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  1. Im locking this thread. Alex should be around shortly
  2. @Tvtime25, I see you have updated your nation link to a valid nation account. I have restored your account so you can use the forums.
  3. This is spam, and has been moved accordingly.
  4. If your post has been hidden, I apologize, I have to hide them until i can remove inappropriate images from the post itself. Will unhide them when I get every post fixed again. 

    1. Olive Penderghast

      Olive Penderghast

      Update: Cleaned, all posts have been cleaned and unhidden thanks to @Chief Wiggum's help! ?

    2. Chief Wiggum
  5. Alex has made a reply with his response to this, locking thread
  6. Hey Sir Scarfalot, I have looked into it and brought my opinion over your Downfall meme to the rest of the Moderation team. I will give you a definite answer once i hear from a second moderator ?
  7. I issued two warnings in the same day for violating two different rules, so it isnt considered as double moderation. Clearly you cant fully read, i did admit that i was wrong as i was unawarw the automated suspension system took access away considering a full out ban done manually doesn't, so i was under the assumption it was the same with suspensions, so not sure why you are trying to drag that up for some extra points. I remember your post and did answer you, not my fault if you didnt bother to read it correctly. Excuse me, i never said no one else knows why that violated the rules, i stated i wasnt one of the moderators handling your report and explained what i thought was the reason they issued the warn. And for the second moderator. I dont exactly remember who it is and im not going through hundred of reports to find out considering the verbal was given a while ago.
  8. It is procedure, only Alex is the only one allowed to issue without second moderator approval. @Alex can confirm this when he comes on ? I will give that a try and let y'all know what happens.
  9. If User A makes post A, B, C, D which all broke Rule A at the same time on the same day, and when we get the reports concerning them, we will check to see when the post was made, and if that day if they already received a warning for breaking Rule A. If they have not I will go into Report A to make my suggestion to give a warn or a verbal, and then in B, C, D I will state a report for the same violation is <insert report link here> and suggest to close that report there. Now lets say one gets reported today, and then its brought to our attention that he did it again on the same day. I would suggest to close the report since action was already taken. Remember warns/verbals can only be given when two moderators agree. So what happens if two moderators disagree? They have to wait for a third moderator to break the tie. Only exception to any of this is if Alex decides to make a decision, which then he wouldnt need to wait for a second mod approval or the third one. However Alex usually follows his 2-mod for action requirement as well.
  10. oops, i should of given Alex's ingame link, here it is! https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6
  11. Alright so for now, if you or a friend needs to get in contact, you can contact @Alex on discord(Alex_PW#4970), ingame here, or you can get in contact with me via email at: [email protected] I will try to create a discord account soon and join the official Politics and War discord server when I have a chance to get on my desktop Oh, I may not have made myself clear, It only enacted the suspension when i added the 2 points. It did not enact anything else when i added a verbal afterwards, sorry for the wording.
  12. Alright so for now, if you need to get in contact, you can contact @Alex on discord(Alex_PW#4970), ingame or you can get in contact with me via email at: [email protected] I will try to create a discord account soon and join the official Politics and War discord server when I have a chance to get on my desktop
  13. After extensively checking the settings, I wasn't able to find a setting to change this, so for now if the member is muted, they will need to get in contact via different method. I am working on a way to create an alternative contact method for members who have been muted.
  14. It shouldn't, but ill look into it and see if there is a wqy to change that once i can replicate it. If not, ill find an alternative system where suspended members can get in contact eith a forum moderator, or you can go message Alex himself on Discord until i figure out an alternative system for members to ontact forum moderators who are suspended/banned I couldn't find a setting, I believe it was removed because I remember way back then there was a way to edit suspensions but can no longer see them, so unless Alex hid it or the forum provider took the option away, you are correct as far as I can tell. I am not going to replicate it as I will trust you on this and will find a way for muted Members to get in touch with the forum moderators in the future.
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