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  1. I'm sure that with Adam in our government, our excess resources problem will be solved soon.
  2. And now if Utmos is any indication, Leopold will gradually disappear, never to be seen again.
  3. It's actually very easy to know who would have won without cheating. NPO and entourage certainly did; that's why they ragequit. This defeats the meta purpose of player run banks, to bolster activity and make the game more complex.
  4. But it should be 0%. So what if he didn't know? If they hadn't actually been cheating, he'd be screwed out of the loan just the same.
  5. Again: Seb made a bad loan to an entity that couldn't pay him back. If they don't cheat, they don't have the resources to repay him. Your moderation action didn't screw him over: He was screwed over when he agreed to make the loan. Why should he expect to be compensated with illicitly generated funds?
  6. It's not because of a moderation decision he made, it's because NPO was cheating, forcing admin action. Look at it this way: Seb loans money to NPO, and NPO gets in a war. If NPO doesn't cheat at that point, they lose and don't have the resources to repay him. If they do cheat (as they did), eventually moderation action will lead to them being punished, and they don't repay him. Either way, the point is Seb made a bad bet. Player run banking systems do add a layer of complexity, but only so far as they function as real banks do, without some outside source pumping in money if they fail
  7. There's no justification for this: NPO was cheating, which isn't Seb's fault, but he wasn't wronged by anyone other than NPO not paying him back. That's part of the game, and if I loan something to someone and they delete, it'd be ridiculous for me to run to game admin demanding compensation.
  8. For those complaining Alex is bring too (lol) rough: How does it feel to be completely dependent on a guy who trades copyrighted manga for illicit advantage in a nation sim game?
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