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    Shifty here reminding you that your alliance will never be this bad. >get dogpiled and run a bloated AA that's got micro tier management >blame imaginary bots for brutal beatdown
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    All nations who were members of TFP when we attacked are fair game for our coalition until a peace with TFP is reached. Us informing you that a nation in your alliance is a TFP war dodger is simply a courtesy. Any and all nations who attempt to help protect a TFP war dodger will be countered by the coalition at large. Thank you for your time, have a wonderful new year.
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    Purple Flower Garden was once a dream in the mind of a certain Purplemoon-Yui. She carried this dream with her for many years. Much later, she met a certain Cupcake and told the Cupcake of her dream. Others before had said the dream was silly but Cupcake didn't. Eventually, the time seemed right to try to make the dream happen. Purpley travel a long way to make Purple Flower Garden and once the place was chosen, she invited Cupcake to join her. Today, they have been there for one whole year. The Two Dorky Weebs (as one supporter affectionately named us) would like to invite you to celebrate with them. To get an idea of what would and should be at the party, we got some ideas from others: (Disclaimer, if we visited you to get ideas and you aren't mentioned here, or if we didn't drop by this time, we apologise... we were a little high on icing sugar the last few weeks). Everyone is invited! You'll see there's a definite theme... Ellie is ready! Some guests had very specific ideas ~ (Thraxy might not know it yet but he'll be leading the marching song!). Bring your stuffed animals too! Work in progress: Anyone offering to help with this one? Always. ------ Thank you for being with us today and to all our friends for supporting our dream.
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    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings!! The day has arrived!! After several years of planning and execution,, our finest nuclear scientists will build number 620 today. As we have not tested any of these new and improved nuclear deterrents, we will need to set aside a few dozen to make sure the stock pile is reliable. We believe that the best way to know if our deterrents work, is to launch 24 of them!! Our Committee on Nuclear Safety, CNS, has set aside 75 million radishes to assist in any damage that may occur. This will be a first come first serve pool of funds. Sign up below for the radishes so that we can aim our nuclear deterrents in your direction. Onward to 700 and beyond. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
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    In principle having this done off-site with no public transparency or any proper voting mechanism that can be seen by the public during the process is quite shady. I mean I'm glad folks want to step up to hold things for the community, but this is something for all of us, and the biggest transparency for these kind of public polls (which they should be) is hosting here on the forums, in this sub-forum specifically created for it. I just fundamentally disagree taking it off-forum, regardless of who's involved and would prefer to have the voting returned to the boards.
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    Can confirm, requiem is very much powerful tool, it help big stronk alliance rekt not so big stronkt alliance, is finds out more heree https://discord.gg/k7xR2He
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    I am Roqbot #2576, I was the "bot" on duty when they did their blitz.
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    Two months though? Yes, the holiday season is indeed busy depending on job and family, but it's a rather broad interpretation to consider it to begin in October. Either way, the holiday season has at this point been over for about a week by any rational metric. People should be heading off VM in about one week, if their VM was in fact due to that.
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    RoqBot#69 reporting -Begin Transmission from Roq File 17.7- Dumbass the info comes from the API, its allowed -End Transmission-
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    Man, there's a lot of TKR-sphere representation there.
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    I give zero !@#$ about whatever you're going on about, I'm just here to rage about pings.
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    At this point TFP being run entirely by bots would be a better run alliance than these two geniuses we've seen.
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    Was on my way outback when I noticed some Kangaroos looking at me! I fed them some food and they followed me even when I went back home! I think they want to stay with us in Purple Flower Garden so say hello to Roo and Hanny, our newest addition to the Purple Flower Garden, on its 1 year anniversary! Happy 1 Year Anniversary Purple Flower Garden!
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    Nah mate, I just don't like you.
