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  1. Dynamic

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

  2. Neat, I like it! Good luck with this!
  3. Dynamic

    Breaking News from the Shifty News Network

    $34 billion gone... Time to declare martial law
  4. Dynamic

    By The Way...

    The end of the war marks the beginning of a new era for Rose. A new government will set a new purpose for years to come. As we close the chapter of the Shogunates, we begin the steps to announce the Politeias of Rose. We are taking the steps necessary to define a new mission and build the future generation of Rose. We thank our Shoguns for raising us to the heights we have achieved today. A New Identity While the Imperial Japan theme served us well, we need something fresh. We are adopting a new theme based off of the ancient empires of Rome and Carthage. The names of our government positions are changing, and we have some new graphics on our alliance page. A flag is an image of pride and history. It represents our alliance and our values. We have decided to opt for a new flag that represents our new theme. We will also be ditching our war and peace variants for a single, unifying flag: https://i.imgur.com/Pt8GgzX.jpg Special thanks to @Trent for working with us on this one. Props to him for the new graphics as well. A New Charter (yes, we really finished it this time) We’ve gone back to our roots, and have laid out the workings of our alliance in a new charter. I invite you all to take a look here: https://gdoc.pub/doc/e/2PACX-1vRPbaxfhFLJTj-6c-C1Rm8vFVuf-BzblX7-CIlFLAGezdzaKLLodNuErZ3Sj-pbQLdqfoldxJONwbdf New Titles, New Beginning The first in command is now the called Sovereign. Our second in command is now called the Regent, whose main purpose is to advise and assist the Sovereign. The high government ministers are now called Ephors, and low government is called Vizers. The Imperial Guard has been replaced with the Council of Demos, which shall serve as an informal advisory council. As of today, here is our government lineup: Leadership Sovereign: Dynamic Regent: J.A. Goldington High Government Ephor of State: J.A. Goldington Ephor of Defense: Bopolo Ephor of Interior: Tifa Lockhart Ephor of Commerce: Mayor I would like to express my gratitude to DtC Justice. He did an amazing job as Head of Milcom. I will miss his outgoing personality and the attention to detail he put into his work in high government. The Spymaster will be missed! However, he plans to stick around Rose to advise and tell his story! I would like to thank Abbas for his service to Rose through these past few years. He had a great run and will be dearly missed. Abbas will be hitting vacation mode within the next few days. I personally wish him the best in his future endeavors. In the meantime, all foreign affairs requests should be directed to @Gold or @Mhearl. Here’s to the Future! Dynamic
  5. Dynamic

    A CB explained, also flag, a very nice flag

    Dynamism is the only way
  6. Dynamic

    A WiFi DoW

    Where's Ajit when you need him....?
  7. Dynamic

    Something Dynamic™

    Something Dynamic™ For far too long, this world has been ruled by tyrannical fanatics and greedy merchants. There is no place for a free man, such as myself, Dynamic. We must do everything possible to ensure the same dream of reaching the promise world is possible for all of us. Today, Rose is taking the steps necessary to ensure our world will never be compromised, and that success is achievable for all, no matter one's nation size or background. War is a last resort, but it is the only way to ensure the dream of prosperity and domination is possible for all. Rose declares war on Acadia and Cornerstone. Signed, 1st - Dynamic 2nd - J.A. Goldington Head of FA - SamohT Head of War - DtC Justice Head of IA - Tifa Lockhart Head of Econ - Mayor
  8. Sounds like a neat project! When I have to work with more detailed APIs I typically end up using PHP and making a POST request to login and then I use a CookieJar to hold onto my session data. Then I can just get about any page that I need. It's not the most efficient or the easiest thing to do since you have to parse the HTML yourself, but good luck and let me know if you need any help. This would help us a lot if we could just make simple JSON calls through sheets script.
  9. Dynamic

    A Wild Hippo Appears

  10. Dynamic

    A Dynamic™ Rose Announcement

    So excited to be leading the next generation of Rose! Here's to the future!
  11. Dynamic

    Management Lists Broken

    Hello, The management lists have a bunch of empty entries that I presume are from deleted nations. While this is purely cosmetic, it would be nice to hide the broken entries as they do take up some space. Here is a photo: Also, it would be cool to add remove buttons next to invitations so we didn't have to manually copy and paste names. The management list is located here: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/manage/id=ALLIANCEID Thanks in advance!
  12. Dynamic

    API Suggestions Mega-Thread

    My request is very simple and particular that would be of help to a current spreadsheet project I'm working on. Would it be possible to include the "offensivewars" and "defensivewars" indexes that are current found in the nation (singular) api and add it to the nations (plural) api? In other words can you add these keys from the nation api to the nation list api? Thanks.
  13. Dynamic

    Redarmy's Campaign Wins the Rose Elections

    Can't wait to work with everyone this go around. Redarmy will lead us to number 1!
  14. Dynamic

    Rose Elections and Foreign Affairs Update

    Yes I was kicked.
  15. Dynamic

    Rose Elections and Foreign Affairs Update

    Can't wait to get started!

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