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  1. Credit to @Sphinx for these first two! Akuryo: Get couped once. (In game, you could implement this as getting removed from Leader position by an Heir/Leader.) Sean Anthony: Get couped five times. Censorship: Get something removed (flag, nation description, forum post, whatever) for being against game rules. (Although tbh you probably don't want to encourage this.) Downsize: Have an admin remove a city. Red Flag: Share a unique ID. Beep boop!: Accept a trade within 60 seconds of it getting posted. Jammed: Hit the API daily request limit. Sanctioned: Have 20+ nations embargo you. (Alternatively, embargo 20+ nations, but that's not as interesting.) Quitter: Leave an alliance. Propagandist: Upload an advertisement. Waste of Breath: Make a forum post (and/or link a forum account to your nation). Missing in Action: Go into Vacation Mode while your nation is at war. Plagued: Have a city with over 50% disease. Unlucky: Lose 5 wars in a row. (Peaces and wars timing out would break the streak.) Dedicated: Log into P&W 3 months in a row. Lifeless: Log into P&W 6 months in a row.
  2. Imagine thinking that the person Buorhann just log-dumped in a thread that has reached three pages in half a day is "not worth mentioning." Regardless, Kev is correct. When I heard that my dearest allies in Guardian were suffering from the severe affliction of not being able to find targets, I jumped to remedy the situation, as any loyal friend would (although, of course, I understand if the concept of loyalty is quite foreign to a select few members of my esteemed audience). Being the political mastermind that I am, I carefully concocted and executed the most cunning of plans, arranging for a multitude of logs to be leaked from my alliance's private membership chats that intricately detailed a falsified desire to turn on my allies. By taunting them thus, I assured that my coalition's starved whales would not be left out of this noble fight. They responded quickly and slotted my upper tier, securing me their continued happiness at my own cost of bleeding members and pixels. In fact, I think we all could stand to learn from my brave and beautiful example of self-sacrifice.
  3. You're damn right, INH. This would've been disgustingly unacceptable under my watch.
  4. https://youtu.be/uMDT5mRtS-c
  5. I'm not going to pretend like I'm following this thread, but I did notice this line, and I just wanted to put it out there that if any fledgling alliances are looking to make a name for themselves in Orbis, this would be a fantastic move. Alternatively, for those who are too scared to smack Rose directly, I'd also suggest just slotting Akuryo and ignoring everybody else because rolling him is, frankly, the only part that matters. (Aku, you're welcome; if you get a war because of us, me and Scarf will take a payment of 500m each.)
  6. @Radoje If you're gonna come check on what people are saying about you while still ghosting all of us, at the bare minimum don't log in.
  7. I've got no personal stake in this argument, but this line stood out to me as particularly ironic given the war that ended only yesterday. Here are the links if you'd like to catch yourself up on them -- declaration of war by Soup on WTFark here, and peace thread here. Soup Kitchen made it clear from the beginning that there was no political motive to hit. They just wanted to have some fun. Both sides remained classy, and the resulting forum posts make it evident that the participants of this "lame" war enjoyed the experience. From the Soup side: From the WTFark side: I'll not argue against the fact that wars preceded by heavy political maneuvering are entertaining, but hopefully you see why I object to your point that wars born of anything else cannot be just as respectable. Admittedly, there is more in context than merely the lack of a pre-existing rivalry (i.e. that the targets in question all recently left VM), and while I will not be touching that part of this debate I figured it was worth clearing up a misconception.
  8. ♪ rebel man, rebel man ,, does whatever a rebel man does ♪

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      That theme song sounds very cheesy. I like it. 


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  9. I don't normally play drinking games, but ... take a shot every time Noctis says Sketchy? <3
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