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  1. And all it cost was the entire alliance. Not a bad trade.
  2. Don't think this remotely belongs in Orbis central.....
  3. To be fair, has RnR ever honored a treaty?
  4. Smurfing took you long enough Demon. Smh
  5. GPWC only sending half is irrelevant when there's still the logs of Anne telling people not to bother actually playing the game and just sign in every couple weeks. Or are you another one of the people who haven't actually read the report? Plus there's still the whole "NPO's offshore spawned in millions of tons of resources in less than a day"
  6. It's a shame that this all could have been avoided if NPO just simply didn't cheat. Twice.
  7. Filmore

    Nation Bio

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=85099 "This game is full of Nazis, mixed in with sexual predators and an Admin who endorses and enables this behaviour. Nor surprising for an Admin who accuses others of doxxing while he doxxes others." From my understanding this is a person that deleted and then made a new nation specifically for this. Might want to IP ban him
  8. Filmore

    My Duty

    NPO had no obligation to keep the website up, but I do think that they did it in bad taste and should have just completely taken the site down instead of leaving a false propaganda message. Glad to see someone willing to make another statistics site though. I'm getting upset that I'm killing all these NPO planes now and don't have a way to keep track of them.
  9. That sounds like something a troll would say
  10. Would call this fake news but NPO still has their Emperor listed as Roq so it must be legit
  11. I think either "BK's Last Time" or "Roqpocalypse" would work. However I'm also fond of "The Dumb War" just because of all the dumb decisions by Coalition B that led Coalition A to "win" an unwinnable war.
  12. Here's a full list of his city names, and as you can see, a lot of them are jabs at either the game or Alex himself. Also don't know if this is worth mentioning, but this nation also put himself in a year long VM. I think this nation should be removed over the unnecessary toxicity and the fact that they probably aren't returning to the game. Edit: Also if you look on his nation page, he deleted all his projects and improvements in all his cities as well.
  13. You obviously didn't read Alex's report then
  14. In defense of this new nation, NPO did remove and ban him from the alliance and it must not be the same person if that is the case. From my current understanding, most of NPO believe that is was wrong for Alex to ban Frawley and others in NPO Gov and would gladly take them back with open arms. However I'm sure Alex could check the IP address and see if it matches with any of the addresses that Frawley has used before.
  15. Imagine having to immediately surrender because you sent your bank to Cypher by accident. This has been brought to you by the Don't Break NAPs Gang
  16. Unlike those cheaters in NPO who then proceeded to review bomb the game on Google with fake reviews. Best of luck to ODN though. White peace will always be an option.
  17. How is enforcing the game rules after doing a thorough investigation an error in judgement? The punishment he gave to NPO is more than fair.
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