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  1. Only the Arch supporters understand true art. Samwise had the most visually appealing pumpkin, yes. However, that pumpkin does not reflect any inner meaning. There is no message to be left behind. The great artists of the past and even present often leave behind a revealing message about something important such as society, war, inequality, etc. Arch is sending a message here. He is expressing his grief over the lack of dynamic gameplay due to the ruling party, TKR. The jagged lines reveal the lack of hand-control of a man without power in an oppressive world. The lack of effort shows the loss of energy as the top feeds off the labor of the bottom. However, his words, "TKR Sucks," are fighting words. This symbolizes the fight left in the peasant. They signify that the revolution is coming. Nay, that the revolution has come! Happy Halloween! Good luck on the battlefield! Blood for the Blood God!
  2. The most iconic pieces of art tend to stem from periods of growth and even human despair. da Vinci and the Mona Lisa (growth). van Gogh, who suffered from chronic depression, and The Starry Night (despair). One such pumpkin truly embodies the second requirement for great art. Arch's pumpkin. His is a piece of art born of the despair that comes from eons of darkness by a regime of pure oppression. And thus, I present to you, "TKR Sucks." Join the cause. Vote for Arch's pumpkin today. May Khorne wish you luck on the battlefield for this is an extension of The Great War
  3. >taking a break during wartime You mean war-dodging? You mean pixel-hugging? Just accept it. That's the truth. Everyone knows what you're doing. Also, for the millionth time, Prefontaine did NOT choose our war target! This war is not a result of some phantom boner you guys think Pre has for Alpha. It's literally a result of 20ish players of this game that got bored and simply decided to declare war on a random alliance with many people in our war range for fun. Games are supposed to be played for fun, right? Or is that some revolutionary concept that I just made up? Whatever happened or did not happen with Alpha before was a long time ago. So, get over yourselves. You're not special. Pre doesn't care about you. TEst doesn't care about you. Khorne doesn't care about you. Get over it. Why are you guys trying to create a grudge that does not exist? I swear, this fetish that Alpha-related people have for Pre is ridiculous and pathetic. Also, if you're taking a break, get off the forums. Your alliance is frozen, so this thread should be too. If you are "taking a break" and may "resume this war later," then take a break from this thread and and come back when you actually want to fight for real instead of run away.
  4. Statement on Spanish Armada's Inactivity & Self-Destruction So, there are now 3 total nations of 13 from Spanish Armada that have gone into Vacation Mode as a result of this war..... 10 more to go? I'm very disappointed. SA promised "Mutual Destruction" or something like that. I guess it was all talk. Was looking forward to Round 2 after SA had rebuilt a bit, but the number of remaining fighters keeps dwindling. Not enough blood. Khorne won't be pleased.
  5. Valkorion Baratheon

    Vanguard/Bad Company Announcement

    Turn that 96 hour notice into 69 and all will be good fam, I promise
  6. I thought the point of this thread was to originally make a statement about Spanish Armada's "activity levels" during wartime. The fact that you guys don't care about the game anymore, as you yourself admitted, as well as the fact that you abandoned a front that you were originally winning (spy front), should prove that you guys are in fact quite inactive as an alliance. We didn't need outside help to neuter your spies since you already abandoned that front. Not very hard when your opponent has already given up. Your actions say that you've given up, and even your words are starting to indicate that. Why not do yourselves a favor and just accept peace so you can go back to the pixel-hugging that you all seem to love so much? Even better, if you don't care about the game.... What's the point in playing it? Go into VM like your friends or delete honestly. If/when I get to the point where I don't want to play the game anymore, I'm going to militarize and blitz a random alliance that has the capability to destroy me so that I can go out with a blaze of glory and then after beige, finally delete. Not trying to be a dick, but honestly, why play a game you don't even like? Seems like a waste of time imo. Go do something fun irl with friends/family, play a new game, etc. You were acting like you were going to make the most of this war and "destroy TEst's lower tier" or something like that. Now you're making a bunch of ridiculous and desperate comments to try and save face, but in reality, you're just making yourself look even worse. Do yourself a favor and stop posting; you're not helping.
  7. Huh, he went into Vacation Mode just a few turns before coming off of beige..... It seems that someone is trying to deny Khorne of his blood. No matter. We'll just spill twice the amount from the remaining members to make up for it. Blood for the Blood God! Seriously though.... I thought the deal was not to go down without a fight. Also thought we were supposed to have some fun for the "coming weeks." Looks kinda like at least one of the thirteen gave up already. 719 turns / 12 turns per day = Just shy of 60 days in VM. 60 days / 7 days in a week = Over 8 weeks..... I was looking forward to this.... looks like we're going to get some serious blue balls if this keeps up...
  8. Valkorion Baratheon

    Peacing AIM

    Dis post needs more spice my dude.
  9. Tbh, I didn't expect y'all to do much after several of you built up 12 MAPs to launch nukes and then delayed the chance to let them drop, wasting MAP regen. Thought the whole "wartime activity" thing was a joke. With that being said, nice job on your spy coordination. Nice to see that activity back. It's not fun if you don't fight back. As I said before, I love war. We all should. Why sit around for months doing absolutely nothing? No point in playing the game then imo. Therefore, I thank you guys for continuing to fight after Round 1. Once again, am looking forward to Rounds 2,3,4, etc. TEst is going to have fun and I hope SA does too.
  10. Valkorion Baratheon

    Peace with AIM

    Was very fun. I only got to fight one AIM member (rest of my wars with SA), but he was super chill and we had a nice conversation while at war with each other. Pre said it best tho: ^Is pretty much what I have to say.
  11. Valkorion Baratheon

    Howdy there Partner

    Why a new discord? Can't you just rename the old one?
  12. I mean, my alliance mates offered to buy it for me so I accepted lol. Free projects are great
  13. 12,442 lead * $3,594 avg PPU = $44,716,549 in lead alone. We never went into this war with the primary intention of looting. We fight to burn pixels, to spill blood. Ours and our enemies, Khorne cares not. With that being said, $44.7M (not including other resources nor looted cash), definitely helps with the rebuild. Khorne got his blood and some of us are still getting some loot to pay for the damages. Is a pretty good deal for us imo. Anyways, I love war so looking forward to Round 2, 3, 4 etc...
  14. Valkorion Baratheon

    Going To War

    This might be the worst DoW I've ever seen. I personally like it when people have a theme and make something clever. A straight-up declaration of war is kinda boring and not really fun to read, especially from a micro. Considering you tend to post stuff often, I feel like you want your alliance to get attention. Why not spice up your posts a bit then? Maybe people will tolerate em more idk
  15. Valkorion Baratheon

    GodFury D.O.E.

    So.... Is this Greek or Roman? Uses Greek god names like Zeus, yet ranks are Roman titles like Praetor.

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