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  1. I have been playing it for a bit now. If you want to come back!
  2. @Redarmy and I are looking at beginning to play the game. It would be cool to play with other players and if we have enough of us, maybe start a clan? If we do, it would just be chilling and chatting. So yeah who else is out there playing or thinking about playing? We are looking at RS3 since its less grindy.
  3. I am not sure about #6, caching wont really help out if its not properly implemented but I think, that caching would go against our need for a real time API. He should add pagination to it or more better filtering. But, filtering would require it to adopt ODATA standards of even graphql support. On 2: just no. We need the ability to pull in "automated vms" for tracking purposes. I will reply more to this thread after work.
  4. I don't see any value in this. Treaties should be enforced by the alliance that is responsible for enforcing. This also does not make the treaties enforceable, it just adds another place for them to be added which then makes the OWF pointless? Also how could the in-game mechanic make them enforceable? What if I wanted SK to always end a post with "I know why the kids love cinnamon toast". This can't do it, its just another way to put it down but I would have to check every post, right? So what do I gain?
  5. Wait...... TheNG has always been a pigeon. You once were a SMITH! EXPLAIN!
  6. Dont forget all the deserters. We need a song for them.
  7. I can't help but hear this song play during the call. Onward towards victory! Crush these infidels!
  8. Onward IQ to victory! Glad to be fighting with y'all in this little war!
  9. FOR ZEEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go away Smith.
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