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  1. Dynamic

    Liberation Time!

    KT man bad
  2. Dynamic

    Cloudy Garden Party

    I'm so glad we got around to posting this. We are excited to continue our friendship!
  3. Dynamic

    KNN:Dynamic caught in action.

    Haha, I enjoyed this! You are getting good at Lightworks my friend!
  4. Dynamic

    Very important Log Leak

  5. Dynamic

    API Improvements

    @NastyGamer you wouldn't think separating the PHP API files into two folders would be that difficult...
  6. Dynamic

    API Improvements

    If major changes are to be made, I would like to see proper versioning in the url structure. It would be super helpful for those using an old API and smooth a transition over. I really like this article: https://www.baeldung.com/rest-versioning
  7. Dynamic

    Save Dem Pixels (Pixel Hugger Anthem!)

    You made my 2018. Keep it up!
  8. Looking forward to working with you.
  9. Dynamic

    Join the Hivemind

    I hope I'll be able to stop by for a bit. Wednesdays are an interesting time slot.
  10. Dynamic

    Join the Hivemind

    I'm sorry but I am loyal to @Kevanovia and @Charlie Traveler, and of course our great Hippo.
  11. Dynamic

    Sorry Shifty, we beat you to it.....

    Does BC plan to be diplomatically aligned in Vanguard? Because we all know that membership in Vanguard is different from being diplomatically aligned with Vanguard.
  12. Dynamic

    Too good to pass

    Enjoy retirement Pre, even though they always come back. It's also nice to see Mayor rising through the ranks, best of luck my friend!
  13. Dynamic

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    Exactly, Rose loves me for it. Basically, what we have done in the past as we make a list of all eligible nation IDs that can vote. They then go to a website where they put a code in their nation's description. The script runs a verification check to make sure that the unique code is in the description. If the check passes, they are then presented with a ballot where they can vote. After submission, they are removed from the list so they cannot vote twice. Is that clear?
  14. Dynamic

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    @Kastor I would like to see a voting system linked to nations. I have done something similar for Rose elections, and would be happy to elaborate if you would be interested.

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