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  1. are you confused Chuck? do you need to lay down? did you get into the NPO scotch supply again? did you lose all your Xorisocks? are you in the greenhouse? did the Shortcake get you? are you ducking this question? you do of course understand this right? you are after all an expert on what it means to be Pacifican
  2. Charles, all the chats we had and all the help you have given us over the years does not give you a right to judge us now.
  3. evidence has already been posted and ignored. you dont care what the truth is thank you for understanding. im glad that someone gets it
  4. i love the way the you guys insulate your opinion. we must be cheaters because there is proof. if anything at all comes up that discredits that then it must be fake. anyone that says something that counters it must be lying. this mentality is a cancer on our civilization. we used to call that fascist back in the day. the inability to accept any view point other than your own even in the face of absolute proof to the contrary
  5. has it ever occurred to you that your admin alex is a petty liar desperate for virtual back pats? i mean why else would he systematically destrtoy one entire side in this war and force hundreds of players out?
  6. if ok boomer is the smartest argument you can make....apparently you are sadder than i thought you are all sad pandas
  7. lol, dude this is perfect. i love how you guys keep talking about mental health. you and i both know you could care less
  8. a 33 day old nation finds a hidden exploit and uses used it for 3 turns sends the gains to our banks then runs to VM? Alex makes a post about being tired of offshore banks and then 20 minutes later posts this thread. and somehow im a moron? please..... also @Filmore im gen X so the boomer thing is not accurate
  9. you think this is salty or hate? really? this is a simple fact. and i feel sorry for you because you cant see it
  10. so let me get this strait....some guy sees a "suspicious bank deposit" what in the hell does that look like? what defines suspicious in this game? we have alliances moving billions in goods constantly playing the great shell game. so in the middle of all that someone sees something odd and forms a group and reports it. now....taking that you find a exploit, that either didnt exist before today or has been there unseen by you, that explains how someone made all this in 3 turns? a 33 day old nation in a Goons protectorate finds a possible Day0 vulnerability after 5 years and then happens to send it to all to Pacificas bankers? really? THIS IS A JOKE!!! this is the most bold faced abuse of power i have ever seen in a game. after all the fake reports and the attrition against our allies you people still cant stomp out Pacifica and so you form this obvious hatchet job as a pretense to delete our bank. and you wonder why people continue to write bad reviews about your work. perhaps it is because you are acting like this is a high school popularity contest mr "God of Upvotes" instead of a business. well enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your friends. you certainly have earned it
  11. "Yep i named those. whats the issue? are you a nazi or a fascist @LordInfinitius? Guilty conscience maybe? Every one of my cities is a political statement about this game and the toxic community that infects it. a game i played for over 4 years before it was destroyed by inept management and simpering toadies begging for advantages they didnt deserve because they were incapable of achieving greatness on their o"

    Yeah no, I only really cared about those two city names. Didn't care about your opinions on Alex's moderation.

  12. @UnknownSpy i have nothing bad to say about Rose. We had many great wars. i always found your comrades to be honorable fighters. it was simply bad luck that we found ourselves on opposite sides of this war. as for the Nazi thing, i do not see an issue with saying it. i am not pointing at one particular person and saying "that guy is a Nazi". that being said, there are certainly some people that act that way and that is what i am conveying in that political statement.
  13. firstly as you can clearly see..."this nation" is right here engaged in this discussion so i am not hard to find. yes i am critical of this game and its admin, i think that enduring for over 4 years here gives me a right to be critical of it. especially when the admin decides to be so petty and arbitrary. as far as being toxic goes...yes i have become toxic because this game is toxic. capricious admins, back biting politics, and a forum filled with toxic personas that look for any way they can to tear others down have made me that way. finally, the temerity and presumptuousness that you can speak to my mindset @Filmore is laughable. i did not delete my nation but went into VM for my own reasons. and what i do with my nation is my business. It is mine alone to run how i see fit
  14. have a MOD show me a real rule that states i am in error and i will make changes. I am dedicated to spreading my opinion but not in breaking rules because that is NOT what a Pacifican does. you better believe i did and stand by every word of it. Pacifica burst onto the stage 4 years ago and catapulted to the top. we had a rocky start but made strong allies and we flourished long before we ever brought in the piggies. even before the first one came into this game we had enough bank to sustain the war virtually forever. why is that i wonder? bad game mechanics perhaps? at any rate the addition of our allies in the GPWC violated no rules and ANYONE that says otherwise is lying. I dont care how much fabricated garbage you throw against us. In the end you will all see that this entire episode was an ignorant farce even if you will never admit it
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