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  1. Olive Penderghast

    Forum Suspensions

    Player Name: Igurji Banned for being a spam bot
  2. Olive Penderghast

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    @Lelouch Vi Britannia if you havent contacted the player on the day of the month and given them 7 days afterwards to post or be removed then we cant remove them. Life happens - we cant just remove people without explicit evidence they dont plan to return.
  3. Olive Penderghast

    The first meeting of the International

    This did not fit in the Roleplay Discussion subforums so it has been moved to National affairs
  4. Olive Penderghast

    Forum Suspensions

    Players forum name: Fuckface Larry - Banned indefinitely
  5. Olive Penderghast

    Forum user with no ingame nations posts DoE

    Thank you for the report. Report handled
  6. Olive Penderghast

    Multiple Accounts Ban Question

    On Politics and war's in-game system, every person is assigned a unique ID, when two or more accounts are discovered sharing the same network, it'll lump all the accounts under 1 unique ID which could indicate multiple accounts being used, however it can also indicate family and/or friends sharing the same wifi which is why it is no longer a violation for multiple accounts to be on the same network anymore. When a report is sent to the game administrators they do a basic investigation and if anything seems fishy I assume they search further into the account to find signs that it may be one person using multiple accounts. I am not sure how @Alex or @Chris handle these investigations but that is what I assume is there first steps for any reports concerning multis. Investigate and then decide if it is multiple people or one person using multiple accounts, but the first step that may flag you would be having multiple nations on the same unique ID and showing the classic signe of it being one person.
  7. Olive Penderghast

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Sorry @Reuben Cheuk i needed Lelouch's post as the first comment since he has taken over the map, couldn't find a way to move your comment down so i had to delete it.
  8. Olive Penderghast

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    For those who wish to become a part of the roleplaying community here in the National Affairs subforum, this is the thread in which you should apply. NOTE: I, Olive Penderghast, am not running the NatRP Map Thread. I am designating @Lelouch Vi Britannia the official moderator of this thread. I am simply posting this to lend my credibility and mark that this is the official thread. Current Map Located in Next Post Are you a new member to P&W, looking to try out some roleplaying? Or are you already a seasoned roleplayer, looking to develop his/her skills in roleplaying? Well, all I can say is that with this post, I hope to establish a friendly, low-drama roleplaying environment for those among us who have an interest in roleplaying out our nation's actions. Whether you're an experienced roleplayer, or completely new and inexperienced to roleplaying, allow me to say that I'll do my best as your OP to be friendly and accepting of every type of roleplayer. High-quality roleplay and constructive world-building are encouraged. For in-depth roleplay (multiple paragraphs, extensive posts), you may make your posts and threads here. For more natural roleplay with less restrictions, you may make your posts and threads here. For more casual roleplay, the National Affairs subforum itself should do. (Just remember that while this is a casual environment, the subforum will still be moderated, as it is meant for in-character posts and interactions. Additionally, signing up here isn't a requirement to use the subforum.) (Note of interest: Several members of our roleplaying community have based their nations and/or leaders upon those inspired from anime and other fictional sources. This is perfectly acceptable so long as your roleplay is constructive and well-intentioned. However, this style of roleplay does not give you an advantage in terms of wars, or anything. Similarly, you cannot use it as an excuse to develop incredibly advanced technology in short periods of time, as it is unfair for those who put much time and effort into their roleplay. You're free to be as creative as you like, so long as it is within the rules. This is to avoid Godmodding and overpowered posts.) Interested in joining? Don’t be shy, and fill out the application below. *Before applying, be sure to read the rules of the National Affairs subforum, and the map itself, here.* If you have any questions, feel free to contact @Lelouch Vi Britannia by PM or discord (#6219)
  9. Olive Penderghast


