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  1. There are a lot of stuff like baseball, spy ops, spy recruitment that are not visible through any interface. I've recruited spies today. I have 28,563,409.66. That data shows 28,563,410. This is an exploit. Not just simulating mechanics. *PROOF*: What I have: What it says I have: Huh it can simulate that?:
  2. I think the part we're worried about is that "approval". How is the approval going to work? Is he going to just go with it, because it's made by a few community members (who can be biased)? Or is he going to actually ask/vote the community? I know Alex will vet the idea, but every change affects someone and those effects need to be discovered before these are implemented. Only discussing with the whole community can do that. How transparent will this be? Will we be able to see what ideas were proposed and approved? If they are approved, will the community be informed beforehand, as the team members' alliances can potentially have an advantage if it's not transparent. Will any player be able to contribute into the suggestions or just the team members? How will the members be accepted? Why is it better than discussing on the forums? I think it's pretty clear to you too that a good amount of players believe you give biased suggestions (every change affects someone). If you want this to work, be transparent about it's working. EDIT: And this is why people don't want it? If there's a feature Alex doesn't want to be public knowledge too early, then why exactly should your dev-team members have access to it? Development Teams are not supposed to have interests in game politics. If Alex is putting people on a Dev Team which will have access to future restricted features, then they need to quit alliances and move into their own alliance with Alex. Thank you. tl;dr If this was a public think-tank with transparency, I would support it. But this is about making a development team that can change game mechanics with potential conflict of interest. I don't support it. @Alex Care to elaborate on your approval for this team? Why would you trust this team with future secret features?
  3. It's well overdue. How many times have a lot of us blamed Alex for being very inactive in development? How often do we blame him for doing stupid changes? How often do we blame him for not discussing game decisions and developments? How many times have we criticized him for the changes? Every single time. Alex does discuss. Alex does share. But the community, most of the time, is not aware of the decisions before they are implemented because of a lack of awareness. Criticism is natural. Someone will always have issues with any change. But there have been decisions by Alex in "past" that have not been taken after making the wider community aware of these beforehand. This needs to change. What I suggest: - Alex informs the community of changes well before he starts implementing it even on the test server (cause historically the feature that reaches the test server always reaches the live server after some "fixes"). - Alex informs the community of his game - development plans at every single step. How to do this? Do a forum post after pushing it on the test server? No. Alex should use a public tool like Kanban Boards (Trello) / Issue trackers (Jira/GitHub) which anyone in the community can open and track. Forums are for discussions. Not for tracking things. We need to know the status of each accepted suggestion, and Alex's decision on it beforehand. The link to this platform should be as easily available as possible to the community. Make it a game objective to open it. And put it on the main navigation sidebar of PW. And it's not that much work for Alex, this platform will be managed by their own moderators (and don't worry, they don't have to "moderate" but just move ideas according to their status). All Alex has to do make his decisions more accessible. Easy to track right? I am not trying to make this a "democratic" process. I am trying to make it "transparent". Alex can still push his own updates into the game. But we need to know about them beforehand. (So that we can protest and prepare). Is this hard? Doesn't the community deserve this after 6 years of sticking around? Please @Alex ? P.S. For this to work, Alex needs to commit. Every single change needs to be tracked. Not just the "big" ones. Every single decision the developer takes affects someone in the game. tl;dr Alex needs to commit to better workflow for this game. It's not his hobby project anymore. The community needs better sight on his "vision" for the game.
  4. You sure about that? I remember you telling me the opposite.
  5. Switching off negative karma is definitely a better solution than switching off the ability to show disagreement with someone's post.
  6. I owe it to Politics and War for getting me interested in programming. I dived into advanced Java, databases, and started learning web frameworks like Spring because of PW projects. The projects I did in PW helped me get invited into university closed developer circles within a week of joining. I've been playing PW-API for the last year, and not PW. It got me to use Discord and Slack, where I joined various developer servers. These servers and their helpful members have acted as mentors for me in the last three years since I didn't have one IRL. And, it got me involved in the international community, where I learned to respect each other's ideologies and be more open-minded than I was before. It taught me to communicate better, even tho I am still pretty stupid at it. I would say it helped me a lot with my real-life communication. And lastly, I made amazing friends. I will probably never forget Politics and War for the rest of life. A lot of us won't. I would like to thank @Alexfor making this game and the older players for shaping the community around it. Yes, PW helps waste time. But you can learn a lot from it the same as real-life.
