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  1. Can confirm, was fun to have people accept peace with someone ready to immediately take the slot 😎 @lancelot1
  2. GGWP Rose + friends Doesn't make it any less so - just a bit embarrassing for the other coalition that their advantage couldn't allow them to prevail.
  3. The global war understander logged on, FA leaders should learn from his wisdom
  4. Interesting newsflash! It gave me flashbacks of the time this happened 🙂
  5. I see Cooper activated our secret treaty with Arrgh. Very nice!
  6. I'm not so sure its so much that spies kill too many spies; the more specific issue might be that spies take too long to rebuild (4 per day with projects is a help).
  7. Presuming TFP behaves like a normal alliance, as a normal member, you would not see or know anything about these sheets until very shortly before you declared war. Alliances don't just tell their general membership 'oh, we are creating sheets to declare war on XYZ next Tuesday' Not too interested in relitigating the previous conflict given the facts that have come out more or less confirm what Quack believed; but that's just an observation that might be relevant.
  8. Oh yes; we know all about that. It's a good thing Phoenyx is not here, or we would never hear the end about secret treaties and secret leaders 😂
  9. You sell VIP? Is that a legal operation? I would take exchanging VIP for in-game money or resources (or however you work it) to be in contravention to this rule. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Sir this a Wendys not a dictionary
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