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  1. Rather than continuing the witch hunt, read the post above yours
  2. Turn change? You likely don't have the income to sustain that military
  3. That's not how BK Mergers work, has @Biel taught you nothing?
  4. All hail Keshav, all hail BK using child labour
  5. Someone should report him for trolling
  6. Can't be the great sock war unless @Xoriet of NPO is involved
  7. My point was that it's that which likely made him decide to ban, so in answer to the other dudes issue with sharing IP's with his family, try to have as little direct interaction as possible.
  8. Maybe don't take loans off someone you share an IP with
  9. Thanks for your further efforts to try and sort this mess out. It's appreciated you are listening to the community and exploring this thoroughly
  10. there is 713m food in circulation, already far too much, the prices are dictated by the users being willing to release their stock piles. There is also a war going on that has stopped production on some continents. If you want the new wonders, and don't have a stockpile, you'll pay a premium until the early adopters are done.
  11. If Alex wants to send me that sweet bank that he's got in vacation, I am sure I can arrange something
  12. In all fairness, I am not sure the community as a whole are going to chase the 11 city nations, it's not like this is a main perpetrator of the issues.
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