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  1. You're right, it is a cycle, but only in the short term. This is old data, pre-Great Deflation update, but from collecting new data over the past few months it looks more or less like the trend is the same. The peaks are wars, NPOFT, SW, PP, TTT. The prices rise in the lead up to the war, fall during, hit the bottom following rebuild, then rise again slowly before peaking when a new war seems likely. That's the short term cycle. However the much larger overal trend is still that prices fall in the long term, which is because of the same issue most MMOs have - everyone is constantly printing money and goods at an exponentially increasing rate. There is no perfect way around this, it will always happen so long as cash and resources are produced faster than they are consumed, as in being completely eliminated from the economy through cities, military, keno and baseball. But a good step that could be taken in circumventing the issue is to create more resource and cash sinks. Could be done by increasing city costs like I suggested earlier, or increasing the resource cost of military. Steel is probably one of the safest resources to produce because a look at the Knightfall war stats will show that far more money was spent on tanks than on anything else, so as things are now it is the most in-demand resource come wartime. Sketchy's suggestion of making resources 'decay' over time is another good solution. It's quite poor form that Sheepy hasn't introduced any update to resolve this issue. Also when I say that alliances should consider closing their economies so that they only trade with other alliance members I'm actually serious. I've recently started to sell only to other Rose members at prices that have nothing to do with the market price. Whatever the prices are on the global market becomes irrelevant. You can set prices in such a way that all the costs of producing the goods is accounted for and then adjust it based on how useful it is. It's a great way to run things, but you need to get your whole membership to agree to the idea.
  2. I want resource prices to go up cause I am maxed on steel prod
  3. Cash in PW is pretty much just another resource that everyone produces that can be directly exchanged for other resources isn’t it? Like it’s used for infra, cities, military, etc as if it were building material irl. Not a new idea by any means but I’m still a fan of making it so cities and infra require a massive resource investment as well as a massive cash investment.
  4. Just stop using the alliance market and only trade internally at fixed prices.
  5. Vack

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

  6. Vack

    Big Change In Fraggle Rock

    So long as the theme keeps “many hugs” as the sign off, I’m fine with whatever.
  7. Vack

    Impreza's Journal: Entry #2 - Bank Drama

    Seems like Sphinx has it under control.
  8. Vack

    Impreza's Journal: Entry #2 - Bank Drama

    Dusty hasn't kept the former directors' assets. He did ignore the charter by "firing" them apparently, but not for seizing their assets. And there is no established "liquidation procedure" for him to ignore. He held a shareholder vote to determine whether or not to liquidate, and It seems he's given sphinx control of the bank after they voted to liquidate. There are lots of things to criticise about this debacle, but the handling of the actual dissolution isn't one of them imo.
  9. Vack

    The Future of PnW

    Well... you could post the log I guess maybe we will get the entire log one post a time like this
  10. Vack

    The Future of PnW

    I wouldn't overlook the difference between what was initially proposed and what ended up being signed. EMC went out of their way to aruge for a change in wording that ammounts to little more than semantic difference, but it was clearly important to them otherwise they'd have accepted first time. As far as who shot first in the talks, I only know what I've read and the only publically discussed talks-related issue that I can recall having been commented on by both parties was that a joke copy of the treaty was made to troll EMC and they didn't show up to arranged talks for a while after that. If you shared the logs so that the rest of the game could draw their own conclusions it would clear the air a bit.
  11. Vack

    The Future of PnW

    Purely basing this on what I've seen on the forums, and maybe I'm being naive in thinking like this but I think a big reason for the slow peace process was the initial trolling of TKR in the negotiation channel, the "war heroes" thing. Making a toxic negotiation environment is a great way to put up a roadblock in talks, and looking at the difference between the original terms and the revised terms as well as the course of the war after the initial talks (no notable improvement in TKR sphere position and the hit on TFP) I think I'd be correct in saying TKR didn't stall talks purely for strategic reasons, so it must've been something else. Hence why I say it was the approach to talks. Call them stupid, incompetent or whatever, I think not putting up for shit talk is more or less in line with TKR's culture and the will of their memberhsip. If Coalition A was interested in ending the war in December then a better approach would've been to pry further into TKR's objections with an open mind rather than laugh them out.
  12. Vack

    Very important Log Leak

    Congrats to Paul and Mrs Paul o/
  13. Vack

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    The way I see it, when an alliance sends counters to defend their protectorate they are making the offensive action. So in this case I see it as "Camelot took offensive action in defense of their protectorate". So if you respond to offensive action by meeting the attackers directly you are taking defensive action, no?
  14. Vack


    Do I hear TWO TRILLION?
  15. Vack



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