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  1. Lucifer Morningstar

    Beat you to it. HA

    Well, looks like I just lost my war virginity. Jeez that was a lot of pings
  2. Lucifer Morningstar

    The Underground DoE

    It's a valid CB last I checked
  3. Lucifer Morningstar

    Shifty News Network LLC-Haunting the Chapel

    It's rumble time boios (sarcasm)
  4. Lucifer Morningstar

    Idk why Vanguard is Re-DoE’ing but here we go

    I sexually Identify as a Bad Company. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of being the irrelevant alliance in an irrelevant bloc. People say to me that a person being a Bad Company is impossible and I’m fecking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install copious amount of glitter, too many protectorates, and a literal Minister of Shit on my body and develop a ludicrous love for alcohol. From now on I want you guys to call me “BC” and respect my right to be Platinum AF. If you can’t accept me you’re a badcophobe and need to check your alliance privilege. Thank you for being so understanding Platinum as shit
  5. Lucifer Morningstar

    The Rise of the OWR

    I give it 7 and half at most
  6. Lucifer Morningstar

    Blue Alantians - DOD

    Alliance still exists in game
  7. Lucifer Morningstar

    Blue Alantians - DOE

    The institution should merge into BC Well Cornerstone and Zodiac would know how bad of a decision that would be
  8. Lucifer Morningstar

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

  9. Lucifer Morningstar

    This is... a quick update on the war.

    Praise the Holy Snek
  10. Lucifer Morningstar

    The Age of Reformation

    Or if someone rolls them for shiggles
  11. Lucifer Morningstar

    Psst heeeey. Two words for you

    So global war?
  12. Lucifer Morningstar

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    Congrats ladies, gents and subhuman traps
  13. Lucifer Morningstar

    Recognition of Hostilities

    This won't even be a slaughter. It'll be the least bloodiest war in Orbis history
  14. Lucifer Morningstar

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Well this will be a slaughter, have fun Niz and Felkey
  15. Lucifer Morningstar

    Great Job! with Kev and Charlie

    Forgot me dipshit

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