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  1. Zevfer

    If you could...

    This is the game's biggest problem IMO, not enough retention is a symptom of boring and terrible gameplay.
  2. Zevfer

    Tales of the Space Cantina

    This cracked me up lol
  3. Zevfer


    God this is hilarious, I fricking love working with you man @Mad Max
  4. Zevfer

    Micros are Trash!

    We are all in micros on this blessed day
  5. Zevfer

    Let the Games Begin

    Convenient time when you had like 500+ dislikes
  6. Zevfer

    Let the Games Begin

    Did you remake your forum account to get rid of the dislikes that you had?
  7. Zevfer

    Desert Tales

    So what inspired this article
  8. Zevfer

    Alliances that don't raid

    Itz knows whats up
  9. Zevfer

    SNN: Money for Nothing

    Or we just end this war. #EternalWar
  10. Zevfer

    Alliance Affairs Announcements Directory

    I'm gonna take this for the Server Directory, thanks for the idea.
  11. Zevfer

    Surrendering to Nova

    Spread the wealth. I volunteer myself to receive said wealth first.
  12. Zevfer


    I volunteer to receive radishes

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