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  1. How dare you people make this thread about anything other than Fraggle.... no manners, these kids nowadays...
  2. I wish we could choose yawn as a reaction, so we could all adequately react to Kastor's antics.
  3. Bye you weirdos. You've brought entertainment into an otherwise grey and bleak game landscape.
  4. Literally checked if I missed an entire month and it's April fools'
  5. Good luck, little ones. I'm with you in spirit and unfortunately also nation score now.
  6. There wasn't enough crying.
  7. Ripper's stats looking sexy af Thanks for making this; very cool.
  8. All hope is lost.... Don't look at me like that, someone had to make that joke, nobody stepped up... Seriously though, bye, if it isn't fun, it isn't fun. Enjoy life on the outside.
  9. Thrax' and critters' competition for most nukes is the real war. It's why all of this happened. In the end we will all be eaten by Bocephus.
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