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  1. Biel

    Big Change In Fraggle Rock

    First. Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK
  2. Biel

    Daily reminder to...

    Manticore is a merge from Leviathan Bank and other two.
  3. Biel

    Daily reminder to...

    Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK
  4. Biel

    Daily reminder to...

    ...join B&E discord. For all of those that kept asking for months, all that expectation on B&E... Here we are. Pure Private Banking. Not a ton of shareholders, no chaos and absolutely no drama. Just pure private banking. A fellow banker... A deleted user... You get it... Special mention to first post... Someone asking for a loan in a closed bank... Do you need cash? B&E Do you want low interest rates? B&E Do you want to meet Beil? B&E And no, we are not going to get our money stolen like any other micro bank or actually big bank around. https://discord.gg/FGfTWbH SIGNED: Pheonix (No, it is not spelled wrong) Element (God of Downvotes) JDTech (Coding guy) Biel (...disband your alliance and join BK) Hidden non-refundable application fees may apply
  5. Biel

    City Cost Idea

    Thats too complex for my understanding. If you all join BK, we will fund all of your cities.
  6. Biel

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    Who is TCE Who is Nova Riata Both of you guys should merge into BK
  7. Biel

    Afrikan Safari

    If you're watching this, you must disband your respective alliance and join BK.
  8. Biel

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    BC should disband and join BK
  9. Biel

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK
  10. Biel

    Fraggle Rock Dog Show

    You forgot @Yosodog
  11. No. There shouldn't exist a limiter like that. I like fun.
  12. Biel

    The Golden Hoard Princess Election

    What is love?!
  13. And all of this happened during the war... with the bank closed...
  14. Biel

    The Great Defection of 2018

    RIP Los Pollos Hermanos

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