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  1. Yoda

    DarkBrotherhood makes more Bad Company

    We look forward to working with our new allies o/ Alpha o/ DB
  2. Yoda

    UPN charter change

    "Members who wish to leave the alliance within six months of receiving aid from UPN are required to repay the full sum they received" This is the longest I have seen besides Zodiac's 4 months Also congrats on the changes
  3. Yoda

    Nuclear Radiantation

    Congrats TKR and NK
  4. Yoda

    We've made a few changes.

    Is "Internal Harmony and Protection" your IA+MilCom department?
  5. Yoda

    Brief Mensa Announcement

  6. Yoda

    Viridia takes a NAP

    o/ VE o/ tVE
  7. Yoda

    State of The Viridian Entente

    Unlike what Impero and Seeker planned to do, I didn't do this to become sole ruler of VE. We are switching to a 4 leader gov system and I even gave away one of my departments. My conscience is clear.
  8. Yoda

    A Viridian Entente Announcement

    Congrats to Keza Purple and thanks to MoonPie for your long service to the Entente!
  9. Article I - Sovereignty The Holy Britannian Empire and the Viridian Entente (herein referred to as “the signatoriesâ€) recognize each other as sovereign entities. In the interest of friendship and guidance, the signatories enter this protectorate agreement. Article II - Aid and Intelligence The signatories agree to aid each other financially as they see fit, though both signatories understand that although it is encouraged, this is entirely optional. The signatories also commit to coordinate and share intelligence for the safety and well being of both alliances. Article III - Protection An attack on the Viridian Entente constitutes as an attack on the Holy Britannian Empire. The Holy Britannian Empire fully commits itself to defend its protectorate through means including but not limited to: military, financial, and diplomatic aid. In the case that the Holy Britannian Empire is attacked, the Viridian Entente is encouraged, but not obligated, to come to the Holy Britannian Empire's defense. Article IV - Aggression Should the need for either signatory to declare a war of aggression arise, it is encouraged for the other signatory to support them in their venture. However, both signatories recognize that this is not an obligation. Article V - Cancellation This treaty may be cancelled by either signatory following a 72 hour notice period, given through private channels. Signed for Britannia: hadesflames, Emperor of Britannia TheSnipe, Prime Minister and Lord of Lords Sylvia, Lady of Foreign Affairs Kasai, Lord of Internal Affairs Chekhov, Lord of Defense SteuartGeharon, Lord of Finance Torshiro Mifune, Senator of Foreign Affairs Hamilton, Senator of Internal Affairs aTOMic_fusion, Senator of Finance Vin_z, Senator of Defense Signed for the Viridian Entente: MoonPie, Triumvir of State Seeker, Triumvir of Defense Yoda, Triumvir of the Interior CJonathan, Director of Economics Keza Purple, Director of the Interior & State Codonian, Director of Defense Celzar, Assistant Director of the Interior Leigh Gotch, Assistant Director of Defense Agent W, Assistant Director of Defense Blkandwhtlion, Minister of Information Grosskev, Minister of Awesome Aristotle the Great, Minister of Awesome
  10. Yoda

    A Viridian Announcement!

    Happy birthday Many great years to come
  11. Yoda

    Discord Directory

    https://discord.gg/zbJqNkr New link for VE since the previous one leads to our #gaming channel instead of the #general channel
  12. Yoda

    MAP not regenerating

    My MAP isn't regenerating since I ran my last attack at 11/06/2016 12:57 am War in question: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=162767
  13. Yoda

    New VE Forum

    It's the default theme from Simple Machines
  14. Yoda

    New VE Forum

    Announcement from the Viridian Entente We at Viridia would like to inform all fellow Orbis citizens that we have migrated our forum to a new server and a new domain. We welcome all and sundry to drop by our new forum at http://ve-pnw.com and our Discord server at https://discord.gg/6meR4vm We are also looking for someone who could design a nice and professional forum theme for us. Please message any Triumvir if you are good at SMF themes and would like to help us. MoonPie, Triumvir of State SeekerSeeks, Triumvir of Defense Yoda, Triumvir of the Interior Aristotle the Great, Director of Internal Affairs CJonathan, Director of Defense / Economics Codonian, Director of State Boebi, Assistant Director of Internal Affairs (Recruitment) Grosskev, Minister of Awesome

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