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  1. Comments like this are why I still come back to the forums, thank you.
  2. Didnt this whole war escalate because of allies of allies joining into the fray?
  3. Still as edgy as always, not really surprised.
  4. Iirc, TFP was ultimately the ones that got themselves rolled in that war, as in, it could have been avoided had they played by the rules given to them.
  5. You're either a selective reader, or entirely dense.
  6. Stop trying to twist things into what they are not. NPO was not the one planning to hit KETOG, they were merely invited to the coalition *by BK* to take care of them. BK was the one trying to build a coalition against both Chaos and KETOG, so they were the ones to feel the brunt of the blowback. The log says that they were trying to get NPO onboard, but not that NPO was already onboard, so there was no reason to include them. For Rose, I believe Mhearl somewhere stated that Rose joined because they saw BK as a threat to the game's health, and a potential threat to them later down the line. Get your head out of your ass, please.
  7. Imagine only posting complete dribble
  8. Honestly you guys are straight gutter trash.
  9. Man, y'all really tried jumping through all sorts of hoops for what exactly?
  10. No sir, was busy watching Yakuza get rocked, I'll keep searching for the hippo though!
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