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    When a King in the North marches south, very rarely does it turn out well for him. On this occasion, the luck of Zygon has played out and the Men of the North find themselves in the company© of a people who smell of Roses. Although originally wary of each other, they have now agreed to work together for the prosperity of their people. House Stark and Rose officially engage into a MDoAP. Article I – Independence The two signatories remain independent of each other in internal affairs and will respect each other’s sovereignty. Neither will hold faux or ridiculous copyright laws over the other because they are not Bad. Article II – Send a Raven Should either signatory receive information paramount to the well-being of the other, they are required to share this information. Article III – Thorny Grasp Should either signatory be laid siege upon, the other will respond. If either signatory is engaged via a third-party treaty, the other is not obligated to assist in defense. Article IV – The March to War Should either signatory march on the field of battle the other may but is not required to join them. Article V – Red Wedding The signatories shall solve any internal quarrels in private. Should either signatory no longer wish to be engaged with the other, then this treaty may be canceled with 72 hours’ notice. Signed for Rose: Dynamic - Sovereign Belisarius - Regent Mhearl - Ephor of State Signed for House Stark: King of the North: Zygon Hand of the King: Darth Revan Battle Master: TSA Master of Coin: Darth Revan Three Eyed Raven: Cypher Archmaester: My2Lemons
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    Congratulations, you've won the most cringe comment award of 2018. If you're not all bluster however, feel free to start some fun. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=3767 Right on there, click the ole' declare war button.
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    I’m one happy Abbas sock puppet now that this treaty is finalized
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    Rose before hoes O/House Stark O/ Rose
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    Today(or yesterday or tomorrow depending on you time zones), Typhon had a spy attempt on them. And by Spy Attempt, I don't mean an in-game espionage. A member of United Nations of Culture(UNC) tried to infiltrate Typhon member chat by creating a multi and applying in-game. However, evidences prove he was mentally challenged. Typhon leader Zephyr caught the spy while interviewing him. Here are the few logs: https://i.imgur.com/NbcNc6Z.png https://i.imgur.com/rGj3OkB.png However, it does not end here. After some real harsh interrogation, we found out that this is not the only UNC spy attempt. There have been numerous. https://i.imgur.com/uWXdego.png In-fact, UNC are running an underground spy network, infiltrating various alliances, trying to learn about some prophesied "The Second Coming" which translates to a global war. So, why is this in alliance affairs? And where is Shifty? Shifty is pulling an all-nighter and will be late in reporting this. In the meantime, its a call out to all alliances out there to screen out these spies who might have infiltrated into your ranks. tl;dr: UNC are mass-spying P.S.-UNC must apologize to Typhon and co. too which they already did.
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    Sorry just realised I'd missed a number. Fixed now No, I'm not smart enough to be a head of a spy ring. As we have stated, UNC condemns cheating and thereby took the necessary action of removing the renegade lone wolf member from the alliance.
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    It's called a joke, having fun, and just teasing GoB in general. I know right? Crazy. Having fun? on a GAME? What heresy. Everyone knows PW isnt for fun, it's for worshipping God Emperor Alex and sacrificing our citizens to him.
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    Egyptian Empire DoE As Orbis twists and turns, sometimes the best way to plan for the future is to look to the lessons of the past. We prefer to take our lessons from the Pharaoh's of Ancient Egypt, ruling over a vast kingdom stretching across the harshest environment on Earth, from the Mediterranean to the head of the Sahara desert. The society was the most advanced of its time, with a world-class irrigation system, healthcare system, well-tooled army and lots of gardens for the nobles to relax with their harem. All were looked after, obviously aside from the slaves. The government of this Egyptian Empire will strive to govern with dignity, and to provide a home for nations looking to grow, in an individualised way, under a government that genuinely cares. Side note: we've been informed another alliance was Egyptian-themed: Duat. We're not Duat. To prove it, here's our CHARTER. Protected by Vanguard Bloc and Acadia Join our Discord Check us out in-game
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    Huh. Someone that actually took the high road and did the right thing, and promptly? Well done, well done indeed.
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    Noboday cares bout your alliances rules mate. Especially since you're the kind of folk they seem to attract. Don't you pay attention to anything anyway? TEst literally offers to organize fights of all kinds. So stop doin all your whinin and your !@#$in and acting like anything you're sayin is hot shit and step into the ring, mate. Like the great Warmaster says, everybody gots a plan, everybody gots somethin to say, til they get punched in the mouth.
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    People like Big Brother ruin things and has created a community that is toxic. Literally we're all joking around and messing with each other and BB comes in to ruin it. Anyway, GOB is much easier to write, but Grumpy gives more jokes. But ultimately you don't decide your nickname. GOB it is.
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    Big Brother, while I appreciate the support, I have to agree with most of these jackasses, simmer down bro. Real Talk, I have on multiple occasions signed work documents SRD, then crossed it out and re-sign with my actual initials.
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    Now for those who can't find the satire, I can say nothing
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    Decrypting.... Transmission received.... I feel quite insulted. You do not have the clearance to have a shady spy network it. Only The Foundation should run these kinds of operations. Please hand all spying assets over to the professionals. End if transmission... Ps. I love a good spy network but, have you ever heard of compartmentalizing intel? No one spy should know about the others let alone all of them.
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    For 1 Billion I’ll ensure you that TEst will refer to you as grumpy while I am warmaster. I’ll even let you attack any member who disobeys this without reprisal.
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    Yay us! Yay Rose I would also like to confirm, I am also an Abbas sock puppet.
