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  1. You can always go for a Daily Reminder to join BK. It is way less annoying. And it works, even when it comes to disbanding alliances.
  2. Shifty above

  3. Ragnarok should have disbanded and joined BK
  4. Daily Reminder to wash your hands and disband your respective alliance and join BK.

  5. You actually can count 0.
  6. Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK
  7. Daily Reminder to disband Pantheon and join BK My reminders have been working since day zero.
  8. Thanks mate. Daily reminder to disband dictatorship and join democracy. Thanks you smith, katashimon13 and ivanivanov
  9. That is okay mate. I wish your own little Venezuelans the best of luck, and any other Venezuelan around. If anyone still in doubt of my current status, feel free to PM me. For all the others, thanks friends, i did not expect such a big response from the Orbis community.
  10. HiHo. Biel here, this is some of what i said to Alex, excluding my DNI and the picture of myself because i don't know how the community will react (remember that i'm such an idiot/troll in-game, well i don't know how people will treat me after knowing how i am irl). So i come to you as a Diego, the guy behind the mask, behind Biel. I think everything is explained in the pictures, if you want to ask me anything, you can PM me in discord. As i've been telling BK, i really don't like to do a thing like this, literally begging for money, but this time it's an impasse to me. I want to apologize to all Orbis for this.
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