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  1. "I'm not sure exactly where to start with your bad maths. Yes you might have 15 api endpoints, but those endpoints are not all equal. There are ~260 Alliances, ~10.7k Nations and ~61.9k Cities that are accessible from those endpoints. Calling all those, even once per day, gives you a maximum of 73k potential calls per day." no, no, annnnnnd no I can agree with the merging of apis tho, having all the info of a nation/alliance/war/etc with one call is well worth having to sort on my end
  2. Verin

    Notice of Cancellation

    Real men don't have accidents
  3. Verin

    Inappropriate name

    boku no pico best anime
  4. Verin

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Someone down voted? Who downvotes a child getting kicked in the head
  5. Verin

    New Players Joining Alliances

    I 0 percent support this notion, cause maybe new players wanna play the game with who and how they want to play it. but whats my opinion matter, I don't *actually* play anymore, I just exist to troll raiders and be obnoxious.
  6. Verin

    API Improvements

    if we could get the trade prices api condensed into one instead of requiring a hit for each resource, that'd be pretty alright too 👌
  7. Verin

    SNN: The Quick and The Dead

    but don't, use requiem instead
  8. Verin

    SNN: The Quick and The Dead

    bot will of soon play game for u, just needs of you gib me credit card details
  9. Verin

    SNN: The Quick and The Dead

    Can confirm, requiem is very much powerful tool, it help big stronk alliance rekt not so big stronkt alliance, is finds out more heree https://discord.gg/k7xR2He
  10. Verin

    Public Denunciation of The Crimson Entente

    go whoop their asses The Crimson Entente! Don't know who either of you are but cry babies deserve spankings
  11. there isn't a category for best discord bot, this list is a sham
  12. Verin

    Abuse of Downvoting

    no don't stop. My half a brain cell is getting so much pleasure from down voting you
  13. Verin

    Abuse of Downvoting

    thanks for posting, I'll see my way out now Dx
  14. Verin

    Abuse of Downvoting

    damn I wish that was true. Maybe less people like you would make posts.

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