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    Shifty here reminding you that your alliance will never be this bad. >get dogpiled and run a bloated AA that's got micro tier management >blame imaginary bots for brutal beatdown
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    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings!! The day has arrived!! After several years of planning and execution,, our finest nuclear scientists will build number 620 today. As we have not tested any of these new and improved nuclear deterrents, we will need to set aside a few dozen to make sure the stock pile is reliable. We believe that the best way to know if our deterrents work, is to launch 24 of them!! Our Committee on Nuclear Safety, CNS, has set aside 75 million radishes to assist in any damage that may occur. This will be a first come first serve pool of funds. Sign up below for the radishes so that we can aim our nuclear deterrents in your direction. Onward to 700 and beyond. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
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    Can confirm, requiem is very much powerful tool, it help big stronk alliance rekt not so big stronkt alliance, is finds out more heree https://discord.gg/k7xR2He
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    I am Roqbot #2576, I was the "bot" on duty when they did their blitz.
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    Two months though? Yes, the holiday season is indeed busy depending on job and family, but it's a rather broad interpretation to consider it to begin in October. Either way, the holiday season has at this point been over for about a week by any rational metric. People should be heading off VM in about one week, if their VM was in fact due to that.
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    RoqBot#69 reporting -Begin Transmission from Roq File 17.7- Dumbass the info comes from the API, its allowed -End Transmission-
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    At this point TFP being run entirely by bots would be a better run alliance than these two geniuses we've seen.
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    Corrected the statement.
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    This is a grand thread. From an ex-moderator, bots are pretty much free game unless you're legit cracking the game to gain benefit. EVERYONE has access to API and thus can create their own system for their alliance. You can either choose to or choose not to.
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    bot will of soon play game for u, just needs of you gib me credit card details
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    Plugs on Plugs on Plugs on Plugs
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    Hi Alex, There seems to be a calculation error in the war-attacks api, this error only affects successful missile attacks. It seems to value the infra at astronomical amounts, this was picked up when we released the war level statistics on https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/ by a number of players. See the below for reference just the top 20 errors: We have manually recalculated all of your infra numbers and can confirm this only affects missiles, however it has resulted in nearly 21.8b dollars in damage being wiped off of the stat sheets for this war. Thanks again for your assistance with this. Best,
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    I made a bunch of smol, minimalist circles to represent alliances. I started working on these over 6 months ago (@Radoje posted a version of the top 40 alliances a while back) but since the year is ending I got motivation to re-do a version of the current top 40, as well as a bunch of other ones. Anyway, here's the current top 40. War flags were used where applicable and holiday flags were avoided with the exception of Arrgh. I tried to avoid meme flags but for Acadia I'm not sure if the noodley boi is a legitimate flag or not but I put it in anyway. Thanks to Rado for fixing the TKR one and to a bunch of TGH people for helping fix the Rose circle. Here's everything else I've done in an imgur album, including the non-war versions of war flags (ex. NPO, Guardian), alternate flags (ex. Acadia), old versions (ex. KT), and dead or rebranded alliances (ex. Roz Wei, AIM). They're all 100x100 px. Feel free to use these wherever you'd like, but please don't take credit for them. Also, obligatory happy new years~ hope y'all had lots of fun. apologies for butchering durm's flag but i didn't know how to represent it : ( please forgive
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    Quite certain it will not.
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    Your ability to state the obvious leaves us lesser mortals in awe.
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    Requiembot #430258 reporting in. I didn't think TFP could be any more of a meme. I've been proven wrong. You should be banned you cheating monster. Wait until my father hears about this.
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    As Roqbot #1, I concede that the NPO is an alliance of roqbots and this is an uneven playing field. EDIT: Also saw the message subject, "this is pointless," sounds like TFP's blitz.
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    Can't even vote for myself, turns not having a nation leaves you out in some points.
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    Dear @MinesomeMC as you probably noticed you were raided. It's because of your unnecessary last thread you posted in alliance affairs. Dio is now dead but you were unlucky, he had friends you know and crazy bit*** like me who hunt for a.s.s.holes like you. However, I don't want to force you to delete or something, just to rethink your bad behavior. Stu, Lord of Puns and Bhuto will teach you a lesson because I couldn't reach you. Fun fact, I have less cities than Lord of Puns --he has 26cities-- and could still get in range of you (12cities). You can be proud that such a big cock reached you. I tried to be nice so I sent you warning to give you time to prepare physically and mentally for it. Another warning but at forum. Last warning ~10min. Before attack by attackers. I felt a bit upset about this attack but after this message I was sure I did right choice. Btw there were made 2 other attacks on his members who could counter so we made sure they won't make us trouble. One of them is gov of Ragnarok (MinesomeMC alliance). Lesson for you @MinesomeMC, if you want to be jerk be at least nice to your members who can protect your ass. Good day MinesomeMC https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=62134 Wheeeeeew
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    I did my part in voting for none of the people who should win in any category. #boycottyearlyawards
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    Elaborated raiding with some induced drama xD
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    Retardation is high here

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