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  1. Dynamic

    Valhalla and Olympus Joins hands.

    o/ to Ragnarok and GodFury. 10/10
  2. Dynamic

    Vanguard/Bad Company Announcement

    Best wishes to our friends at Bad Company.
  3. Best wishes to Chaunce! Good luck, Partisan!
  4. Dynamic

    Going To War

    Sorry I had to... have fun!
  5. Dynamic

    All good things.....

    o/ to our friends at Bad Company. We wish you the best of luck on your next direction.
  6. Dynamic

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    Agreed, well said.
  7. Dynamic

    Let's Dance

    o/ To our friends at Durmstrang. It was awesome getting to know you and working with you for this short period of time. Best wishes! You will never be forgotten!
  8. Dynamic

    A light in the Void

  9. Dynamic

    Rose Treaty Annoucement

    It's been a few months now and I am really enjoying the dynamics and challenges being the leader of Rose has brought. After settling in, we've decided to make a slight turn on our FA journey. Rose values all of our treaties, and our allies play a role in shaping the future of our alliances. At this moment, Rose has decide to focus in on our current allies, and seek to take new risks and meddle in uncharted territory. Part of this process is evaluating our old ties and making sure we can both be beneficial to each other. Today, Rose will be cutting ties with Nuke Bloc, by ending our ties with the World Task Force. It's been an honor to fight and work alongside them during my time as leader, and there is so much history in our relationship. The original treaty was signed in 2015, long before many of our members (including myself) were even a part of the picture. With our 72-hour notice provided on Sunday, the treaty has been cancelled at the time of posting. We wish them the best of luck going forward. Signed for Rose, Sovereign, Dynamic Regent, J.A. Goldington Vizer of State, Mhearl Vizer of State, Ameyuri tl;dr - Rose cancels our treaty with World Task Force, effectively ending a long relationship between Rose and NB.
  10. Dynamic

    Continuing death of democracy

    Yep, Rose has some slight democratic elements. We hold elections for the leader every 6 months, and they are limited to 2 terms. The leader can do pretty much whatever, except change the election procedure. The leader picks the cabinet and sets the direction of policy. This model works and you'll find it in a few other alliances, but voting on every policy or trying to build a consensus on everything will just waste time. Never hurts to ask your members for input, though!
  11. Dynamic

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

  12. Neat, I like it! Good luck with this!
  13. Dynamic

    Breaking News from the Shifty News Network

    $34 billion gone... Time to declare martial law
  14. Dynamic

    By The Way...

    The end of the war marks the beginning of a new era for Rose. A new government will set a new purpose for years to come. As we close the chapter of the Shogunates, we begin the steps to announce the Politeias of Rose. We are taking the steps necessary to define a new mission and build the future generation of Rose. We thank our Shoguns for raising us to the heights we have achieved today. A New Identity While the Imperial Japan theme served us well, we need something fresh. We are adopting a new theme based off of the ancient empires of Rome and Carthage. The names of our government positions are changing, and we have some new graphics on our alliance page. A flag is an image of pride and history. It represents our alliance and our values. We have decided to opt for a new flag that represents our new theme. We will also be ditching our war and peace variants for a single, unifying flag: https://i.imgur.com/Pt8GgzX.jpg Special thanks to @Trent for working with us on this one. Props to him for the new graphics as well. A New Charter (yes, we really finished it this time) We’ve gone back to our roots, and have laid out the workings of our alliance in a new charter. I invite you all to take a look here: https://gdoc.pub/doc/e/2PACX-1vRPbaxfhFLJTj-6c-C1Rm8vFVuf-BzblX7-CIlFLAGezdzaKLLodNuErZ3Sj-pbQLdqfoldxJONwbdf New Titles, New Beginning The first in command is now the called Sovereign. Our second in command is now called the Regent, whose main purpose is to advise and assist the Sovereign. The high government ministers are now called Ephors, and low government is called Vizers. The Imperial Guard has been replaced with the Council of Demos, which shall serve as an informal advisory council. As of today, here is our government lineup: Leadership Sovereign: Dynamic Regent: J.A. Goldington High Government Ephor of State: J.A. Goldington Ephor of Defense: Bopolo Ephor of Interior: Tifa Lockhart Ephor of Commerce: Mayor I would like to express my gratitude to DtC Justice. He did an amazing job as Head of Milcom. I will miss his outgoing personality and the attention to detail he put into his work in high government. The Spymaster will be missed! However, he plans to stick around Rose to advise and tell his story! I would like to thank Abbas for his service to Rose through these past few years. He had a great run and will be dearly missed. Abbas will be hitting vacation mode within the next few days. I personally wish him the best in his future endeavors. In the meantime, all foreign affairs requests should be directed to @Gold or @Mhearl. Here’s to the Future! Dynamic
  15. Dynamic

    A CB explained, also flag, a very nice flag

    Dynamism is the only way

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