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  1. Olive Penderghast

    Separate Subforum for Micro Alliances in Alliance Affairs

    It isnt as much as were against it, it's more of the issue of actually implementing it. My main argument against it is due to the issue that alot of people have different definitions of what makes an alliance a micro or not, and would force the community to agree on a whole on a set definition. Some consider alliance based on relevancy, some on size and etc, I wish there was a more organized system, maybe like a seperate subforum for each type or something example: Alliance Affairs as parent category with subforums that house DoEs, DoWs, Treaty agreements and cancellation and so forth or with @Chief Wiggum's idea. Both would help, but it really depends on the community and what you guys wants and see if Alex will go for it. When I removed/added subforums for National Affairs, I waited for the community that partake into it to agree on what they wanted, then took it to Alex on behalf of that group, and then Alex can say yay or nay and we have to live with that decision.
  2. Olive Penderghast

    Separate Subforum for Micro Alliances in Alliance Affairs

    I dont see micro posting as a moderation issue or a valid reason to force them to post in a subforums nobody would actually check. There is variables and we would need to create a universal accepted definition of a micro, and people view irrelevanancy and micro(unless it's like one new player by themselves, then yeah I can see them easily as a micro, nearly non existent alliance) differently. If you want, you are free to "police" them in-game by declaring war and attempt to enforce a no speak term in the peace negotiations.
  3. Olive Penderghast

    Vulgar Country Shapes

    @Alex and/or @Chris will be around to make a decision and clarify for the rest of the community on the guidelines on the shape of the borders.
  4. Time for margaritas and a good TV show, any suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more


      Ken Burn's Vietnam was great. I wish it had more Willie Pete, though.

    3. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      Scream Queens is hilarious

      True Detective is good if you like being confused and left with a lot of what the frick?

      Sabrina on Netflix is great
      Hill House on netflix is ALSO great

    4. Olive Penderghast

      Olive Penderghast

      Thanks for the suggestions 😁 will give it a shot

  5. Olive Penderghast

    My name Zevfer

    Not helpful - your suppose to do it for us, you nerd. (Joking πŸ˜‚)
  6. Woah, already November. Year has been too fast. Have a great November guys!

  7. Olive Penderghast

    Rudewar reason

    Heya @RagnarBuliwyf, thank you for reporting, @Alex or @Chris will be here shortly 😁. Also, just want to remind the community that this is a Non Discussion Forums, so if you do not match the requirements to post here, please refrain from doing so 😁
  8. Olive Penderghast

    My name Zevfer

  9. Olive Penderghast

    hey everybody

    Welcome to the forums! If you ever have any questions, ask @Kurdanak, our friendliest player who hasnt shown up yet 😁 You can also contact your friends in Oantheon or any forum moderator if you need help as well!
  10. Olive Penderghast

    Food production: radiation formula incorrect?

  11. Olive Penderghast

    Test Server Map Bug

    @Alex made a goof, he should be around shortly to fix this issue soon 😁
  12. Hello community! Just wanted to say have fun with your war and hope everyone is having a fun time 😊.


    (My condolences to the ones who are not involved)

  13. Olive Penderghast


    @Alex or @Chris will be around shortly
  14. Olive Penderghast

    Vulgar language/mean comments in war declaration

    Just want to inform you that this is a Non-Discussion forums, please do not reply if you do not meet the criteria, thanks!
  15. Olive Penderghast

    Questions on multiple accounts

    Hello there @Hyrule! This is the official rules concerning your question: Let's tackle the first paragraph: "Each player is allowed to have one account and nation. Having multiple nations is a bannable violation." This means you are only allowed to have one nation. You can be banned if you are discovered using a different account, so it's a bad idea and not worth the risk of being permanently banned from Politics and War, so please refrain from doing so! Now to the second paragraph! "There is no limit on the number of nations that can play per network, so long as each nation is owned and controlled by a separate individual. Some restrictions will be imposed automatically on nations on the same network to prevent cheating." This paragraph was added to the rules to allow friends and family to share networks, back in the olden days, it was one account per network, which would mean family members or friends on a work/school network would be banned, however this discouraged new players from joining so Alex, the game administrator and owner decided to relax the network rule but still prohibits multiple nations, so as long as each nation is owned by a different person, you can invite your friends and family to join up! I think the last two paragraphs are pretty self explanatory so I wont go over more on them, but if you need to re-read the Game Rules, you can find them on the bottom of the page or by clicking here! And as always, if you ever have a question you can ask any moderator(however Forum Moderators do not moderate anything in-game so if you need assistance concerning in-game, please contact @Alex or Chris as moderators cannot do anything with the in-game administration) Have fun and thank you for playing Politics and War -Olive Penderghast

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