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  1. Bhuto

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    Lmao you actually believed this ?
  2. Bhuto

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    Elaborated raiding with some induced drama xD
  3. Bhuto

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    When one of your government member says that you are a jerk then there's been a serious problem with the way you are doing the things ........ Learn quickly or consequences will be severe.
  4. Bhuto

    Starting 2018 the Right Way

    It's really sad to see the game I loved soooooo much for a long time period is getting destroyed by idiotic FA actions ??. As a person I really respect you roquentin but sadness is even you are not doing anything interesting when you have fair enough power to make great things happen ...I mean I don't have much info about any fa action going on behind the scenes so I am kind of guessing stuffs from AA posts..... But really I think if I had time I could easily quoted you from old posts where you are talking about city count difference of syndiaphere and rest of the game those logics were very much true and it's really sad to see you are doing the exact same thing when you have"THE" power.
  5. Bhuto

    Alliance Category Voting - Official

    BK has better military than TKR ??? Is this based on the stats of the last orbo world war I fought in or ayyliens coming from parallel universe voting for BK ??
  6. Game is pretty much dead unless IQ is waiting for EZM top tier become semi inactive and then hunt them down........ If that's not the case I have no idea why even people are bothered about treaties
  7. Bhuto

    The Most Bloody Meme-war like ever

    And that's how Arrgh began? ? Interesting
  8. Bhuto

    Knights Templar Announcement

    5/10 I think keegoz would have been a better choice as leader but good luck KT
  9. Bhuto

    Zeus voids God.

    Coup thalmor Orbis needs it's god emperor
  10. Bhuto

    Is Hiring Mercs a Valid CB?

    In all seriousness ........
  11. Bhuto

    Is Hiring Mercs a Valid CB?

    at least now people got someone to roll.......... wut bout Pantheon hiring arrgh to hit KT and giving them a valid CB as well so we can finally see a good old warrrrrr!!!
  12. Bhuto

    We need a 4th sphere

    Maybe you should make a separate thread asking peeps to create most balanced 4 way split from this pic?
  13. Bhuto

    Is Hiring Mercs a Valid CB?

    Every thing is a valid CB when you do not have any major war over 5 months or so.....
  14. wtf going on @Queen M you made an alliance?? congrats !!

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