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  1. Both of which you were a supporter of, and imposed yourself on the treaty. Good going mate!
  2. I mean I feel like a lot of y'all overestimate the impact of baseball solely because you're too lazy to put in any effort in playing it/joining the communities that play it. It may help to git gud and you know actually allow different play styles to exist, rather than trying to hegemonise your views in such a manner, to solely suit your political objectives. Threads like these are basically folks who've failed at their political outcomes, trying to force admin to step in and help them. It's absolutely hilarious at some level.
  3. Doubtful. I think you take the cake along with your friends who enjoy slot filling/ using security breaches to screw with AAs. At least you've given up on attempting to slot fill for now. I look forward to a Christmas truce!
  4. Glad to see ya'll giving up on the slot fills. Enjoy the nation strikes.
  5. Hi there, I was called for. I’m missing your reactions to all my recent posts. Please keep up ❤️
  6. Keno could be brute forced and was cheated around. Baseball its quite hard since finding a botter is easy. There's a community that has been built around it, and folks are willing to play/click and do the work involved. Still don't see any argument to nerf it, other than EM is too lazy to baseball and therefore its broken.
  7. Get out of here with your facts. This is a no fact zone since Coal A appeared.
  8. I mean we literally have logs from your government discussions with OD regarding the subject matter. I'd suggest you either go back and talk to your government about it. I'd posit that Roquentin probably has more information regarding the situation than you do as well Shame on EMC indeed
  9. The fact that you've let tS RoH exist on the boards, despite nation strikes being given to multiple NP members, while selectively hiding UPNs. I didn't know you or the second moderator were the leaders of UPN to decide who they can or cannot fight, and announce it to the game accordingly. You've clearly made a mistake here, the least you can do is correct that mistake, rather offering flimsy excuses and deflections. Stay out of the politics or you're opening yourselves up to reports regarding bias like under's post here. I strongly urge you to correct the mistake in withdrawing UPN's RoH or anyone else's because you deem it a troll, without consulting the leaders of said alliances, especially when you are selectively applying the rule book.
  10. By that logic, Alex strikes against NP/tS RoH should be nuked as well. let’s face it you’re letting your in game biases seep into your moderation and it’s a terrible standard to set. UPN posted a RoH recognising a war with whomever they wanted. If you’re going to continue to be biased and pick sides I suggest you either resign as a mod or I hope Alex will replace you.
  11. RIP Uncle Tarr. By far one of the finest players to grace any of the worlds. Whales have always been an issue. Their city range has just constantly increased as the game has progressed. NPO's tiering being across the board while facing sustained threats from EMC, ensured the necessity of self-reliant Econ. One can't just switch over and do what Alpha did with Wampus, if it harms our WC and has no military effectiveness. It's such a silly assumption. Boosting one or two members at the cost of everyone else is surprisingly a stupid idea. There's no point having one member at 30 cities if we can't afford to maintain a war. Our military will always be dictated by economics. We're competing with alliances that have never lost a war till this one, who through the years has rolled multiple alliances, and grown a war chest that's not only crazy, but surpasses what most others on the losing side of a war ever could imagine. 100/100 doesn't magically induce huge wealth, especially when spread over 130 nations. Again seems like basic understanding of 100/100 or externally induced tiering does not seem to be your forte. I enjoy this tangent but that's simply untrue. TKR et all had unimpeded growth for years and were able to spend extra cash as they saw fit, while we simply did not have that luxury. Mind you, between ToT and (what 16 or 17 months?) did not really have much of an economically taxing war. We fought AC to a stand still and also had certain upper tier/ higher infra members get hit right after building that thanks to TJest, which threw a whole lot of money invested down the drain. The peace between AC and KF we were playing catch up, and within months after KF, here we are. Unlike a tonne of alliances on your side that had 10-15 months of peace to build, we've always been under the threat of war, and fighting wars/raids all of which costs way more than most of you have had to face in this game. So its really disingenuous of you to even try to claim otherwise. Maybe if y'all didn't keep focusing on damaging the NPO for years, this war would have taken a different turn. Also I'd prefer no one having an untouchable tier ever. I'd rather ensure all tiers are held down and take damages so that everyone is at the same starting point at the end of each global. To do that though, we have to invert the present structures to ensure those who have had the economic capital so far are knocked down a peg or five, to ensure at the end of this war, we are at similar standing points. It's great some fancy Econ system you suggested has a great upper tier. Maybe if all the upper tiers weren't in one consolidated mass for years, it'd have been less effective. Here's to hoping more upper tier damage and attrition
  12. I mean that was literally his shtick. The point I was drawing out is Rose/ most other major alliances run scripts/bots for a myriad of activities. This isn't a NPO only thing, and of most major alliances I've always believed we're the most manual of the lot (though I guess its about even.)
  13. Why yes I was 100% taxes has been there since inception since Frawley specifically designed our original economic idea, since it was the most efficient. Tiering came into place after GPW (NPOFT) as a necessity. Given that as Roq pointed out, we were designed to fight BK, and imagined it would be BK v NPO for the foreseeable future. We then redesigned it for TKR and tS' midtier to a greater success in ToT. Post ToT, other alliances started implementing tiering systems without 100/100 and it came to be advantageous during AC/KF and here. If anything tiering as a military strategy has worked.
  14. Nope. We came in later than the others, got rolled a bunch of times and were under constant threat of rolling. The necessity of tiering overtook the idea of laissez-faire growth. The economic disparity that began with the alliances being undefeated for years, including the TI shenanigans, and really never having their upper tier damaged are all things you conveniently ignore. They actually would have.
  15. If the dude wants to protect and allow a certain member who reneged on a deal they signed, James can very well pay those dues for it. Maybe it'd be a better idea for James to not protect certain individuals who renege on previous deals. The term literally states that.
  16. If you read the term, you'd understand how
  17. Don’t bother. George admitted he did it with his hypothetical cop out above and EM is Still defending him.
  18. I look forward to that day as well. Doubtful you'll be around to see it By your conditions, Demacia should not exist. Since you just attempted to force BK out of the game, and mass-kicked their alliance via security breaches. Enjoy your high horse for a while longer.
  19. Pot calling kettle black. You literally tried killing those who called you their own for years, and gave you a community to work win. I look forward to ensuring you pay for your attempts to screw with BKNet after pretty much admitting you just did. And hey at least I don't have to resort to cheating or breaching third party softwares, to do what I have to do ICily. Guess you can't win a war or play the game without being a cheat. Enjoy.
  20. There is no "real-talk" regarding bots, outside of your politicking over it. Go build your own banking software if you're that salty over being caught embezzling stuff and kicked out for screwing over a community that trusted you. I do enjoy your terribly partisan attempts at it. I enjoy your breaching of third party programmes though, quite cute.
  21. "Hypothetical." I enjoy your bullshit George. But this thread is in essence your attempt to screw with BK more and nothing else.
  22. No. He cleared you of breaking into Leo's nations in-game. The BKNet abuse though is another matter though, which folks with admin control with fairly certain confidence, did state you were the one behind it. So lets face it, this conversation is nothing more than another attempt of yours to mess with BK. Enjoy it while it lasts
  23. That's not what was written above.
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