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  1. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me Arrgh was dead, I'd have so many nickels that it would probably be time to start thinking about taking them to a Coinstar machine. Were these people just dumb? Ignorant or stupid perhaps? Of course they were, but there was one more important factor. They simply despised our way of life and the chaos that we represent. If they had their way then everyone would be bound up in formal agreements, farming to their hearts' delight and only fighting on strict schedules which had been unanimously agreed upon beforehand by all involved parties. Arrgh has existed for six years because of all the people who spit on these awful traditions, who have a fire burning in their hearts that demands more out of life than humble subservience to an Excel-addicted 14 year old Internal Affairs gov member. I write these words not with a melancholy nostalgia that reminisces over bank heists past. Rather, with a relentless spirit of individualism and optimism that knows that we shall all gather here again in future years to once more celebrate this anniversary. Arrgh!
  2. I remember when I thought making long posts on the forums was cool. I was a very small, uneducated child, but I remember
  3. When you think about it, attacking someone in politics and war is basically like attacking them in real life. Maybe even worse when you think about all the hard work that goes into building a big strong nation. Screw you Oblivion!
  4. TJest ran away and IQ allowed them to without doing anything to stop them. Straight draw
  5. Bluebear


    Sounds like you guys have a weak link Good luck boys
  6. You guys think this is worthy of a forum post? Sad!
  7. You have to come pick it up
  8. Desk for sale. Minor blemishes but in good condition.
  9. Well I wasn't expecting to have to defend a joke but I guess you could say that everything outside of the actual mechanics of the game do indeed constitute role-play. Not literally everything though
  10. You're pretending that Lordaeron is a real alliance? Shouldn't this be in the role-play section?
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