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  1. Hello people. If you have a really good memory, you may remember me. If not, now you have! As you may have heard, Greene had some shady transactions. At the core of it, was my ****ing bank (excuse the language, we were talking multibillion dollars) As a result, I have consifiscated his 52m of shares (52%) and are looking to reissue those shares for $25 a share. A bit about myself: I am an accounting student (graduating in May 2021) so...just connect some dots :). I am taking an overload (19-20 credits) per semester so I can be eligible for the CPA exam. I'm using this as a means to study (I have multiple minors). I am on multiple servers on discord, so just HMU there. The bank records are no longer updated online (I switched to access, not excel) but financial information can be provided (more time will be needed for proper formating and to 'simplify' it if requested since I'm still updating it) but it will simplify things on my end. All stocks requests are assumed to be Common Stock unless stated/requested otherswise. All stocks are able to be sold/bought through existing shareholders. Only requirement is that BOTH people aknowledge that the shares are sold (prevent scams). I'm currently only stakeholder. I'm open to expanding that (for some reason that you have ALOT of money). Please speak to me in private if you want aditional info. If you want to request a loan, purchase manufactured goods, or sell raws, we do them all. Just speak to me on discord. Financial Contracts: No one reads them...and I don't run a beaucracy either. Basic communication makes life easier. I may or may not be keeping up on the thread as often as I should be, but DISCORD is the best way to contact me. I am in the PNW server and numorous others as "Paul" Davos Iron Bank (DIB) does have its own server (found on my nation description) but its as active as...well its not active but I do check it. If you are interested in (basicly) anything, hit me up (discord preferably). Regards, Paul Why are you still reading?
  2. I actually like this ALOT. I think some ideas are: Alliance Bounties (Attack gov members OR HIGH a top 10% of their nations) based on damage or raid Nation Bounty (infra damage, or hurt military, or *insert destroyable type of buildings here*)
  3. It turns BLACK! Thats the answer reasoning (since i care about you....annoying you)- YOU TURN BLIND!!!! Jokes on you now!!!
  4. Just want to point out that the title of this thread did not age will. Assuming that it takes more than 14 days start-to-finish, on an impeachment process (he aint resigning)
  5. This could work only IF there was severe consequences. The 1st being that the surrending nation is NOT allowed to rebuild their military for the duration of the beige period. The second is that the loot recieved is DOUBLED. 50% of all revenue (both resources and money) are collected by the winner during the beige period (before taxes). Any trades (including bank withdrawls/deposits) would be subject to a 25% tax by the winning nation (resources and money, yes this is double taxation) The loser gets an extradinarily long beige period (could be agreed upon by warring nations, or be a set amount of days-lets say 2 weeks) that they are not able to get out of beige until the timer expires. The losing nation is allowed to keep his pixels. Any remaining nukes/missiles are automaticly dismantled before any loot is given. Thoughts? This is probably better used by whales since they have the pixels to make it beneficiary. It also addresses most of your concerns. Probably should be done in the test server first and foremost before it reaches here.
  6. This project is focused towards whales I believe
  7. 100 infra isnt enough for it to be used. Id think itd have to be atleast 500 for it to be feasible.
  8. I think this project should be able to protect resources based on your city count. So like 200*city count for resources and 500k per city. Everything is relative here, can we keep it that way?
  9. Paul Warburg


    I feel that this needed to be a seperate message. If they decide otherwise, delete this post. Let's be honest, you never ran a bank, and must be unaware of how the bank market works. The bank never trusts its customer, and the customer never trust the bank. The exception are for those invested, if you count them as customers. This a real world concept that applies somewhat IG. Maybe you do trust Seb, maybe you don't. Maybe you just want a goddamn loan and the only way banks will take you on is for an IG mechanic to be implemented. I think its a fair tradeoff.
  10. Paul Warburg


    I'm generally in favor of this. I don't like the default system as presented. I have an idea with the default system assuming the player is active, but is not paying off any principle, and another idea if they are not. Default by the banks, due to this feature alone, will change. With this in mind, the interest payments are fully automated, without intervention, while the other payments are not. I suggest that other payments are made here too, with the approval of the user. For monetary payments (cash), a value is assigned an a button is pressed to send payment. Non monetary payments are harder. Davos Iron Bank does accept them, so they are relavent. All resources are shown, and the user gives how many resources are going to be used as payment. Each resource that is going to be sent, must have a ppu (think the trade mechanic), and the math there is simple. If multiple resources are used for payment, then add the values up. However, the ppu and values will have to be accepted by both parties. Note that the market value is not relevant in this mechanic. On occassion, Davos will reward loyal customers by deducting x amount of dollars from the account. The lender should be able to reduce the principle of a loan. Most of you did not know davos actually did this, but that's what you get for picking the wrong bank. Defaults will be a required setup before lendors are able to lend out debts. Each week x% of the interest/principle due is required. Miss x weeks of payments, then you will be in default. The consequences will also be settings. Theres a couple of solutions to this, revolving resources. Credits are not exempt from this mechanic. 1. x% of uranium, x% of gasoline, etc. will be taken from the person in default. If a value is blank, then the default is 0. 2. X% of all resources are taken. (static percentage accross the board) upon claimage of debt. In case of defensive wars, the automation and defaults will be frozen. If there is an offensive war, this is optional. The lender should have 3 options for the default in case of offensive wars. 1. Always freeze 2. Do nothing 3. Case by case, manuel decisions. In case of manuel decisions, the interest due becomes unusuable (but stays inside the debtors nation) until a decision is made. After a nation gets a default flagged, the debtor has the option to confirm its default. A flag is required to help prevent human error from doing harm. If nothing is claimed, then everything stays the same. If the flag is confirm, then the settings above take affect. Interest payments will be deducted before AA taxes. Alliance leaders will hate this, but you guys will be seeing an increase in revenue regardless. Suck it up. If an account is sold, there should be a mechanic to this too. Both monetary and non-monetary resources can be used to acquire debts, but this transaction must be agreed upon before it goes in affect. Once agreed on, the resources and cash will be sent while the account is transfered. Interest rate must stay constant. If a nation has been banned, then the principle gets refunded to the lendor. If a nation is deleted, then only 50% is refunded. If they decide to ignore their debts, then no hard mechanic is implemented. Bankers should be protected from certain actions to varrying degrees. Feel free to commit on this. Maybe I missed something or you just feel like you must have to have an input.
  11. I apologize. I thought someone in Philly stole you a (living) PD'S horse.
  12. Upvoted to be the nicest jerk around. BTW, someone should find a new horse. It looks a bit dead...
  13. I would prefer 2 and 4 to be elaborated on. I don't like number 4 if no new mechanics/formulas were changed. The defense mechanisms against nukes and ect would need to be changed. I wouldn't mind if nation x with 15+ cities could lose a city to the enemy with a signifant ground victory. (as long as neither nation share a network)
  14. I don't know where I stated that being a foreign nationality is a bad thing... I still don't know why you'd you go posting logs about a year old unless you were bored, but feel free to continue trash talking me. I personally won't be responding anymore.
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