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  1. Love Fallout but, it has been done on PnW a lot. Yet I really hope this one work’s out and I got faith in ya Orange. Best of luck; take back the Wasteland.
  2. No one will back down without something and no one will give.
  3. 46 days. Lil late pulling the trigger on the DOE.
  4. Good to see some real creativity coming out of micros lately...
  5. I expect a royalties check in the mail.
  6. Until now I had no idea an alliance could have a stroke but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that apparently it can.
  7. Wait a creative war demand in a micro war? I like where this is going.
  8. Sad that tO couldn’t clarify when they started the whole mess. Best of luck to you congrats on your treaty.
  9. When Minesome thinks you’re FA is confusing you’ve messed up bad.
  10. Now all you have to worry about is the war with Emp. Maybe announce it first.
  11. Only reports the opposing coalition iM nOt UsIng iT aS A WeaPoN
  12. This is in fact a treaty.
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