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  1. Sorry for the late response - due to the low amount of votes, the moderation team didnt make a decision. When I came up with this idea, I wanted the majority of it to be agreed upon the community, work with the community to see if I can make the forums a more enjoyable experience for the player base. So at this time, the status is nothing. Not enough votes to make a decision.
  2. Hey guys, I suggested to the rest of moderation team, and after approval given to put this up to a vote, I'd like to see what you guys think. I have always noticed one complaint that seems to be consistent. Alliance Affairs. I see people complain its disorganized, new alliance taking space and etc. and I been thinking of ways to fix the issue that still allows new alliances to be able to still post but keep the Alliance Affairs forums more organized. So here is what I suggested. Dedicated subforums, while Alliance Affairs will be used for General Announcements, we would also have subforums for Treaty Announcements, one for War Declaration/Peace Agreements, Alliance Declaration of Existence. We could have more if you guys want. However Alex suggested something else. Starting a Tag system. This would make it where we still use one category, Alliance Affairs however use tags. For example, in the title would look like "[Treaty]Alliance A signs a <treaty type> with Alliance B". Either system would work. For me I prefer the dedicated subforums but ultimately, you the community are who use this forums so we decided to give you the option to choose. If you prefer the current one, you can even vote for that. This is just an idea I think that will bring organization to the Alliance Affairs category and hopefully make it easier for you guys to view which topics you would like to to view and which ones you do not like and if you have any concerns or ideas, please comment below and we can discuss your ideas as well.
  3. @Alex Also This is a No-Discussion Forum. Do not reply to topics in this particular subforum, unless you meet one of the following criteria: You are the topic creator You are the accused in the original topic You have specific evidence to provide regarding the report You are a Staff member If you fail to follow these regulations, you will receive a Warning Point, and potentially have a temporary account suspension as-per the Forum Rules.
  4. You obviously did not, because what you want, is not going to happen. We cant limit how many times 1 person can up ote/downvote a single person. We can limit how many upvotes/downvotes they can use in general, but that isnt going to stop them from downvoting you. A report was made, I decided that a general verbal warning in topic is more warranted than giving everyone, including you, warn points for rule violations. Silence the people who disagree with you and this proposal? I doubt Alex wishes to take down the reputation system and side with you, when you have been in the wrong in this topic as well. With notice, I'm temporarily locking this thread and discuss with the rest of the moderation team. This thread has turned into unnecessary arguments and the original topic isnt being discussed.
  5. Each member can upvote/downvote 30 times per day according to the settings. Why? Because you had a bad experience with it? You obviously didnt read my post, there isnt a way to do what your asking, nor would I support it. This is a game about politics, making political enemies ingame or on the forums will result in the player(s) you upset, annoyed, angered or/and etc will react. What your asking for is limiting expression because I cant limit reactions from 1 person to another, so the alternative is to disable to it completely, which will restrict expression. I should remind you that you are not a forum moderator or game admin, you dont get to decide when punishments are warranted or not. See a rule violation? Report it and move on, do not bring it up in the topic saying what should be done. As for the other matter, this topic has gone off topic from the very beginning, keep in topic of the post, dont personally attack or spam this thread or this topic will be closed
  6. I went through the settings in the AdminCP and went through the options, and found there is limited settings we can do ourselves. Reputation Settings: Reputation Enabled?: Yes Exclude these groups: None Selected Highlight Content with Positive Reputation: set to 7 Show Each members total reputation points on their profile: Enabled Reaction Display: Individual or Value, and Individual was selected There is other categories, but doesn't change the way it works persay. We can add more reactions, 4 of the default reactions are currently disabled, leaving the Like, upvote and downvote the only ones you can select on the forums, then the tab to control the leaderboard and the Reputation levels. There isn't a way to exclude sub-forums. Going into Groups, the only thing I could do is increase/Decrease the amount of Upvotes/Downvotes/Likes an account can do in one day or hide the members ratings altogether. I can't speak for the rest of the Moderation team or @Alex on this, but I don't agree with removal of the reputation system, nor do I feel with the settings provided to us by the provider of this forum software need to be changed. I personally would rather allow more freedom of expression, as long as it doesn't violate the current forum rules. I don't think we need to add more restrictions, however like I said, I am not speaking on behalf of the Alex and the Moderation Team, this is more of my personal opinion on the matter.
  7. prettykelly47 banned permanently for being a spam bot account
  8. Player Name: Igurji Banned for being a spam bot
  9. @Lelouch Vi Britannia if you havent contacted the player on the day of the month and given them 7 days afterwards to post or be removed then we cant remove them. Life happens - we cant just remove people without explicit evidence they dont plan to return.
  10. This did not fit in the Roleplay Discussion subforums so it has been moved to National affairs
  11. Players forum name: Fuckface Larry - Banned indefinitely
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