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    Micros with little to no political sway or relevance have been making threads in Alliance Affairs for a long time. These micros tend to be quite powerless, and disband fairly quickly. It's annoying to see all their threads clog up Alliances Affairs. I don't think micros that are almost completely irrelevant should have their threads alongside the threads of powerful, relevant AAs such as The Syndicate, or Black Knights. Even a simple government change within the top 30 will have more impact on the game within a short period of time than what most micros accomplish their entire existence. Micro alliances should have their own subforum in Alliance Affairs. That way, the announcements of larger, more inpacting alliances can be easier to find and less clogged up with pointless threads. Micros can still make their announcements, of course, and even have the added benefit of not having to compete for attention over the announcements of larger alliances which overshadow them. As for what defines a micro, I think any alliance outside the top 45 is fairly reasonable. Maybe we can have a discussion on that. If Nation Affairs can have 3 subforums for... whatever reason, then I don't see why Alliance Affairs can't have a subforum to keep the irrelevant micro announcements from the announcements of fairly powerful alliances that'll still be around in 3 months. Counter arguments are welcome. Maybe I'm wrong about something. Maybe I'm not seeing a bigger picture. Let's have a discussion.
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    The last two sentences killed some brain cells...
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    Now this is a story all about how TheShadow wanted to turn ORBIS upside down! G’day everyone! Numerous allegations have been made tonight, but let's cut to the chase. (Shadow agrees some of these accusations are false.) Just to set the record straight... Number 1: Spy Attempt -The multi account was not at the request of any member in the alliance. It was a lone wolf action. Number 2: Zephyr Interview -Yes, as the evidence provided shows, this did indeed happen. Though as seen it is not spying. -The UNC condemns cheating and thereby took the necessary action of removing Srikanth from the alliance. We have taken the appropriate action of apologising to Typhon and Camelot for the lone wolf's actions.
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    My question is why are your logs pasted as links and not as images?
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    Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
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    I'm sure no one had any idea that opinions can be distinct from one another while held by separate groups of people equally vociferously before you pointed it out dude.
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    Good stuff bois, congrats.
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    Show me on the doll where t$ touched you.
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    You made a thread to draw attention to such a weak burn? Your ad seems more applicable to your thread.
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    "Huhuhuh no u! Huhuhuhu!" Sure showed us.
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    You're stupid Revan.
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    There can only be one abbas sock puppet
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    Congratulations to both of our allies!
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    Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... O5 clearance required.. O5 clearance accepted.. Transmission received.... Congratulations to our friends and allies Rose with their new and promising relationship with House Stark. To House Stark a box labeled “HERE BE DRAGONS” has disappeared from Foundation custody. In being well versed in dragons we were wondering if you knew it’s location. If you do please return said item to our custody. Best of luck to both parties. Secure. Contain. Protect. end transmission....
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    lel, the queen of thorns and the king of winter. Should be interesting ? A rose by any other sphere smells just as sweet
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    I am excited for the steps we have taken to restore the Rose - HS relationship. We look forward to working with you!
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    But GoB is 3 fewer letters and typing those extra letters would be :effort:
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    IA STRONK! Best wishes to you as well in your... retirement?
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    Grats man, you're one of the chillest and most reasonable people to talk to OOC. Hope you have a healthy and plentiful second term IA deepstate forever
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    Careful guys this is all eazy mode needs for a cb.
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    Well, that depends really. On Taco Tuesdays it's good fun, the cafeteria food is great, everyone has a laugh, y'all know how it is. Then the rest of the week when you're forced to forge more steel for NPO's stockpiles or hunted by BK in the arena to determine the best candidates for mergers, it isn't as much fun. Really does build character though, or so I'm told. But hey, I've gotten distracted. Congrats on becoming even more bloated and functionally irrelevant GoB. All this time they told us GPA was dead, but really it's been here all along...
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    #MayorMcCheese ftw
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    And do you think micros are actually going to follow this rule? or even know to follow this rule?
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    I wish there was one version of the treaty web that included micros like these, the web would be so glorious.
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    Hrm. I've been thinking about this for a bit, and I'm going to have to make a few counter-arguments. First, defining a micro by top 45 is highly limiting; for a start you've got Arrgh sitting pretty right there in the 'micro' tier at #46*. And otherwise relevant alliances that get rolled might end up dropping below that threshold. Would threads about rolled alliances need to be moved by moderators or by an automatic script as necessary? That seems counterproductive to me, but what other options are there? We could extend the threshold downwards, but then the utility diminishes anyway. Second, what about protectorates? Or using micros as mercenaries? Bank alliances? Just because an alliance is tiny doesn't mean that they're not relevant to somebody, somehow. And even if the announcement doesn't have anything directly to do with a non-micro alliance, maybe it's sponsored by a big name or guaranteed or something. Heck, by that logic there's not a single announcement on the first page of Alliance Affairs right now that wouldn't belong there under your system, since all those micros have treaties or protectors in the top 45. Third, putting micro announcements into a containment board means that their announcements aren't given the same level of exposure as an established alliance. That's a problem on many levels, not the least of which is that their initial growth and their ability to escape the micro ghetto depends in large part on their visibility. Recruitment is hard enough for an alliance that can't say "we're literally #1 in this/that/otherthing so join us", so making it just that much worse for growing alliances isn't a good. Furthermore, what if they get dec'd on and rolled? Are they to ineffectually scream into an unobserved board about their plight? If they got hit by a large force then the argument can be made that the announcement is relevant by association to the larger force, but lacking either, then they're even less likely to escape the micro ghetto their low score has sentenced them to. I do realize that it really doesn't matter that much when tinyalliance renames themselves into microd*ck, and it's bothersome to have to check on the off chance that maybe it does, but implementing this suggestion would only cause more problems IMO... and honestly, it wouldn't even solve anything in the first place. *arguments about Arrgh being relevant these days or not are tangential to the point
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