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    While i understand you point of view, its actually quite asinine, and this is why. 1. You stated the awards are something for "all of us". when in actuality .it alienates anyone who does not want to use the forums, or has not used the forums. Lets be honest here, the amount of players/forums accounts is very low and a huge part of the member base does not even know what the PnW awards are. In fact we have received around 2/3 times more submissions than any other year, in less than a week. 2. "Proper Voting mechanism", i can say it woks just fine, part of the reason there is 7/8 of us working for the PnW awards this year isnt so Kastor can be lazy, its because we wanted to make sure there were enough people from around the game watching the "system" and making sure it works. I actually found it insulting you immediately jumped to a cheating standpoint. So before we go smashing a new idea that will help the community grow, lets take into account the other factors, lets not run away from shiny new things and enjoy them. The new voting system is working as planned and is allowing the awards to gauge the responses of every alliance and player in the game, without much effort while maintaining a fair and equal playing ground. #NoPlayerLeftBehind IQ is present ?
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    Alliance most affected by this: In positive NPO In negative TKR
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    This is a grand thread. From an ex-moderator, bots are pretty much free game unless you're legit cracking the game to gain benefit. EVERYONE has access to API and thus can create their own system for their alliance. You can either choose to or choose not to.
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    bot will of soon play game for u, just needs of you gib me credit card details
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    Plugs on Plugs on Plugs on Plugs
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    The idea to have a radio show to unveil the winners sounded like a fun idea for the community. Trying different ideas is what keeps a community alive. (RIP CN) As I understand it, your issue isn’t necessarily with this particular awards voting procedure, rather you are against the principle of it not being hosted in an official capacity where there is no oversight by an admin/moderation. However - Odds are, Alex doesn’t actually give a rip about the awards, he’s more concerned with making sure the community is healthy. It sounds like a member of the community who has already hosted the awards went to him and asked to do something different, and he (Alex) felt it was an alright idea. I don’t necessarily understand the backlash when he and others are putting in all of this work to try and make something special for the community. It would be one thing if it was some random person doing this, but it’s the same individual who has previously hosted the awards on behalf of PnW. What if @Alex included a link in-game to Dynamic’s off-site voting platform, would that help make it feel more legit?
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    Just for the record. The tone of this post is a pretty good example of why I didn't trust you to run the awards, and the fact that you have some people who volunteered to help you doesn't change a single thing about that. You're not valuing community input when you're stacking a team with people who are either malign or naive, then claiming that they're representative of the community. Also, it makes no sense for you guys to make a point about hosting the voting offsite when you did the nominations on the forums. Edit: Everyone agrees with me. Literally every player in the game. I just hosted a vote for it, and it was unanimous. I hosted it off site, but given the fact that even you voted that you agree with me, Kastor, I expect you to address these concerns immediately.
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    I made a bunch of smol, minimalist circles to represent alliances. I started working on these over 6 months ago (@Radoje posted a version of the top 40 alliances a while back) but since the year is ending I got motivation to re-do a version of the current top 40, as well as a bunch of other ones. Anyway, here's the current top 40. War flags were used where applicable and holiday flags were avoided with the exception of Arrgh. I tried to avoid meme flags but for Acadia I'm not sure if the noodley boi is a legitimate flag or not but I put it in anyway. Thanks to Rado for fixing the TKR one and to a bunch of TGH people for helping fix the Rose circle. Here's everything else I've done in an imgur album, including the non-war versions of war flags (ex. NPO, Guardian), alternate flags (ex. Acadia), old versions (ex. KT), and dead or rebranded alliances (ex. Roz Wei, AIM). They're all 100x100 px. Feel free to use these wherever you'd like, but please don't take credit for them. Also, obligatory happy new years~ hope y'all had lots of fun. apologies for butchering durm's flag but i didn't know how to represent it : ( please forgive
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    You honestly sound like a spoiled brat. Here we have a controversial member of the game going out of his way to do a community service, and alliance leaders/gov members involved in a global helping him and forming up a legit system which most likely took a very long time to make and set up. Just because you scream when you don't have it your way doesn't mean the team organizing the vote is going to cater to your opinion. If you don't like it, don't participate.
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    Look, I’m going to just be honest. There’s ZERO chance that we switch to the forum voting at this time. The reason I feel comfortable doing this is because they’re multiple people from multiple alliances looking and trusting everything for the awards. It’s next to impossible to rig them and if anything happened, the members of the team would see it. As for NPO not being invited to help, I didn’t ask anyone, everyone volunteered. None of your guys did, so none of you guys are included. Finally, stop !@#$ing. It’s way too late, and I already said a long time ago this is what was going to be done, and in all honesty I don’t give a flying frick if random people don’t like it. This is the biggest participation ever, so obviously we’re doing something right. Please feel free to DM me about any concerns. Or feel free to post in this thread. We value the input of the community. The community at large > NPO. Sorry bud.
