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    Over the past couple days the knights Templar has been troubling the offbeat powers. It originally started whenever they told us to change our bloc color in which their request was ignored because it's obvious the only reason why they'd want us to do that is because they want bigger money bonus. Then, over the next day, they proceeded to perform espionage attacks against us we know this was an act of aggression, because we didn't move away from red bloc because they have declared war against people for that same reason, as seen in ones cassis bellis. Offbeat powers is taking this moment to acknowledge that we find this as a active aggression and will respond with a war if needed completely open to anybody that feels that they would like to join in. So much for removing kebab
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    I propose the addition of a counter showing the number of beige turns left when you hover over the colour icon of a person in beige on the nation search page. This will not only help alliances coordinate wars better, but help people find raids. This would remove the need to have to visit each nation page individually (or use the API and a for loop ) to check how many turns they have left in beige.
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    Introduction Rough Riders and the Afrika Korps hereby pronounce the Church of Plot the one and only true church. All other forms of religion are forms of heresy. May this pact push both of our alliances and beliefs forward into the future. Article 1 - Sovereignty When Daddy Don and Uncle Tom smoke their cigars, they shall not be disturbed until they put their cigar down. Article 2- No Touchie The Korps and the Riders will respect eachother’s property. There will be no cattle grazing on eachother’s land. Article 3- Defense Should either of us come under attack, we vow to come to the other’s aid. If you %&$# yourself; it's your own damn fault and the right is reserved to choose to help but it's highly encouraged. Article 4 - Intelligence Both signatories agree that all vital information regarding Plot and TiTTies must be shared via the Church of Plot. There will be no lack of intel on these matters. Article 5 - Church of Plot and States Should the separation of church and states be necessary, there will be a 48 hour notice prior to it’s official separation. All saved and recorded forms of Plot will be secured in our respective vaults. TLDR: Afrika Korps and Rough Riders sign a MDP.
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    Shifty warned you of the threat of thottery. Took you 2 years to finally realize Shifty did nothing wrong.
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    Dr. Shifty reporting in with some grim news It appears that the Blood God has severe hemophilia as it has bled down from 22 members to 12. Before being kicked out of the patient's #nutsack, Dr. Shifty can confirm that the situation is dire. The Blood God appears to be looking for emergency donors and the only potential match maybe CoS. Dr. Shifty delivering the news like he delivers babies at the nursery ward: With a football spike to the ground and a dab, yeetus on dat feetus.
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    They're 49 days old. At 49 days old i was.... just over 30k score after having started at 2900 49 days earlier. So yes, they're trash.
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    I can’t tell what’s more retarded. You or the fact that you leaked your own WC while doing a RoH
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    I agree with Mad Titan; I doubt this will go well for you but wish you luck. Your best chance is involving a large alliance with some grudge towards them. I also agree with Machiavelli though that you shouldn’t tolerate it so it’s honorable not to be afraid and submitted to it.
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    Nothing against Rose & I'm cool with them, but this did make me lol at least. Give cash or a cigarette; then a beggar will usually take it. Otherwise; probably not unless they're starving or it looks expensive. lol 😛
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    Haha, I enjoyed this! You are getting good at Lightworks my friend!
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    Time for another crusade I guess.....
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    Every day of war was another day of Akuryo being butthurt so it was worth I appreciate what Arrgh did, if you are a pirate you join war to do damage, get the loot and drink rum, you have no mercy and you don't want any mercy, Arrgh doesn't know politics and the word peace, therefore doesn't sit at a peace meeting
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    I have some experience with both of these alliances and they both stick up for what they believe in. Great treaty guys!
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    Tfw the major alliances won't protect you so you go to a shit micro to protect your shit micro.
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    I mean, you gave up an alliance with a cool theme to remake this boring one, and didn't even have the decency to hand NCR over or disband it, (meaning that name is locked until all those inactives cease to exist) and you get couped alot so it's a pretty reasonable assumption to make.
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    Did you seriously already get couped from New California Republic? You'd think at some point you'd learn to not give people you don't IRL or atleast outside PW the heir position.
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