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  1. Biel

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    BC should disband and join BK
  2. Biel

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK
  3. Biel

    New member of the war

    Are u dumb?
  4. Biel

    Fraggle Rock Dog Show

    You forgot @Yosodog
  5. No. There shouldn't exist a limiter like that. I like fun.
  6. Biel

    The Golden Hoard Princess Election

    What is love?!
  7. And all of this happened during the war... with the bank closed...
  8. Biel

    The Great Defection of 2018

    RIP Los Pollos Hermanos
  9. Biel

    An unexpected guide - and sacrifices

    BK Stronk
  10. Biel

    New Map Display Feedback

    If Google Maps is not going to be fully implemented, you shouldn't use it. I know it's expensive but it wouldn't make sense to just have Google Maps for nation creation / location change then the entire game with another interface. Open Layer looks perfect if you can implement the flag thingy. TL;DR As Google Maps is expensive, just use Open Layer, don't waste money on implementing Google Maps in a few parts.
  11. Biel

    A World Police Announcement

    Hey mom! I'm on that pic!
  12. Biel

    Greetings from Fraggle Rock

    What am i supposed to do with this?
  13. Biel

    I heard there was a secret chord...

    This is a brainwashing thread. Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK
  14. Biel

    Grumpyhave teeth

    BREAKING NEWS! A video has been leaked of GOB HQ Here we can see SRD planning something on his way to the computer
  15. Biel

    The Book of Revelayyytions

    In other news... BK STRONK

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