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  1. Might wanna see a proctologist for all that butthurt
  2. I declare you....... a retard like most in this game /s
  3. Ulfric Stormcloak wants to know your location Listen lads good luck rolling DB, someone had to at some stage.
  4. I'm charging royalties on this
  5. While we're at it we may as well have another tag for micros. But let's face it, this idea is kinda unnecessary especially when you take Dio's point into account. The amount of spam on this subforum is miniscule and last happened when RyanK last posted here. Overall this is pointless since the mods do a good job at locking down spam threads
  6. Póg mo bhódh bitseach, níl aon aerach
  7. Downvoted because you're pandering to the snowflakes
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