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    If anything, there’s more of a IQ aligned presence than others in this. Not that I care about it. It’s only fluff stuff. Would be interesting to see these award things move to a Popular/Electoral vote system, since it looks like we’re going in that direction.
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    At this point, we either have people that are hospitalized, in prison, got sent to the International Space Station crew as a shift change, or are taking a spiritual backpacking journey across the world. Pretty much, just keep the war going as long as possible. They'll probably need an extra VM 2 weeks for Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter Weekend, and Memorial Day. Then they'll say IQ and folks are still too rash and hasty to assume VM for this long has an excuse.
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    This is the bloodthirst and decisive action I enjoy seeing from IQ. Tear them to shreds.
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    Quite certain it will not.
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    Your ability to state the obvious leaves us lesser mortals in awe.
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    Requiembot #430258 reporting in. I didn't think TFP could be any more of a meme. I've been proven wrong. You should be banned you cheating monster. Wait until my father hears about this.
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    As Roqbot #1, I concede that the NPO is an alliance of roqbots and this is an uneven playing field. EDIT: Also saw the message subject, "this is pointless," sounds like TFP's blitz.
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    Can't even vote for myself, turns not having a nation leaves you out in some points.
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    Consistency isn't exactly some peoples strong suits, much like useful contributions to discussions isn't a attribute of Noctis. Also, @Epi screw you mate....;P starting this flood of Pleb's using post titles to ping everybody.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minimum_annual_leave_by_country "I ran so far away, I ran so far away". Move to Iran. Embrace Sharia law. Get 10 weeks free vacation.
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    26.27 VMers. To be honest, have you ever wondered why people downvote your comments? Well I'll give you a little secret. Truth is, people downvote your comments because ur shit is so bizarre, they dont know tf your talking about. Just a little food for thought.
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    They are just going inactive and the longer it goes, the more that go inactive.
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    The funny thing is, if SynDIQ wants this war to end earlier, they should act like they don't want this war to end. Forget peace talks, forget any negotiations. It should be TKR-sphere begging SynDIQ to end the war, because it's quite simple. If TKR-sphere isn't asking for the war to end and to accept an unconditional surrender, they haven't been beaten. It's not an unconditional surrender if TKR-sphere is attempting to get rid of the VM and Kosonome terms, it's still continued negotiations over a conditional surrender. By taking discussions seriously at this point, SynDIQ is suggesting that it is annoyed by this war and all that talk that it's generating revenue faster than it's taking damage is bluster. That is to say, TKR-sphere's Fabian / deGaullian strategy is working and that SynDIQ will capitulate over some of its peace terms. The real fact of the war isn't the war of words that's being fought over essentially nothing, it's the fact that TKR-sphere is unable to grow and that many nations just sit there at 0 mil or have gone plain inactive, and the fact that SynDIQ is taking grazing attacks from TKR-sphere downdeclares that aren't being properly controlled by superior assets. At some point, this battle of endurance will end with either TKR-sphere capitulating to full terms or SynDIQ capitulating to modified terms. All this talk is just talk and essentially immaterial to the course of this war.
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    Like 60% of alliances use either reqium or a personally created bot that tracks wars against or by your alliance, bots are primarily against game rules for baseball, and anything that deals with trades
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    This war has gone for over 2 months now though. If they have been in VM for most the time, not really sure what excuse they could be giving lol
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    19th January. It will be announced on a radio show See the link below for more info.
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    I volunteer to receive radishes
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    I did my part in voting for none of the people who should win in any category. #boycottyearlyawards
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    It's not in the Foreign Affairs section. It's called role-playing. By the way, Hit-Girl does have mental issues, but not any retardation symptoms. I didn't know that Kickass was a children's movie. Kids these days must really love gore.
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    Elaborated raiding with some induced drama xD
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