soldiers. The second part of this update buffs all units, yes, but it that means it buffs planes. Buffing planes does not solve a single issue since the OP-ness of planes is already the root of the issue. Honestly, the current score range is fine. What needs to be fixed before that is: -Nerf Planes -Rework Beige (I want to get beiged in globals...... I shouldn't want to lose my individual wars in order to win the overall alliance war) However, given your own goal, which is to basically make the game more equitable for new players...... this update does the opposite. It favors the older and larger players. I strongly advise you to consider reworking the entire war system, rather than a single band-aid fix. This is going to create more problems later that you will want to fix. The entire system needs to work together, not be an amalgamation of several different ideas, that might not be compatible.
  7. Oh my..... what are you guys planning?!
  8. Excalibur is a Lightsaber??? He had slain all his enemies and conquered the known galaxy! The Immortal Emperor rules over all! However, he sensed that he had missed something. Was the Force telling him? He thought back to a tale one of his commanders told him, some ridiculous legend of a sword stuck in a stone. He who could wield it was destined to be a great and mighty ruler. Excalibur, was it? Perhaps he ought to investigate…. He scoured the corners of the galaxy, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. What a fruitless endeavor; perhaps the Force was wrong? But then he felt it - an immense pull to an obscure location - Camelot. The Eternal Fleet was ordered to warp through hyperspace to find the weapon. In the middle of a barren field, the hilt of a sword protruded from a large stone. And next to it, stood a tall man, dressed in rags. There was nothing exceptional about his appearance. However, he projected a certain aura and had this fierce look in his eyes that seemed….. familiar…. The Emperor watched as the man reached for the sword and grabbed the hilt with both hands. He began to pull with all his might, but the sword did not budge. Still, the man persisted and the Emperor watched. After hours of waiting, the Emperor thought it was now time to put the poor man out of his misery. Just as he was about to raise his hand, he heard a familiar buzz. He looked up, and he saw the hilt of Excalibur in the man’s hand. But, the blade was not made of steel! No, it was a golden lightsaber, the same as the Emperor’s! The man introduced himself as Arthur and proclaimed himself King of Camelot. King Arthur wished to help expand The Eternal Empire. Perhaps the Emperor had found a worthy apprentice…. Preamble Rose and Camelot agree to sign an MDoAP treaty. Article I - Sovereignty Both parties agree to respect each other’s right to conduct its own affairs without external hindrance. Article II - Intelligence Both parties agree to share intelligence, with the understanding that close cooperation is necessary for the security of both alliances. Article III - Mutual Defense Both parties agree to come to each other’s aid in the case of an attack by an external aggressor. Article IV - Optional Aggression Should one party decide to pursue aggression against an external party, the other party may join in on the aggression. Article V - Cancellation Should either party wish to nullify this treaty, they must give a 72-hour notice before it is made official. Signed for Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Mhearl Signed for Camelot: King: Arthur Morgana: Epimetheus Merlin: Uriah Lancelot: Viselli Archduke – Recruitment: Eriksen & Guilo Archduke – Technology: JDTech Archduke – Milcom: Patrick Star & Messi Archduke – Economics: Nando & CitrusK Archduke – Diplomacy: Azazel Kilgharrah – Diplomacy: Aero Tl;dr Rose and Camelot have signed an MDoAP treaty
  9. While the rest of us are being taken out by corona, dis man is gonna be taken out by the flu.... Just joking of course. Please stay healthy, everyone. Unlike the flu which has existed for a long time and for which we have studied extensively and developed vaccines against, COVID-19 is a new virus. We do not know much about it yet. The real danger of this virus is that it is extremely contagious. With the flu, humans also have a herd immunity. We have developed greater resistance/vaccines over the years, and the few who don't have resistance/gotten vaccinated are protected because the rest of us are more protected and less likely to pass it on. That is not the case for COVID-19, which, again, is a new virus that we don't have much resistance against. Better to be cautious at this stage. Even if the symptoms are not as bad for the average, healthy individual as the media may suggest, who likes being sick?
  10. Were you guys that chocolate snob growing up that annoyed the other kids on Halloween? I know I was......
  11. “A man can have anything if he is willing to sacrifice.” The galactic artillery stuttered to a halt. The Immortal Emperor surveyed his vassal’s home-world. The corpses of both allies and enemies littered the battleground… a successful sacrifice. Feeding off the souls of the fallen, the Immortal Emperor further ascends to godhood. While he basks in his glory, he noticed a single enemy soldier, clad in gleaming silver armor. He stood defiantly, proud and strong. It must be the enemy commander. Rising behind him was his legion, ready to battle for eternity…. Impressed by his worthy adversaries, the Emperor and Crusader acknowledged each other’s battle prowess and came to an agreement…. The Agreement: Rose, Gentlemen’s Gaming & Fisticuffs Union, and Oblivion have achieved peace with Knights Templar. The conflict will end with White Peace. No new declarations will be permitted, but current wars will be allowed to continue until completion.
  12. Was about to ping all the Dutch speakers in Rose to translate for me smh
  13. Sounds like someone is an extra sadboi..... It's okay, that's why we're hosting a Sadboi Hours Voice Chat!
  14. Heartbreak It’s that time of year again! Flowers, chocolates, couples, and dates; love is in the air! Or is it? Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can be a day of sorrow and remorse as we spend all of our time on a browser game and then wonder why we can’t get a date. Most tragic is the case of @Dynamic. Oh, poor Dynamic, my most beloved brother. You see, Dynamic has been working hard on P&W technology. He simply can’t help it! How could he? This game is his true love, and like a dutiful spouse, he cares for her, day after day, willing to give an arm and leg to make sure she has what she desires. Dynamic told me that he has been waiting for the P&W API to be improved for two long years. (We still love you, though, @Alex). He has realized that this relationship with P&W has been one-sided. Let’s prove him wrong. Let’s show Dynamic that P&W loves him as well! And so I introduce to you, Rose Valentine’s Day Festivities! Sadboi Hours Voice Chat, hosted by Dynamic and Valkorion Baratheon Let’s cheer up our resident sadboi, Dynamic, by sharing stories of our own romantic failures. That’s right, if you are a sadboi too, now is your time to shine! Tell us about that nasty ex who insert something funny here, and here, and here. Through mutual sadboi hours, may we forge a bond. Bros before hoes, sisters before misters! Join the Rose Discord Server’s Voice Chat on Friday, February 14th, 6PM EST, one hour before day change. Love Letters/Poems to Dynamic (Cash Prize)! I know you are reading this because of the promise of a cash prize…. you greedy bastard, lol. I will forgive you if it makes Dynamic feel better. Write a letter or poem to Dynamic. You may profess your love for Dynamic, describe his grace and beauty, show how you are torn apart by not being with him, etc. You may be as serious or as ironic as you want. We’ll never know. One important rule: Don’t be a creep. Deadline for Submission: Friday, February 14th, 4 PM EST, three hours before day change. Submit your letter or poem here. Happy Valentine’s Day from Rose! Rose Valentine.mp4
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