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  1. Olive Penderghast


    This is the subforums you will use if you want to RP with the map. Alex decided to remove the other subforums(Archived them) and seperated the main subforums and the Map RP. One is used for anyone wanting to RP without using a single map, while the other is used for players wanting to share a single map
  2. With that, if you participate in the NatRP via map and want your topics moved, please PM me the link of your topic(s) you wish to transfer over and I'll move them o/
  3. 10 thumbs up and I'll ban @ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™💪😤🗡 



    Inb4 I am lying, but only one way to find out!

    1. Olive Penderghast

      Olive Penderghast

      Shoot, should of said I'd change his name to Buttercup or something


      That'd be more realistic


      (Shifty, I am just kidding kiddo)

  4. Olive Penderghast

    NatRP Map Thread

    Thank you @Sargun for stepping in to do this for the community! If you have any issues, you can send me a PM on the forums and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, i changed the post so it was more professional looking, i apologize if you didnt want that on your map thread, just thought it would look neater
  5. Olive Penderghast

    NatRP mapmaker needed

    Well, if someone wants to take over and is able to, let me know, and before someone asks, I cant do it as I have no photoshop skills so unless someone wants to do the actual work and then have me update it, then someone else will have to, and I'll pin your post and depin the original
  6. Olive Penderghast

    Obviously a report

    @Alex will be here shortly to review your report 😊
  7. Olive Penderghast

    Possible multi creation

    @Alex will be here shortly to review this report 😊
  8. Olive Penderghast

    Racism? Just a little bit...

    @Fiach Dubh are you the defendant? If not, refrain from posting on this topic. This is a Non Discussion Forums. Thanks Also @Alex will be here shortly to review your report, but in the mean time, you can click the alarm bell on the message to block him from sending you more PMs in-game 😊
  9. Olive Penderghast

    Nation Unban Appeal

    @Alex will be around shortly to review your request.
  10. Two olives are pals, and they're hanging from the tree like they'vebeen for months. Suddenly, one falls to the ground. The remaining one says, "Are you ok?" And the other replies, "Olive!"

  11. Olive Penderghast

    Flame or delrailing

    The mod team is reviewing this report, for future reference, this is a Non discussion forums. If you do not meet any of these, please refrain from posting, thanks! You are the topic creator You are the accused in the original topic You have specific evidence to provide regarding the report You are a Staff member
  12. Olive Penderghast

    Kanye & Trump

    You are very welcome.
  13. Olive Penderghast

    Kanye & Trump

    Warned for insubordination I don't see any reason for mods not to be able to discuss/debate with the members.
  14. Olive Penderghast

    Kanye & Trump

    Nope. That is a major part of the issue - Right-Wing news and Left-Wing news never report 100% of what is going on, not all facts are able to be given because both sides want the story to fit their narrative, and they will cut out pieces of the issue to support their cause. Independent media outlets are usually always squashed by the left and right, causing a situation that most news come from either side, nothing in the middle. Of course there is some news outlets online that have stayed pretty neutral, but they arent well known and do not have the budget to make a push through the strangle of the news outlets that have already had time to settle and create their versions of the story, and these groups are both biased. I still haven't found a news outlet that wasn't left-leaning or right-leaning, nor do i believe we will ever have that as long as the country keeps being divided by the left-right barrier. No - They have clear biased agendas to fit their viewers perspective. No, I do not think he is a true Trump Supporter, seems to be a move to get headlights pointed at him. Two days ago while at work. Also, im pretty sure this belongs in General Discussion

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