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  1. On this fateful day, we are all slithering in the grass.
  2. My god I think it's actually being serious
  3. Vack

    Let's Talk

    Contrary to popular belief, Dio is not in fact Ibnar. Sketchy, you are fake news.
  4. There's no straightforward or clean way to resolve this, so I understand Alex's hesitation to do anything more punitive. However, fact remains that a bunch of people have benefited from the exploit. This cheat, either by design or by accident, may well have emboldened NR to hit Panth, and it's benefiting them against KETOG. Imo something more has to be done, deleting some NR cities or some of their bank equivalent to what they received from the cheat.
  5. Link: https://politicsandwar.com//nation/id=165720 Name: Osama Bin Laden Violation: Jihad themed nation 😕
  6. Vack

    Do me a favor?

    someone you'd like to know more about: the rest of UPN and Acadia
  7. This is a reference to when VE and HBE protected each other. It's funny because this makes it sound like GotG are calling Camelot the new HBE.
  8. Love this response. Get well soon Biel, #DisbandMaduro
  9. Just wanted to mention something to keep in mind when you so thoughtlessly dismiss this. This is an MMO in which everyone is constantly printing money. Every MMO developer faces a problem, which is that the supply of stuff is constantly increasing at an ever faster rate. If this continues unabated then there will be so much stuff in the game that it will all become next to worthless. Try to consider for a moment that nothing ever gets done to create resource sinks, what is the end result of that? Resources will become so abundant that there is almost no demand. They cease to have value, where $1000 may once have bought you 1 unit of munitions it will now buy 1000 units because the abundance of resources is such that every listing is the lowest PPU possible, $1. The market will no longer be competitive or impoprtant. So far gone will the situation be that even major wars won’t budge the price at all. Everyone will be using the same city template, resources will become irrelevant numbers that require no strategising or forethought. That’s the end result of leaving things be. IRL you can just stop printing money to fix this problem, but you can’t just stop nations from having revenue. The solution to the problem of hyperdeflation in PW is to add resource sinks and commerce changes in such a way that reasonably stable balance is struck between supply and demand of all resources. That is measured in price. Picking a random benchmark price for resources and seeing if new features take you closer to it or further away is a valid strategy for measuring the impact of changes.
  10. You lost me at “Hey all”, but I’m sure this is extremely useful to several people.
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