    Yes, you were warned by Alex the first time for spam. That is exactly what you did on Eva-Beatrice's post. It held no relevance to the post and Alex determined kt was a rule violation and then hid the comment. You then decided to repeat the comment Alex has determined was a rule violation and was issued another one for a repeat offense. National Affairs have similar rule sets that Alliance Affairs does, your comment was not related to the post, hence why it was classified as spam, the post was reported and Alex took action, simple as that. If you have any issues concerning your warn points, I suggest sending Alex a private message
  10. Olive Penderghast

    I know you guys like having nazis here, but this is ridiculous

    Good to know. Forum moderators have no authority over in-game moderation or PnW's Discord server. Reporting is fine, the game admins will be around shortly, and if action is necessary, then action will be taken. There is a system. And forum moderators have to follow that system and we arent just going to ban people you find questionable. That isnt the job of moderators. The only way a player can be banned by a forum mod is by the 7 warn point system, and that is for forums only. @Alex and @Chris handle in-game decisions and I am not familiar how they handle moderation in-game, and they decide if it is a rule violation or not, and if you have an issue with their decision, send them a message and explain why you think it's a rule violation and then they'll reply and tell you why they chose why it was a rule violation or not. Same goes for forum moderators. Get a warn? PM the mod, hear their side of the story and move from there, and if you feel the moderator in question is being biased, unfair and/or incorrect, message another forum moderator and/or Alex and Chris.
  11. Olive Penderghast

    I know you guys like having nazis here, but this is ridiculous

    We do not have authority over discord or other off-site forums, the PnW Admin team have no say to any other website that isnt the official forums, the PnW official discord server and official in-game website. We do not allow Nazism on the official websites, and disciplinary actions are taken to handle them when found on PnW's official websites. I dont understand what makes you think we have control over discord servers and off-site forums Alex does not own. If you have an issue with a discord server, your best bet is to contact the owner of that discord server or contacting Discord Customer Service. If you see nazi references on the forums, report it. If you find it in-game, report it. Alex has stated he is in favor of lax rules on speech, however direct Nazism references are forbidden on the forums and in-game. We cant stop nazis from using their own websites to post their ideals. Alex does not, nor any other admin and/or forum moderators, have any say on websites Alex does not own. The only thing you can do is contact the offsite website owner and maybe contacting the services that provide their forums for them. ... with that in mind, only @Clemson has matched the criteria to post in this report, everyone else, please refrain from commenting or warn points may be issued, thanks!
  12. Olive Penderghast

    Global Security Council

    Woah, guys you need to calm down. There is no reason for this type of hostilities from either of you. If the topic doesnt go back on track I will lock this thread, so please take a breathe and stay in character, thanks!
  13. Olive Penderghast

    Is This Guy Cheating?

    Thread moved. Any comment(s) made before this comment that doesnt meet Game Report subforum rules will be exempt from any moderation action due the replies being made before this thread was placed in Game Reports. @Alex and/or @Chris will be around to review and make a decision soon.
  14. Olive Penderghast

    VM Early End

    Vacation Mode Vacation Mode is a feature allowing you to preserve your nation during periods of time while you are away. Entering Vacation Mode will prevent you from executing attacks in any ongoing wars, and prevent you from doing most game activities while your nation is in Vacation Mode. Vacation Mode has a minimum period of 14 days. Once in Vacation Mode, you will not be allowed to leave early. Vacation Mode is not intended for use as a tool to avoid fighting wars. However, using Vacation Mode for any reason, with the exception of protecting alliance bank funds, but including to avoid wars, is not against the rules. Using Vacation Mode as a way to protect an alliance bank from being raided IS against the rules. If you are caught doing so, the bank will be promptly returned, with 20% of the contents deleted. If you suspect this is happening, please PM Alex in-game and he will investigate. ^These are the official rules concerning VM, and I am pretty sure it prompts you before entering VM that once you go into VM, it cannot be reversed, however @Alex and/or @Chris will be around shortly to give you a final answer since I'm only a forum moderator 😁
  15. Olive Penderghast

    Bye bye

    Sorry to see ya go, however we dont delete accounts so I switched your group to No Matching Nation group, if you ever want to return we will be glad to give you the correct perms once again 😁

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