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  1. War Stats 2.0

    Did you just assume my religion? Did you just assume my guilt by association? Yes, mom.
  2. War Stats 2.0

    While I agree value is important, I do feel you should have this...
  3. War Stats 2.0

    Wait, who's at war? KT is at war? I had a worse time with damn pirates when I was in UPN. Is that a threat? Exactly!
  4. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    I thought you could already do this?
  5. Describe the above's profile picture

    Three dudes from the 50s. The 1850s.
  6. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    This sounds familiar. Politicians in a certain shithole state banned certain guns with detachable magazines. Gun owners found how to comply with the rule (bullet button) and it gets called a "loophole." They were trying to comply with the law, not get around it. Then, they changed it so the magazine had to be fixed and you would have to disassemble the gun (defined as separating the upper and lower) to reload. Well, people made lowers and uppers that would separate, but stayed connected to each other using a fulcrum. The politicians cried "loophole" again. Then people started removing the scary features that were banned and going featureless. Then that became a "loophole." There's no way to win when politicians (or Sheepy in our case) have their end goal decided and just want to diplomatically get what they want. Sheepy wants to cater to casual players to increase the player base, likely for money or a better resume. You can see this by his whole speech about people on the forums being the "vocal minority." Even as we point out flaws in his arguments, he continues unphased. Sheepy is literally Feinstein now. I seem to remember that now you say it.
  7. Make nukes kill military as well

    Nice job inflating the steps. Really the top should be 1. Buy or plan resources to keep a WC 2. Hire Russian stripers at https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/declare/id=863 3. Go to the store to buy Jiffy-Pop 4. Pop the popcorn 5. Play the game
  8. Project Suggestion Thread

    Plutonium Reprocessing Facility 10% less uranium used in nuclear power plants. 3,000 Aluminum 2,000 Steel $15,000,000 Dollars
  9. Calling the /k/ommandos and fuds

    Nah, just buy a spare LCS for $180,000. Then your personal pronouns would be Captain/Capt.
  10. Calling the /k/ommandos and fuds

    Yeah, it mostly depends on your budget. You really get what you pay for (to an extent). I don't know about California's shotgun laws, so some of these may be off the table. Stevens 320s (Winchester 1300 clone which IIRC are imported by Savage) are about $200. I shot this a few times and it felt good for the price point. I haven't dismantled it or shot it enough to say how it is in those aspects, but my friend had to get rid of his because it was worn down within a few months. There were metal shavings falling out when he dismantled it. I have no experience with RI arms, so I can't help you there. I shot a Dickenson AK212T once and it failed to feed a couple of times. I'm not sure if it's normal, though. Never shot a Maverick, but I hear they're great guns, so if you're completely opposed to buying a Mossberg 500 or 590 for some reason (they aren't that much more expensive and they're better made), then I'd go with one of those. If not a shotgun, you can usually find CA compliant (for now) Mini-14s for $700-$900. Or you can buy a WWII 8cm mortar for $5,000 or 25mm anti-tank cannon for $10,000. Edit: I think I should state the Stevens 320 wasn't under normal circumstances when it began to fall apart.
  11. Green Turtles and Japanese men are white

    The Root is honestly more entertaining than The Onion. Edit: Wait a minute. Did the kid in ET save the planet like they said? I thought it was just the ayy he saved? And I thought the Goonies just found stuff and saved like a cave or something?
  12. LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    I liked the forums better before they were updated. Stuff like that is common now.