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  1. Ask the rest of your gov about it. I don't think we expected you to expand your front to PO. Coordinating on GoG who was already at war with your coalition did not seem undoable
  2. What would be a reasonable amount in your opinion?
  3. You neglect to mention that TGH wanted a large sum of money from us in exchange for your help in the PO war. Out of respect for the person I talked to, I am not gonna post the details here. He said that it would only have worked if one of our allies stepped in to counter PO. But a HS gov member implied that they expected a counter or two from other alliances so the rest of HS among others were on standby. I am not sure if counters or your milcom expertise would have changed anything Also when one of our guys asked TGH whether you wanted to coordinate on GoG when we were at war with them, you turned us down
  4. My stance is that helping an ally is less humiliating than sending prisoners of war to PO. Yes I made an alternative suggestion, you approved it and we entered this war as a result of it
  5. Seb has the most land (260k) Other people who have a lot of land: Sephiroth with 255k land (in VM) Rose with 219k land (in VM) Odin with 201.11k land Joe Baker with 200k land A leaderboard for Most Land would be nice
  6. Members who lacked loyalty was a problem in the old DB but I literally bought my 24th city almost 1 year ago and remained in the alliance after buying that city so nice try. I stopped buying more cities to focus on the growth of other members. I could have been much bigger by now if I cared about my personal growth
  7. I assume that you hit us for sitting out of the current global. What exactly did HS do in the global anyway besides declaring 9 wars (with an average of 1.8 wars per person who fought) and not getting countered?
  8. We only received actionable intel a few hours before the attack. It was too late to launch an offensive by then (timezones and stuff)
  9. You guys were definitely more militarized than us and had the first-strike advantage. The best defense is a good offense in this game. Some of us only had a max plane build which we used on NPO's advice
  10. In February this year, Hilmes told me that t$ will never hit us. I suppose things change when new people take over the reins. When Jessica Rabbit quit the game, she told me "Please keep an eye on t$ for me. They're loyal, and they need friends like you". Jess would be sad if she knows what's happening now. I miss the old t$ leaders and they are much more pleasant to work with
  11. Our entry in the Knightfall war was optional. I chose to assist when Partisan asked us for help. Admittedly we considered leaving Knightfall earlier but the decision was made to stay till the end after talking to some people. TKR was extremely persistent and nuked us till the very last day of Knightfall. It certainly did not "end quickly" As for the current war, I originally wanted to assist CoA with their front but three high gov members were on vacation overseas so the plan had to be shelved. Some of my gov members are teenagers; I can't expect their parents to leave them alone at home to fight a war in a browser game while the rest of the family goes on a family vacation.
  12. There is one more which is named The Roman Empire.. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5318
  13. BC has been in 4 wars. This seems like a weird statement. As for RR, i only remember them being attacked in Ask Alexio
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