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  1. Hello friends! Today is a very special day for me. After months of building, my nation finally stockpiled 300 nukes and missiles! I've spent quite some time on this, with no real goal in mind. I just wanted to play the game a bit differently than everyone else. Big shout out to Fraggle for inspiring me to do it, luring me in with her showy nation way back when I was still new to this game. I might have improved on the formula with my nation build, but there is no topping Number 1. The time has come to move on! In 10 days, I will decommission 290 nukes, leaving a small remnant of the arsenal that currently exists. And the same will happen to my missiles. It's been fun; I've been through a lot in this stage of my nation, but I can't wait for what's next. All the best, Impreza
  2. If you choose to go with The Vault, we’ll work with you to determine a schedule to pay back according to, with a set weekly payment amount. This system is good for both the client and the bank Message me on discord if you are interested.
  3. Come to the only bank currently doing that, monthly reports at The Vault. People deserve to know what's going on with the money they invest.
  4. Why would it start at 20 cities? Why not go from the beginning? That would at least make it consistent.
  5. I disagree here. Of course alliances can be great debtors, but the implication that a bank can't survive without them is wrong. Nation loans can be quite lucrative if you do it right and efficiently. You are right, lots of alliances offer interest free loans to members, but with proper sales work, there will be plenty of people looking to get loans. A majority of the player base isn't in an alliance with great lending power. You may be joking in your first remark, but it is very possible to profit managing just a few hundred million in assets. Going off of my previous point, there is profit to be made. And more importantly, smaller nations will grow and, if you cultivate a relationship with them, they come back to you with larger requests, meaning more profit for you. I've got a feeling you're trying to scare off someone from joining an already crowded market with these large numbers that are likely your own standard. Once again, in my experience, there is plenty of money to be made lending to individual nations in amounts ranging from just $20m and up, sometimes less. Surely, the more you loan, the more you make, but scale is a gradual process, not a gateway of entry.
  6. Impreza


    nukes are a waste of space tbh
  7. Impreza


    I kind of feel bad for him lmao
  8. Wait. Is this game not called Politics and WAR???
  9. War keeps things interesting!
  10. Impreza

    Boring game.

    you aren't bored, you're boring! be more creative, friendo. but seriously the community part is what makes the game good. I like how it's easy to learn, but the real enjoyment comes out of interacting with other players.
  11. I like it. But also that embargoes page—I dont want to see a billion scrubs embargo mountania. Lol
  12. Oh thank goodness, i got worried when i saw that topic. Praise atom!
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