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  1. Instead of an easy W SAIL signed a 3 month NAP extension just to watch their opps outplay them
  2. They are denying us our postive net they are catphobic
  3. It is 2019, TI sucks at war It is 2020, TI sucks at war It is 2021, TI sucks at war It is 2022, TI sucks at war It is 2023, TI sucks at war It is 2024, TI sucks at war why is everyone acting surprised again?
  4. Make it one defensive war per two offensive wars then make it unlimited offensive wars. Let a 2nd fraggle be born and turn the entire game to nuclear ash after 3 years of nuclear stockpiling
  5. that's like saying starcraft 2 is mid go play call of duty they are completely different games in completely different genres
  6. we should play again so that i can roll you and cino somewhere at least
  7. Don't listen to Logistics and Umar! From day 1 the sword cats has been dedicated to the destruction of all things cis! We oppose on fundamental grounds all cis related activities and the existence of cis is a direct attack on our principles! The fact that our government is nearly entirely staffed by cis males is merely advanced trickery on our part and- hold on- Wait what's that? A different cis? Confederacy of Independent Systems? Oh, okay, I see. There apparently has been a gross misunderstanding of the situation on my part, go back to arguing about whatever this "CIS" is.
  8. imagine being so salty over your active members jumping ship you have to make up bullshit lmfao
  9. Does this mean we're gonna have a 4v1?
  10. Halal meme for a halal alliance
  11. Ayayay


    Meow meow meow meow meow Meow meow meow
  12. "The third change is a new tier 1 naval trait, which increases the chance of blocking the missiles/nukes of a nation you’re blockading by 10% (this is multiplicative to the current 30%/25% chance)." Nukes/missiles should not be nerfed more. They are the only units half the combatants can use after the first round. Unless the point is to encourage people to not log in after the first round of war?
  13. i suggested this a while ago (but in regards to AUP at c15-16) however the activity center should disable after the city cost project is purchasable (so after c21) it currently creates a weird incentive where players sit on manifest destiny for 5 days, then buy c16(or c21 now) and then immediately buy the city cost project at the same time. I suppose the costs are negligible and you are arguably losing the income of a city which is worth more. However AC is guaranteed income so if a war breaks out you have that no matter what and so it's just safer to not take the risk unless there is a global nap and you know you're safe.
  14. $500 million on Arrgh itself please
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