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  1. Heh, better late than never I guess
  2. That's right, not an official merge with IronFront, it's just that most members went there.
  3. "Afrika is secured, but Europe is still endangered by Commies..." Hello Orbis, I’m here to inform you all we as an alliance have decided to say this to the game. "F U". We were the best alliance. Period. Y'all get good. Finally, just wanted to mention that myself and the rest of the gov are extremely proud of our faithful members, you guys truly are the best. Btw: alex fix the fricking game already. TL:DR: Afrika Korps officially announces its disbandment A warning was issued for Filter Evasion.
  4. Sad to see you guys go honestly, wish you the best.
  5. Ah, it's always interesting to see how you respond to anything related to AK. We ain't done btw, so save that "better luck next time" for later, if it ever comes to that.
  6. oof you really damaged us there, discovered all of our weaknesses instantly. If we ever got attacked, we wouldn't run to BK and/or Covenant to help us, which would be similar to when you run to KT for help anyways. We are creating a bloc to have the ability to take offensive actions ourselves, not just tag along with BK in a war, and we aren't cowards if we do declare, we know that we've got the chances to win, and if somehow we start losing, we'll fight till the end of said war. We don't need people like you to expect something from our bloc, you can consider us the worst piece of trash in Orbis, that being said, the members of this bloc are expecting great things to come for the future, and wether you like it or not, you are gonna have to see us succeed. Protect ourselves? We've been doing that very well, and a lot of the times we do talk to BK about an issue that could lead to agression, we are usually forced to not start an attack because the other side ran to their bloc leaders asking for help. Of course, you didn't know that since you are in a completely different and unrelated alliance.
  7. There are many more factors than this, mostly having to do with gov and membership. But the naming. the theme and the design of an alliance do sometimes ruin it.
  8. Introduction: An impressive window display featured all kinds of erotic delights. This definitely wasn’t the kind of adventure I had in mind. “Velium, if you want to do a little shopping, I’ll wait here.” He turned bright red. “Oh no! We are going in to meet my friend. His office is in the back.” I heard these types of places had all kinds of unsavory characters lurking in tiny rooms, but as I breathed in the fragrances of strawberry and grape, the place seemed as threatening as a candy store. Then I got an eye full of the various lewd things displayed all over the shop. The shelves were crammed full of boxes of lollipop colored edible panties, whips, ball gags, and an impressive array of gyrating silicone body parts. I couldn’t help but stare when I passed a three-headed !@#$. My mind raced, thinking of the various uses when Velium said, “My friend has bodyguards, so just keep your hands in front of you, okay?” I felt like I was in a movie and had suddenly turned into Scarlett Johansson. I wish. I was shorter and had black hair, but I did have Scarlett beat in the boob department. I kept my hands close to my waist as we snaked our way to the back of the shop. A man dressed in a black suit and sporting a skinny black tie stood in front of a door with a sign that said in English, “Enter at Your Own Life.” The Japanese loved English and usually butchered it with amusing results. What wasn’t so amusing were the two sumo-wrestler type bodyguards that stood on either side of the doorway. Velium approached the suited man and said in Japanese, “Elijah-kun, this is my friend Strea from the Sahara.” The guy screamed Japanese mafia. His slicked-back hair accentuated his cheekbones that jetted out at right angles, and a dragon tattoo peaked out from underneath his shirtsleeve. Every yakuza I’d ever seen in the movies always wore a black suit no matter what the temperature. He was usually missing a few fingers as punishment for screwing up some hit. But from what I could tell, all of Elijah's digits were intact. My adrenaline surged at the thought of actually meeting my movie vision. Funny that innocent-looking Velium would have such a diverse group of friends. Article 1 - Sovereignty The Yakuza agree not to take their business to the Afrikan realm/not to sell Strea to the sex trafficking business lollollol , and the Korps agree not to collaborate with Japan in any efforts regarding the attack on organized “crime”. Article 2- Respect If either the Yakuza or Afrikan cause an issue for one another, by custom one will lose a joint on their pinky finger. Article 3- Defense This friendship will allow for both sides to request armed assistance, if they find themselves in various kinds of “risky” situations. Article 4 - Intelligence All kinds of intelligence not to be seen by the authorities can and will be shared between the signatories. Article 5 - Cancelation If this relation turns out to be unprofitable for any side, a 72 hour notice will be given for a cancellation without any “cement shoes”/ headhunters involved in the matter. tldr: Afrika Korps MDP with the Yakuza.
  9. Afrikan Elephant Conservation The Korps were exploring the vast continent, sampling all the jollof along the way, when they came across a new civilization on the northern coast, Carthago. The Korps saw the many strange aspects of their culture and lifestyle, including their love of riding enormous elephants and using them as their cavalry, much as the Korps used Panzers. Sadly, the elephants were facing ever-increasing threats from hunters, barbarians, and pirates. So, seeing them as potentially useful to the Korps, they offered their help in setting up a conservation arrangement. Article 1 - Sovereignty The Korps shall not take any elephants for personal pets, even though they are cute AF. In exchange, no Carthaginian shall steal Panzers from military bases, even though they are the superior mode of transportation/warfare. Article 2 - Respect Friendly trade between both signatories will be arranged and can include German beer, various NSFW examples of holy PLOT, the best Mediterranean wine, silk and all the ceramic Etruscan Boar Vessels the Afrikans could desire. Article 3 - Mutual Defense Both signatories agree to protect not only the wildlife, but also the people of their great societies (but mostly the wildlife). Article 4 - Intelligence Any information about haters of lolis on Panzers or troubles brewing in the Alps in advance of a journey by the elephant war caravan shall be shared between both sides, as soon as reasonably possible. Article 5 - Non-Chaining Both signatories believe that elephants and Panzers need to be cage-free. In the event that either signatory is attacked as a result of their fulfillment of third-party obligations, Article 3 of this treaty is to be considered optional. Article 6 - Cancellation If the Korps get tired of shooting poachers with their machine guns or the Carthaginians think that the carbon emissions of the tanks are too harmful for their environment, either signatory must provide 72-hour notice in order to cancel this treaty. tl:dr; Elephants and tanks can coexist peacefully (AK & CTO sign a MDP) Signed for Afrika Korps: Big Tiny wehner Donny No wehner Skae Smoll Huge wehner Velium Perfect wehner Odin Everyone's wehner Deus Signed for Carthago: El Chach, Suffet Daveth, Elder Asierith, Elder Antonio, Elder Krampus, Elder
  10. Afrikan Knights would be fitting.
  11. Just get more decadent and washed up with ever changing and more forgettable policies,goverments or decisions.
  12. Velium


    Exactly, we actually have been pressing the devs to delete war altogether, after all, what's more fun than building cities endlessly and saving your precious resources from evil raiders?
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