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  1. Correct. It's like a meta-goal, preventing the same thing that happened to that other game from happening here.
  2. Well Partisan, you fought against them longer and harder than your country did against Germany.
  3. Deleting cities is a good idea - even if you had no clue what went on, think in analogies. If someone in real life gives you a stolen item, and you don't know it's illicitly obtained, you might not go to jail, but you still have to return it.
  4. Going from a guy who never responds to my messages to a guy who responds with more than I wanted.
  5. In order to keep Pantheon's economy humming and providing for its member states, they must be thoroughly integrated with responsible trading partners.
  6. Emissaries from t$ will take control to ensure a peaceful and just transition.
  7. I'd like to congratulate everyone who had the good fortune to be on the same side as me.
  8. I didn't say they were competently acting out of spite.
  9. A "suspicion"? I thought it went without saying that that's everyone's calculation. When was the last time a war ended within a week of the point where the winning and losing sides were clearly established? That's not rhetorical; I really want to know if that's ever happened.
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