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    All nations who were members of TFP when we attacked are fair game for our coalition until a peace with TFP is reached. Us informing you that a nation in your alliance is a TFP war dodger is simply a courtesy. Any and all nations who attempt to help protect a TFP war dodger will be countered by the coalition at large. Thank you for your time, have a wonderful new year.
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    Alliance most affected by this: In positive NPO In negative TKR
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    bot will of soon play game for u, just needs of you gib me credit card details
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    Plugs on Plugs on Plugs on Plugs
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    Look, I’m going to just be honest. There’s ZERO chance that we switch to the forum voting at this time. The reason I feel comfortable doing this is because they’re multiple people from multiple alliances looking and trusting everything for the awards. It’s next to impossible to rig them and if anything happened, the members of the team would see it. As for NPO not being invited to help, I didn’t ask anyone, everyone volunteered. None of your guys did, so none of you guys are included. Finally, stop !@#$ing. It’s way too late, and I already said a long time ago this is what was going to be done, and in all honesty I don’t give a flying frick if random people don’t like it. This is the biggest participation ever, so obviously we’re doing something right. Please feel free to DM me about any concerns. Or feel free to post in this thread. We value the input of the community. The community at large > NPO. Sorry bud.
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    Can't even vote for myself, turns not having a nation leaves you out in some points.
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    tbh, it isn't anything new. I often have done stuff in mediocre alliances. KT wasn't highly thought of when I joined, often accused of pixel hugging and war dodging. I already know what I'd do to TFP
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    I really want to live in this country where we get two and a half months of complete vacation. Where can I sign up for the citizenship?
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    26.27 VMers. To be honest, have you ever wondered why people downvote your comments? Well I'll give you a little secret. Truth is, people downvote your comments because ur shit is so bizarre, they dont know tf your talking about. Just a little food for thought.
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    I'm pretty sure the consensus in the discussion thread was that we should retain the existing public voting system on the official forums, not some dodgy offsite with bugger all transparency.
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    Should be onsite. I don't particularly care who hosts it and although winning is nice, the main thing is it should be onsite here.
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    I volunteer to receive radishes
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    @Maia go do necessary things like nuking 4K infra whales. Minesome is small job. Could have asked us. We'd do it for free.
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    It's not in the Foreign Affairs section. It's called role-playing. By the way, Hit-Girl does have mental issues, but not any retardation symptoms. I didn't know that Kickass was a children's movie. Kids these days must really love gore.
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    Elaborated raiding with some induced drama xD
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    Join the purity society to help save humanity from weebs https://discord.gg/ahwMadQ
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    Well, i literally saw it, on both accounts, for one. Also, it's here, same date i took TKR's from when i originally checked long ago cause at the time i forgot when the war started. I am mistaken, it was 93, not 97, so it's actually 32. https://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=132&name=The+Commonwealth&type=alliance&date=2018-10-15&submit=Go
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    I promise you that is not the reason you receive downvotes.
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    >TGH getting rolled You make it sound like we care about pixels.
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    The fact that Kastor and co. ignored them doesn't discount them. So....why does that mean it doesn't count? Half of what we're saying now is that Kastor ignores input from anyone he disagrees with, which is essentially what Thrax said.
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    What if we had a poll for where the poll should be hosted?
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    Glad to see that TKR is handling this well. At the present rate, it will take more than 72 days for TKR to reach rank 1 on war stats, assuming +250mn net damage per day. I suppose this still needs verification from Alex, but he's on vacation right now. Perhaps he can phone Chris and get the bug verified / fixed?
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    We've already gone over the basic principles and why SynDIQ wants TKR'-spheres VMers destroyed. Continued discussion is a Chewbacca defense around the fact that SynDIQ wants unconditional surrender and TKR-sphere doesn't want to surrender unconditionally.
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    Yes, I'm a spoilt brat for asking for transparency. Got it!
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    I understand your concerns but Dynamic is a trustworthy individual who is doing a service for the community. We have also seen a higher voter turnout this year. At the time of this post, there have been 775 ballots casted. The team working on this is from 6 different alliances and we are from different spheres...there is no reason for anyone to rig the results.
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    Hanz and Victory are both high ranking folk in TFP. Yikes. RIP to the largest micro.
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    Sorry for missing Partisan's nomination. Please contact Kastor on discord if you wish to discuss this further
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    The question is, why did that c5 declare on that c20?
