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  1. I do think that past transgressions need to be forgiven as well as forgotten. I say this not because those that supported Col B did nothing wrong, but because the powers that were no longer are. When the defiant leaders of Col B that were pushing for the literal death of the game left, so too did their fanatic ideology. This in turn opened up the game to a whole new world without the likes of NPO and other toxic, like-minded individuals. Who supported who during the war is redundant at this point. We all want to leave the stupid war we were forced to fight in back in the past, and that is where it should stay. Who did what during the war is irrelevant today because the circumstances in this era are far different from what they were a year ago. And to start up any new war on the basis of 'revenge' honestly makes you no better than leaders that pushed a war for nine months to see us all delete. Find new reasons to start a war... Being petty isn't a good one in my opinion.
  2. I thought it was funny... XD
  3. I only spoke to you once back in October when I was trying to push for Coal B to release terms so peace talks could start... I made statements back then about how what was going on was ridiculous and made subsequent posts in other threads warning that sometimes things could go too far, or on for too long. No one wanted to listen to that warning and instead kept pushing and pushing with as much vile toxicity as they could throw. As a result, communities and the game itself have now been forever changed or even lost... I may be a member of Coal A and had my misgivings about BK along with the rest of Coal B, but...I am sorry to see this happen... Things indeed were pushed too far and the war went on for way too long. We all had a hand in what happened and share a responsibility for the tragedy that is befalling the game right now. Regardless of how we've got to this point though, I hope we can learn from this and ensure it never happens again... On that note, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Wherever you go, take a lesson from what's happened here and...make sure it doesn't happen elsewhere... Good bye, and good luck...
  4. I have no issues with the update. This war has been drug out for almost 8 months and due to the toxic politics of it, the only conceivable end seems to be when banks run dry. Considering that reality, I can understand why the change was implemented. Both sides are affected, so it's a fair implementation. If your complaint is that it happened DURING a war, maybe you shouldn't be fighting a war that pushes into the record books. The only thing worse than the fact this war has been drug out so long is the stupid reasons why we continue to fight it.
  5. Drama War. Been no shortage of it.
  6. Just imagine what you are feeling now continuing on for 7 months straight without end. That's how we've pretty much felt.
  7. Whether or not we have a chance to win the war is irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make of how horribly everyone is treating everybody else as a direct result of this war. Are you guys in Coal B really satisfied with the length of this war and how toxic the environment has became because of it? I know there are some good, reasonable people on your side. Gave my compliments to one of your ranks in Goons a while back. Is there really no way to for you guys (us included) to find civility and actually sit down to talk these issues out?
  8. No offense, but when your coalition takes 2.5 months to come up with terms, and they drag their feet every step of the way afterwards to make this the slowest process possible, how do you honestly expect people are going to react? Prior to Coal A's agreement to surrender back in November, all the leaders of Coal B were constantly preaching and pounding the fact that peace could be had at any time when we were ready to admit defeat. Yet, when we offered our surrender, our side received nothing and were instead jerked around for months on end. With the kind of treatment that Coal A has received from Coal B, I'm not the least bit surprised by the current state of affairs. Not giving a pass to Coal A as we also share blame in the current toxic environment, but you can't continue to yank our chain and not expect something like this to happen.
