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  1. My jimmies are unrustled. Props for appologising. But ye this should probably go in Orbis Central or be a DM, idk
  2. For years the downtrodden tanks have suffered under the aluminum fist of the planes. This grave injustice has been accepted by the Nations of Orbis as a fact of life for so long that even we have come to view the planes as our overlords. BUT NAY! FOR THE SHEEP MAN HAS COME, AS THE PROPHECY FORETOLD! HE HAS DELIVERED US FROM THE TYRANNY OF THE PLANES! Do you not see? Can you not understand? 42% is not imbalanced. It is reparations for EONS of injustice! How many tanks have been fed to the planes, how much steel has been lost to those winged monsters? The tanklatariat has been given a chance to rectify the years of punishment, so that they too may rise to power. That they may overthrow the crooked system of oppression and marginalisation imposed by the decadent planeoisie that has seen tank-kind squeezed out of the meta. Friends, I say we do not struggle against the march of history, for the sheep man has extended to us an opportunity, an opportunity for REAL CHANGE! Do not resist, for the spectre of tankunism hangs over Orbis. I say we embrace it. RISE UP TANKS!
  3. Vack

    Four Today

    Light theme Rose (Happy birthday btw! Here's to many more years of Rosian success ^^)
  4. On this fateful day, we are all slithering in the grass.
  5. My god I think it's actually being serious
  6. Contrary to popular belief, Dio is not in fact Ibnar. Sketchy, you are fake news.
  7. There's no straightforward or clean way to resolve this, so I understand Alex's hesitation to do anything more punitive. However, fact remains that a bunch of people have benefited from the exploit. This cheat, either by design or by accident, may well have emboldened NR to hit Panth, and it's benefiting them against KETOG. Imo something more has to be done, deleting some NR cities or some of their bank equivalent to what they received from the cheat.
  8. Link: https://politicsandwar.com//nation/id=165720 Name: Osama Bin Laden Violation: Jihad themed nation ?
  9. someone´╗┐ you'd like to know more about: the rest of UPN and Acadia
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