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  1. Clearly these logs are fake. I have never stated anything like this, except in exasperation to question asked by someone on discord. I'm an innocent, honourable victim in all this! You have no proof. tl;dr GOON MAN BAD EDIT: Also congratulations on your MDoAP treaty folks o7
  2. The changes simplify things and clean it up, so Iā€™m fine with it tbh. The missing resources tab is slightly annoying but it could be added in or @Alex could give us customizable tabs
  3. The rise of the rainbow order. Heard it here first folks!
  4. Good idea. I think this is ideal, friend. Let us begin finding such shoes.
  5. Can do! Orange and Pink are great colours to combine tbh. But may I suggest Orange and Caramel coloured lights instead?
  6. I mean I'd totally rock these shoes, and hope anyone wanting new shoes buy them tbh. What can go wrong?
  7. So none of that is true? Do educate me on how everything that is mentioned above is somehow warped or outlandish.
  8. Again, free advice here, everyone can afford to lose in a game with no real way of destroying cities and undoing years of growth. That really shouldn't be the hill you should choose to fall on your sword at. Akuryo need not have IT's to do damage. That's beside the point really, Rebekkah is at 0 planes, and Akuryo has a free run on her 15k+ tanks (already probably lower rn) and whatever ships she's busy hoarding. So no, Rebekkah isn't "winning", by allowing Akuryo to keep their military intact, you've basically allowed them strategic command, i.e you're in some pain for a while. Also I've heard many claims of folks wanting to carry on wars "long after other's have fallen." They're usually the first to you know fall, and find their way out of situations. So bravado aside, if your entire strategy is to pull an Akuryo on @Akuryo by pissing off enough people to quit the game, while continuing to play, you really have no idea who you're dealing with lol. I mean Akuryo mastered the art of wanting to piss people enough to make them quit, so I'm intrigued by this battle, but my bets are on Akuryo winning this one at the end of the day So yeah I'll gladly remember it, but not in the manner you'd wish me to My most noble Queen Hope, I miss your Blair Waldorf avatar
  9. But if history is a sign of things, almost every major empire were at some level genocidal, or racist maniacs i.e Best not to RP history folks! Heard it here first What is it that you wanted to do? Sign up for a winning war with your coalition members holding nazi views while calling others out for the same? I don't see Roq saying much else
  10. I doubt this could ever be achieved Doubtful it's a coalition wide goal either, so I wonder who's selling that narrative Why we're great at learning! Thank you very much Buorhann-senpai. I guess if anything, we've learnt that "fun" noCB wars against Fark and co. isn't something we like doing on a bi-annual basis
  11. Free advice? Akuryo is still sitting on 1980 planes. While Rebekkah might have GC, with 0 planes, her entire nation is basically a target for the grind. I'd suggest you don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  12. I mean 4 days, and got their stuff wiped before it percolated through the game and trades. For all the talk about false equivalence, I think @Spaceman Thrax should take his own advice sometimes.
  13. We can't keep this back and forth on going, if I surrender no? After all you need me!
  14. Why of course you're allowed said call out, while working with nazis because rolling BK is worth it no?
  15. Oops, I forgot @Aragorn, son of Arathorn. BK MAN BAD, now will I become a forum darling, being allowed to work with nazis, while being allowed to call others out for doing this?
  16. Stating a fact is a deflection now? Nice! Well not pissed enough to call others out for working with folks you proclaim to dislike so! I mean if you're so pissed, feel free to surrender at any point
  17. Right because working with nazi nazis is totally fine and dandy for y'all?
  18. @George (James T Kirk) Please roll me "portionally" too?
  19. Your deflection skills have dropped since your vacation
  20. Still waiting for the day when you're consistent with your own actions
  21. The majority of NPO don't play baseball? I mean again folks like @Akuryo are too busy conflating politics with a mechanic a variety of people use from a different alliances. @Alex I suggest you look into the approach of home and aways differently, since they have different times to play/money involved. I really don't see the need to keep going after folks who cover aways/ so people can play homes etc without you paying enough attention to the meta of it. That's where the problem lies more than anything, and being this heavy handed over something that isn't as bad as your military glitching to award beiges/wins to folks and co. is weird, since here people are spending time within the confines of the law to do something. Those who bot, need to get their asses handed to them, but outside of that, you doing something because you can, doesn't make it the best way forward.
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