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    Collecting warning points, Catholicism, football (not the American kind), basketball, video games, reading about stuff
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    Peter Quill
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    [citation needed]

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  1. I miss you :c

    1. HARPER


      Balut Muncher is alive :0

  2. It seems that some people cannot grasp the concept of foreign affairs.
  3. 'How DARE people disagree with me! Everyone should have the same opinion as mine.'
  4. Show me on the doll where t$ touched you.
  5. Please don't tell me you're going to make a 4th GPC...
  6. I personally wouldn't consider it bipolar. I mean, you still have three major spheres (if you count Syndi and EMC as two distinct spheres) + KT-TGH-Empryea. Plus, it was only a matter of time before Rose would join the three big spheres; they no longer have the strong position they held during and after the Ayyslamic Crusade.
  7. Not wanting to blow up a relatively minor diplomatic crisis into a much bigger headache != Not wanting to do anything
  8. God I hate you for making that joke
  9. What a shame, wish all of you guys success in your future endeavors.
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