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  1. Samuel Bates


  2. Samuel Bates

    The Communist Revolution has begun.

    I need bleach for my eyes...
  3. Samuel Bates

    The End is Nigh!

    Please donate the 1.5 mil we need as we are broke remember
  4. Samuel Bates

    The End is Nigh!

    AK class End of the World Scenario Decrypting….. Depression Loading…… When The SCP Foundation came to this site we were seeking the SCP known as SCP-1715. We do not know if SCP-1715 is still on Politics and War but, we stayed to safeguard this site from it’s effects. We have not found 1715 however, he have found crippling debt and discovered what Knights Templar refers to as spam. We have yet to contain this “Spam” yet we will continue our efforts. On a more important note as you all know to be protected by Rose you must pay massive amounts of money weekly. At the beginning we thought it was just rent or for repairs but, as the amount rose we grew wary. Two months in we had to sell the D-Class’ to Walmart. Four months in we had to sell SCP-999 to some creepy cat lady down the street. Seven months in we had sold every SCP we had in custody. Even SCP-682 was sold to a strange man in a full animal suit. After searching our couch cushions we were down to our last penny so we begged Zevfer to accept our bitcoin with no success. With no real money and no SCPs what can one do. This week Zevfer came knocking looking for money again except this time we have absolutely nothing to give, even the interns were sold off. That is why I am here. I beg orbis to donate even just a penny to the Poor Paramilitary Blackops Organization Fund. One penny a day can feed a starving researcher near you. Look inside your hearts and click the link below to save our beloved alliance. Thank you for your kindness Click Me If we don’t raise enough money this is the SCP Foundation’s Official announcement of merging into Rose! Please send pictures of you donating to confirm on our end!
  5. Samuel Bates

    The Soup is Hot

    Momma Mia!
  6. Samuel Bates

    Nobody expects the Smothquisition

  7. Samuel Bates

    Flying Like An Ace

    Like every Boeing lately this will crash and burn.
  8. Samuel Bates


    I said I don’t have a problem with new alliances or posters as long as they know what they are doing. You can be gov in a decent sized alliance before creating an alliance and watch the forums for a while before posting to pick up on how people work on here. If I said I don’t have a problem with new players making alliances the day they join the game then I’d be lying.
  9. Samuel Bates


    I’m ok with new alliances and posters as long as they know what they are doing.
  10. Samuel Bates

    Sparta begets Sparta

    Uhm I was watching this when I got this notification... please explain..... I’m not joking this happened... https://youtu.be/HsLup7yy-6I
  11. Samuel Bates


    At this rate you’ll need a poll for a war flag.
  12. Samuel Bates


    May I coup the coup?
  13. Samuel Bates

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Eventually this will go full 360 and when KT, TGH and the whole merry band actually go to war no one will believe them till it is to late. That day is when they achieve meme god status and it will be glorious.

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