  7. We're all here for the balls.
  8. Killing Hippos is now a corporate crime.
  9. What was the motive of the second part of the OP? Proving that Pantheon doesn't have anyone else than a 5 city nation to lead them?? (unless he's a reroll ofc). That's more sad than fist leaving. Not sure if it's a good change. Good leadership is really necessary. Something similar to what happened to the short lived Ordo Paradoxia (aka La Mafia).
  10. Since now we're making so high demands from Alex, I'd say include Pagination for those big APIs too lol. . . Anyways, @Dynamic don't have such high hopes. lol. I'd be happier if Alex just logs every change he makes to the API (which he doesn't atm. he leaves it to the community to discover the changes).
  11. Well, I do agree that some people need the ability to pull in automated VMs, but it has indeed slowed down the API with a lot of useless nations. Maybe he could add a URL GET parameter to filter out only active nations (not in automated VMs). Also with #6, I was trying to propose to let go of the "real time" path and take up the cache path. Pagination is highly unlikely with Alex's current API development history. And it might result in much faster response times (again I am just speculating. maybe I am overestimating the benefit cause SQL queries are already pretty damn fast. Someone experienced with working with APIs or Alex could comment on the response times). But the fact remains, that the large APIs have considerably slowed down (for some it has gone from 10s to 20s. For me 25s to 50s cause prob server location and latency and internet speed... idk). I'd really like Alex to fix it. Also, I've heard Alex say somewhere that API already uses a lot of his server resources. Instead of blaming us to constantly hitting his API for changes, maybe he could do some work to force reduce resource usage of the API (webhooks, pagination, filters, cache, CDN, rate-limits etc.)
  12. Some changes I think the API might benefit from: Upper cap on API usage should be replaced with Rate Limits. Assign a higher rate rimit for resource-intensive API endpoints... so that people don't spam that endpoint. The current system is actually as bad as having no limits. The quotas are already high enough after buying a cheap VIP in-game. What if I concurrently try to access nations API from 1000 different threads/processes. It's much easier to do that than it looks like especially since there is a free tier in AWS and Google Cloud >_> This should actually result in much needed reduced API usage for the server imo. After the extended deletion rule changes Alex made, the API has started to bloat with unnecessary objects in Nations, All-Cities, and Nation-Military API. Some stats to prove that: Total nations in the API: 13813 Total nations active in last 45 days: 6732 Total nations that should have been deleted previously (above 45 days inactivity): 7081 Total nations inactive above 90 days (in automated VM): 4668 The extra 7081 nations have slowed down Nations API endpoint by almost half. It used to take me almost 25s to fetch the Nations API earlier this year... it's now around 50s. (can be different according to internet speeds... point to be noted is that it has slowed down). At least those 4668 nation objects do not need to be present in the API. Same applies for the All-Cities and Nation-Military API. Either change how the game handles automated VMs (preferred) or just exclude them from the API. Fetching the status of Powered key of a nation city atm means, getting all the city ids, either through All-Cities or Nation API and then parsing through each city separately. Now, this looks ok for smaller sheets and such, but when the sheet/bot/code is dealing with 100+ nations, it means on an average calling the API 8 times for each of those 100+ nations. (if 8 is the average cities). The number shoots into thousands easily. Checking City power is a very important factor for categorizing "profitable" and active nations imo. It makes sense to add a powered key either into All-Cities API (preferred) or the Nation/Nations API (like the number of powered cities I guess). This will again reduce load since I'll be not calling your City endpoint thousands of times. War-Attacks API is buggy (numbers are not accurate) and has pretty much fricked up design. I cannot comment on it cause I never used it because of its weird design. I ask more experienced developers to please tell Alex on how to improve this one. It's not useless atm, but it's buggy and more poorly designed relative to Alex's other API endpoints. @Alexplease read this: http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.intro.php. I am amazed at your API's data types. Idk how your backend behaves but I think large API results should be cached by your server (if it's not being done already). I am quite ready to lose a few minutes of updated data in return for a faster API response time. I don't need to know if a trade was done 1 minute ago as long as I am getting the data within 10-15 minutes. Reason for this change: "Real Time" large API responses are usually more structured (paginated) than your API. I don't expect you to do that so instead lose the real time for a few minutes delay. Fetch data in the backend every 15min or so and just dump that JSON whenever someone accesses that endpoint (this is specifically for Nations, All-Cities, Nation-Military, Trade-History.... the larger ones). This is more of personal opinion without any numbers to back whether it will be faster or not and I am sure people will disagree with it and I'll be glad to read why not. I'll keep editing, adding suggestions here. Meanwhile feel free to add more suggestions here or correct the ones suggested.
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