  9. Well, Coal B helped me pay for new cities with what I've looted from you guys, so I've enjoyed that. I've had fun learning more about the game and gaining valuable experience along the way. Most of all though, I think I've enjoyed seeing Coal B constantly shoot themselves in the foot time after time and putting themselves in such a position that they are paranoid of future wars with us. XD
  10. You really think after 7 months of continuous, destructive war (that is hurting the game regardless of what anyone says) that Coal A would take the opportunity just to buy back our military so we can strike you guys again shortly down the road? Are you truly so paranoid of our ranks that you don't think we are capable of honoring a real, honest agreement and instead need damaging terms placed on us just to ensure your safety? Look, I get that from your perspective, you feel like Coal A is portraying Coal B as the bad guy in this game that needs to be eliminated. While I'll admit that the toxicity has shaped that opinion to a degree, it's you guys that have, and continue to do this to yourself. You guys have dragged out a pointless war for for months on end without even attempting to engage in any real, sincere peace talks. This in spite of the fact that your side claimed repeatedly that we could have peace at any time so long as we agreed to your non-negotiable surrender (which we did MONTHS ago I might add.) And when said peace talks occur, they move at the slowest of paces while offering ridiculous demands that you know full well will be hard, if not impossible to meet. Also consider the fact that various leaks have shown some on your side have pushed for the continuation of the war to push Coal A into disbanding/Deleting. And the cherry on top, you turn on any ally that would DARE leave the war on your side before a full peace has established viewing them as 'weak' when in actuality they are probably just simple human beings who, like everyone else, gets tired of things after a while... Is it any wonder why a great portion of the game is at war with you right now? Coal A hasn't had to do anything to give you guys the public image and reputation Coal B has obtained. You guys have earned all of this by yourself with your actions in this war because of not just how you treated your enemy, but allies as well. Yeah, you guys might be 'winning' this war right now, but your victory could very well come at the cost of everything post war. Crippling war reps on your enemy and fear-bashing your allies into submission isn't going to earn you a long-term victory when the entire game with all their differences can find common ground to view you as the enemy. I recall you guys wanted to strike Coal A to change the reputation Coal B had prior to the war starting, and you've successfully done that. How so depends on your perspective, but the current state of affairs seems to paint an obvious picture... Even more so if your paranoia leads you to believe that we need to be crippled just so you'll be safe. I get that not everyone in Coal B is bad and some want this war to end. I've seen some respectable posts from some in your ranks that show there are good people that don't deserve what they are going through just for their extremists leaders. I honestly feel sorry for those in Camelot, Arcadia, and any of the others alliances that have to fight against the entire game (or a good portion of it) because of the decisions the leaders of NPO, BK, and GOONS have made. We've all suffered in this war and contrary to popular belief, the war is hurting the game. I'm not neccesarily advocating for peace, nor am I on the train of a permanent war of attrition that sees one side totally destroyed. It's clear that some on both sides are viewing the extremes though, and it needs to stop. We need to get back to seeing each other as what we are, human beings with different point of views and respect those views. In the end, this is just a game... Is the toxicity and inevitable mutual destruction this is leading to really worth it in the end? You have to be the one to decide that...
  11. Regardless of whether this was a hack, or a deliberate move by BK, it doesn't' change the fact that the move was most likely made out of spite... I have no doubt the current war and the toxicity that's come from it played a significant role in what happened one way or the other... I've said it once before, but I'll say it again... There comes a point when something has gone too far, or on for too long. Regardless of the reason, if this isn't too far, where is the line...? ?
  12. Well, you know... You could always just present terms, or start negotiations with the one-a- a-time-term-thing t$ and all of us seem more than open to. I'm just pointing out the obvious, yet hilarious fact that it's taking you guys half a year to come up with terms to deliver to us. If you guys aren't delivering terms because we are commenting on the status quo, doesn't that kind of prove that Coal B is the one delaying peace talks? XD
  13. Which is funny to me... We offered our surrender a month and a half ago, and there was a four and a half month gap between that and the start of the war marking six months and counting of this conflict. The fact that one side can't come up with terms to deliver in that time span is honestly laughable. I'm starting to think maybe we'd get somewhere if Coal A started offering terms to Coal B. Outside of white peace, that might be the only way negotiations are gonna get going at this rate. Especially if it is true that it is taking one side half a year to come up with something to deliver to the other side.
  14. I honestly don't get why Coal B is so paranoid about releasing terms to you guys as well as the rest of Coal A. Only reason they gave when I last spoke to anyone from there in October was "it's a waste of time". Those were also the same people though that said they could care less about their PR and didn't care to throw out the lie that if we surrendered, we'd see negotiations, so clearly some priorities are skewed somewhere. Just tag it onto the drama that's hurting the game.
  15. This war, and everything that it's revolved around has been about pointless crap that no one cares about from about October til now. It stopped being a 'meaningful war' in any sense when drama set in around that time. Since then, it's just basically been a general drama fest lacking any real coherent rhyme or reason. So...basically it's just a drama war at this point which I'm nominating as the new name for this war. Both sides have done it, and that's all we've seen. I say that because I highly doubt anyone who plays casually cares at this point why both sides are still fighting six months in and counting. Only leaders of the various alliances on both sides seem to care about about that at this point, with their agenda seeming to be to hurt the game. You pick which side is doing that based on that statement, but again, I doubt the average player cares who it is.
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