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  1. They would get the message after the DoW ofc.
  2. tbf this is sort of well-known stuff since that bk war co-ordination form got leaked. but honestly if t$-npo do join on the dogpiling I will be disappointed.
  3. lololol so when's the fight starting ?
  4. Bhuto

    Few ideas.

    All are awesome but I doubt if Alex is at all willing to even read it....
  5. Wow really like this new minisphere of bk.... Way to go boys
  6. Bhuto

    Boring game.

    I hate to admit but you are absolutely right......... Like only thing that connecting me with current game is bunch of old friends i like to hangout with..... there has to be some major changes in the gameplay and stuffs..... litreally nothing changed in last what 3-4 years apart from one minor war mechanics shift...... it's nice that we have lots of good FA minded people to make things interesting but I guess its high time that more updates comes our way...... I dont think we are yet in a point of no return for this game but we are approaching it no doubt about that.
  7. If this is true (which I hardly think is) Kudos to bk for trying to shift dynamic of the game twice by making non-conventional moves. Hail Ayyslam
  8. Bhuto

    A Valid CB

    Peace is not worth it Orbis people. We have come here to free you from stupid and meaningless peace and give you monthly rolling ❤️ With love, Over lord of the lunatics Bhuto.
  9. Bhuto


    you are confusing me with someone who actually gives a shit
  10. o/Rose Good luck Vack/Noytal/Reinhard Von Musel ^-^
  11. lmao so you are basically a pet of bk?
  12. sad to see TKR-tcw breakup it was a looong lasting tie but all good things must come to an end 😕 Also why is this guy log-dumping ?
  13. ah that makes sense that is absolutely false ...... sometimes your perspective makes you think someone is being a troll but just think as an independent persona there was a pretty good reason why some old players had a good support base.
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