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  1. Good luck B̶a̶d̶ ̶C̶o̶m̶p̶a̶n̶y̶Ampersand!
  2. The Chromo Crusade wouldn’t be chromo if it was planned and announced in advance now would it.
  3. When you’re paperless but don’t want to miss out on new treaty announcements. 10/10 KT declares war again.
  4. Translation: Micro preforms stunning 1 man 3 war blitz on USN USN I wish you luck as the days ahead seem gloomy https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7278
  5. It has been a long time since Ive seen an alliance without pressure admit they dropped the ball in any way. On top of that by saying absolutely nothing GG&FU would have looked like the bad party. Honestly respect for not leaving your former allies out to dry. Best of luck with the rebuild. PS. Hope to see your next conflict shows an improvement in milcom
  6. If you don’t have Air Superiority I don’t know who does.
  7. So this is why that war ended so soon. You needed to go to church.
  8. Honestly I forgot it was possible for wars to not last months. Congratulations on the peace.
  9. The best of luck and hopefully you’ll come back to mini spheres.
  10. Orbis: KT what micro are you at war with? KT: Yes
  11. KT is on the ropes now!
  12. Disappointed such a cool theme wasn’t used on a DoW. Not one use of Avada Kedavra.
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