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  1. Whizzy

    Walmart of orbis

    Hello good people of orbis,i know for sometime now the market has been at its worst, and thereby reducing profits to almost nothing, as some players has grown sour of trading, well worry no more as I bring good news to your ears, Orbis Bank of resources, is here to ensure you get the best deals out of Every trade, I'm pretty sure you're are wondering how but it's simple, we sell resources cheaper than the actual market price and we sell all resources, hows that possible??, Well see for yourself self by placing an order on our server, https://discord.gg/hns6yqQ It's as simple as it sounds, just place your orders and receive the resource, for the best price available.
  2. Whizzy

    Generis Hedge fund

    Generis Hedge fund, is a company dedicated making you richer by providing investment opportunities that can yield as high as 30% interest return on the principal, so why stack up huge amount of money in your nation when it can be stolen by raiders or deposit in an alliance Bank where most times yield nothing, when you can grow that huge chunk of money with us,wanna know how??? check out our discord server, everything you need is available there https://discord.gg/UdYDZb

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