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  1. please bring back downvotes so I can downvote every single one of these shitposts
  2. As many before have also said :), but then again, you're too new to know about your predecessors I guess GOONS was right when they chose to call their members stupid newbies
  3. doubt it or not, you will have to face the truth, which is the inevitable downfall of IQ
  4. Surrendering is just as much as a crime as helping them
  5. Broke

    Slot filling

    The nation lead by loving boi, https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=186548, has himself admitted to cheating(a.k.a slot filling) The following is a screenshot of him admitting to paying people to fill his defensive slots to prevent attacks from other players. Many other players can also justify this.
  6. Hell yeah, burn those nations to the ground
  7. Take a well deserved break, you'll see the ruins of IQ when you come back 🙃
  8. why are you leaving the party, it's barely started bro
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