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    Just want to point out that the title of this thread did not age will. Assuming that it takes more than 14 days start-to-finish, on an impeachment process (he aint resigning)
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    I mention it because, in my last war, the agressor's loot seemed particularly low. Not that I wanted them to obtain more loot, of course.
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    And so the #Great-Feast goes down in TGH just like your mom does Shifty hitting up the streets with the reasons why. "Omg YAAAAAAS Queen M is a victim" or is she an antagonizer? Shifty here to remind you of how she manipulated Sheepy. Do not believe the lies. This is Shifty reminding you to remember the Red Menace is still out there.
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    I never had much experience with people claiming to be victims until recently, in the last few years it seems to have really taken off and now I experience this awfulness of an attitude regularly enough. If its not women claiming to be victims then it is gay people, black people or <insert other type of people> and it in reality they're no more victims than anyone else. Life is hard and it makes victims of us all sometimes, blaming your flaws on someone else is just going to keep you bitter and less successful in life. I try my best to avoid such people and I would never entertain some supposed victim telling me how much of a victim they're. Getting on your knees and blowing someone to further your career doesn't make you a victim, you're taking advantage of a situation to advance yourself in life. I think this is worst version of it where people willingly do something and then for whatever reason say they were taken advantage at that time and are now a victim. I think it boils down to lazy people who want free stuff and pleading your case of being a victim is the best way to get it in our society atm. Nothing more than leeches from what I can tell. They want to have the cake and they want to eat it. Whats your thoughts on people who have victim complexes?
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    I'm writing this guide as a reference for how resources work, and their importance in the game. First, let's break things down by the two different types of resources. Raw Resources Raw resources are resources that you do not need power to produce. They're typically cheap to build the mine or other improvement necessary to extract them, and have a low upkeep cost. Some raw resources, like Coal, Oil, and Uranium are used as fuels for power plants. Food is a raw resource that is necessary for all nations to feed their people. Not every raw resource is available to every nation. Raw resources are continent specific. Here's a table showing the availability of resources on the 6 different continents. Each continent has 3 resources available to it, plus food. Oil Oil is a power resource used to power Oil Power Plants and can be refined into Gasoline. Coal Coal is a power resource used to power Coal Power Plants and can be refined (along with Iron) into Steel. Iron Iron is a raw resource that is only used to make Steel (along with Coal). Bauxite Bauxite is a raw resource that is only used to make Aluminum (no other resources are required). Lead Lead is a raw resource that is only used to make Munitions (no other resources are required). Uranium Uranium is a raw resource that is used to power Nuclear Power Plants, and is also used to build Nuclear Weapons. Manufactured Resources There are 4 additional resources in the game that can be manufactured from raw resources. These resources are Steel, Aluminum, Gasoline, and Munitions. Manufacturing improvements, like Oil Refineries or Steel Mills, require power to operate and are far more expensive than raw resources. Manufactured resources are typically in higher demand and sell at a higher price than raw resources. Any nation on any continent can make a Manufactured resource so long as they have the necessary raw resources. Steel Steel is a manufactured resource that is made from Coal and Iron with a Steel Mill. Steel is used to create Tanks and Ships, as well as some City Improvements and National Projects. Aluminum Aluminum is a manufactured resource that is made from Bauxite with an Aluminum Refinery. Aluminum is used to create Aircraft and Missiles, as well as some City Improvements and National Projects. Gasoline Gasoline is a manufactured resource that is made from Oil with an Oil Refinery. Gasoline is used by Tanks, Aircraft, Ships, and Missiles to operate. Munitions Munitions are a manufactured resource that is made from Lead with a Munitions Factory. Munitions can be used by Soldiers, and must be used by Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships to operate.
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    Even baseball has sucked during the war. You do understand that the holiday season is a very busy time for some people for various reasons?
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    Did you actually look in his bank logs and notice he put 100M in back in December? Not sure where the resources he took are from, but I'm too lazy to actually count all his bank logs and see if he actually 'stole' anything.
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    A more relevant question is, where is the poll? In actuality, this was a misclick, but I'll have the edited alternative poll up using nominations from the "official" thread.
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    Voting is now live. You should be getting an ingame message with the voting link soon if you haven't already got one. If you spot any missing nominations or choices which shouldn't be on the list, please let us know here and we will see whether it can be fixed. For missing nominations, please provide a link to the original post too. Apologies for any inconvenience caused
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    Not my fault your alliance is a pixel hugging shittt that doesn’t know how to play.
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    You've been whining and &#33;@#&#036;ing about it, so you asked for it. Let's start some more drama that hopefully doesn't end in TGH getting rolled.
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