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  1. Dynamic

    Wintry Thorns

    I am excited for the steps we have taken to restore the Rose - HS relationship. We look forward to working with you!
  2. Dynamic

    Round 2!

    IA STRONK! Best wishes to you as well in your... retirement?
  3. Dynamic

    Round 2!

    With the conclusion of the Rose September elections, I am excited to announce our government for the next term: Sovereign: Dynamic Regent: Belisarius Ephor of State: Mhearl Ephor of Homeland: Fares Ephor of Defense: J.A. Goldington I would like to give a special thanks to Bopolo who is retiring from the Defense Department. He stepped up during the Ayyslamic Crusade and has dedicated countless hours to protecting Rose and keeping us safe. I would also like to thank J.A. Goldington who is now taking the lead in our Defense Department. I am grateful for his contributions to our State Department this last term. Rose would not be where it is today without his dedication. Lastly, I am excited to welcome Belisarius into the regent/second in command position. He’s been with Rose during the highs and lows, and it is such an honor to have him back in government. I look forward to working with our new team and continuing the mission of Rose: being a people and a purpose. Here’s to Rose, past, present, and future! Dynamic Sovereign of Rose
  4. Dynamic

    Egyptian Empire DoE

    Good luck!
  5. Dynamic

    Blessed by the Gods

    Congrats guys!
  6. Dynamic

    Out of the Ashes

    Congratulations guys! Glad you got around to making an announcement.
  7. Dynamic

    Rose Goes Public!

    ROSE GOES PUBLIC (SNN) - With the revelation of Rose’s recent SEC filings, several wealthy individuals began to speculate about Rose’s next move. Many insiders began to fear for the private run Rose organization created back in 2014. Seeking to reunite with sister company SYNDICATE Inc., a multinational organization located on the Green sphere, Rose has recently announced its intention to launch an IPO and its listing on the NASDAQ. Rose executive and botany specialist J.A. Goldington commented on this recent development, “And so our roots continue to grow and entangle with those we seek to protect. May The Syndicate keep us watered and cared for, and in return our thorns shall protect them from invaders and our petals shall bloom to enrich t$ in both beauty and in grace. May the air be filled with that enticing, sickly sweet scent that only Rose can provide to those who respect and care for her.” On the other side of the negotiating table, Chief Strategic Officer of SYNDICATE Inc., Partisan, had all positive remarks, “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.” While we wait for more details regarding this new relationship, filings indicate that an MDoAP agreement was reached. Is this just another treaty? Is this the start of something greater? Investors on both sides have been left with too many unanswered questions. All news aside, we are looking forward to working with our new (or long lost) friends! o/ Rose o/ The Syndicate
  8. Dynamic

    $yndicate-Pantheon announcement

    Congratulations to Panthenon and t$. While most, including myself, counted Panthenon out of the game, they amazed us all with their recovery. Best of luck guys!
  9. Dynamic

    Valhalla and Olympus Joins hands.

    o/ to Ragnarok and GodFury. 10/10
  10. Dynamic

    Vanguard/Bad Company Announcement

    Best wishes to our friends at Bad Company.
  11. Best wishes to Chaunce! Good luck, Partisan!
  12. Dynamic

    Going To War

    Sorry I had to... have fun!
  13. Dynamic

    All good things.....

    o/ to our friends at Bad Company. We wish you the best of luck on your next direction.
  14. Dynamic

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    Agreed, well said.
  15. Dynamic

    Let's Dance

    o/ To our friends at Durmstrang. It was awesome getting to know you and working with you for this short period of time. Best wishes! You will never be forgotten!

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